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2017 Golden Moments

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News from the Southwest Pacific Region

Clubs of the SWP region are invited to send us news items for inclusion here.


2018 Regional Figure Skating Championships

North Atlantic

Hackensack, New Jersey

Oct. 4 -2017

Upper Great Lakes

Blaine, Minnesota

Oct. 4 -2017

Northwest Pacific

Eugene, Oregon

Oct. 4 -2017

South Atlantic

Aston, Pennsylvania

Oct. 11-15, 2017


Fort Collins, Colorado

Oct. 11-15, 2017

Southwest Pacific

Ontario, California

Oct. 11-15, 2017

New England

Westborough, Massachusetts

Oct. 18-22, 2017

Eastern Great Lakes

Antioch, Tennessee

Oct. 18-22, 2017

Central Pacific

Salt Lake City, Utah

Oct. 18-22, 2017

2018 Sectional Figure Skating Championships


Boxborough, Massachusetts

Nov. 15-19, 2017


Bloomington, Minnesota

Nov. 15-19, 2017

Pacific Coast

Spokane, Washington

Nov. 15-19, 2017

2018 Eastern Sectional Championships
2018 Midwestern Sectional Championships
2018 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

2018 Adult Sectional Figure Skating Championships


Ardmore, PA

March 9-11, 2018


Rochester, MI

March 9-11, 2018

Pacific Coast

Pasadena, CA

March 9-11, 2018

U.S. Adult Championships

Marlborough, MA

April 10-14, 2018

2018 U.S. Adult Championships
2018 Eastern Adult Sectional Championships
2018 Midwestern Adult Sectional Championships
2018 Pacific Coast Adult Sectional Championships

  In the News:

2018 World Junior Championships 



2018 Olympic Winter Games

2018 U.S. National Championships

29 December - 7 January 2018
San Jose, CA

Olympic and World Team Selections

Estimated Attendance

Russian Athletes to Compete Under IOC Banner at PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games


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Tongan Flag Bearer Pita Taufatofua

"Bullet Men" Installation at Main Press Center

Letterpress Exhibit at Media Village

Extinguishing the Flame

News Nuggets

Past News Nuggets are in the Archive

3 Mar. - Adam Rippon and Maia & Alex Shibutani have withdrawn from the upcoming World Championships.  They will be replaced by Max Aaron and Kaitlin Hawayek & Jean-Luc Baker.  Men's alternates Jason Brown and Ross Minor declined invitations to the event.

14 Feb. - First Day on the Ice: Tips from a Professional Skating Coach (and Mom) by Jocelyn Jane Cox is intended for parents who are thinking about taking their children skating for the first time or for parents who have already gotten their kids out on the ice, but need a bit more information.

Currently a number one Amazon Best Seller, this book was released just in time to catch the wave of interest stirred up by the Winter Olympics. Additionally, itís helpful for coaches who are just getting started in the business or coaches who want a refresher.

Cox is a freelance writer, humorist, figure skating coach and mother of a five-year-old son. She formerly competed in ice dance and pair skating with her brother, Brad Cox, and they made the national team four times together at the junior level. She has now been coaching skating for over 25 years. In that time, she estimates that she has probably taught hundreds of skaters through both group and private lessons. She focuses mostly on ice dance and moves in the field.

This clear, often humorous guide helps the parents of beginners figure out what to wear, what to talk about beforehand, how to lace the skates, and even give parents insider techniques to try with their children both on and off the ice. The goal is for the first day in skates to be a positive one and to lead to more fun in the future.

Cox got the idea to write the book when her friends were asking her questions about taking their toddlers and pre-schoolers to the rink for the first time.

ďEven though I have been coaching for a long time, I only started seeing it from the other side, in other words, the parentís perspective recently, when I started taking my son (now five) out on the ice.Ē

Cox realized that thereís a lot you can do to prepare your child for a fun day of skating before they even step on the ice.

ďWhat Iíve written in this short book may seem really obvious to skating insiders, but isnít obvious to people who have no experience with skating, and thatís who Iím hoping to help.Ē For example, she says that even small details like the right length of socks can make a big difference on that first day.

9 Feb. - The Court of Arbitration for Sports ruled today that 45 Russian athletes banned by the IOC from participating in the current Winter Games would not be allowed to compete and confirmed the IOC's right to decide who can compete.

"That's it ó the story is over," said Russian delegation spokesman Konstantin Vybornov, as quoted by the AP.

CAS held two days of hearings and ruled that the IOC did not act in a "discriminatory, arbitrary or unfair manner."

CAS described the IOC process as a permissible eligibility decision rather than a sanction against the skaters.

16 Jan. - Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir are named the flag bearers for the Canadian Olympic Team at the PyeongChang opening ceremonies.

12 Jan. - Ross Minor and Ashley Wagner withdraw from their Four Continents assignments.  Star Andrews withdraws from her World Junior assignment.

March Competitions

Mar 05 - Mar 11, 2018, ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships, Sofia, BUL

Mar 16 - Mar 18, 2018, Coupe de Printemps, Luxembourg, LUX

Mar 19 - Mar 25, 2018, ISU World Figure Skating Championships, Milano, ITA

April Competitions

Apr 04 - Apr 08, 2018, Triglav Trophy & Narcisa Cup, Jesenice, SLO

Apr 05 - Apr 08, 2018, Egna Spring Trophy, Egna, ITA

Apr 09 - Apr 14, 2018, Ephesus Cup, Izmir, TUR

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