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The Big Picture

ISU Championship Allotments for 2021/22 and Later

Season 2021/22 Figure Skating

  • 2022 ISU European Figure Skating Championships, Tallinn Estonia
    January 10-16

  • 2022 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships,
    January 18-23
    Tianjin, China
    New Location Tallinn, EST

  • 2022 ISU World Junior Championships, Sofia, Bulgaria
    March 07-13

  • 2022 ISU World Championships, Montpellier, France
    March 21-27

Season 2022/23 Figure Skating

  • 2023 ISU European Figure Skating Championships, Helsinki, Finland

  • 2023 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, Sydney, Australia

  • 2023 ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships, Calgary, Canada

  • 2023 ISU World Figure Skating Championships, Saitama, Japan

Season 2023/24 Figure Skating

  • 2023 ISU Grand Prix Final, Orleans, France, December 7-10, 2023

Synchronized Skating

  • 2022 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships, Hamilton, ON, CAN

  • 2023 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships, Lake Placid, NY, USA

U.S. Figure Skating 2021-22 Domestic Competitions




The 2021 U.S. Collegiate Figure Skating Championships will be held in conjunction with the Philadelphia Summer Championships hosted by IceWorks SC.

July 26 to Aug. 1, 2021
Aston, Pennsylvania


Traditional Qualifying Season competition is again replaced by the U.S. Figure Skating Championship Series.

Athletes will have the opportunity to compete at up to two competitions in the location of their choice.

Advancement to the 2022 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships and assignment to the National High Performance Development Team, will be based on each skaters’ highest score earned rather than placement at each competition


Blaine, Minnesota - Oct. 4-10, 2021
Hosted by Northern Blades NSC FSC, National Sports Center
Disciplines: Singles, Ice Dance

Henderson, Nevada - Oct. 12-16, 2021
Hosted by Vegas Golden Knights Center of Excellence, Lifeguard Arena
Disciplines: Singles, Pairs

Allen, Texas - Oct. 13-17, 2021  
Hosted by Dallas FSC, Allen Event Center
Discipline: Singles

Leesburg, Virginia - Oct. 27-30, 2021  
Hosted by Ion FSC & SC of Northern Virginia, Ion International Training Center
Discipline: Singles

Fort Wayne, Indiana - Nov. 2-5, 2021
Hosted by Fort Wayne ISC, SportONE/Parkview Ice House
Discipline: Singles

Norwood, Massachusetts - Nov. 9-13, 2021
Hosted by The Skating Club of Boston
Discipline: Singles, Pairs

Spokane, Washington - Nov. 17-20, 2021
Hosted by Lilac City FSC, Eagles Ice Arena
Discipline: Singles  

Alpharetta, Georgia - Nov. 17-20, 2021
Hosted by the Atlanta FSC, The Cooler
Disciplines: Singles, Ice Dance

2022 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships - Jan. 3-9, 2022
Nashville, Tennessee


Return of three sectional championships leading up to the 2022 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships.

2022 Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships

Jan. 26-30, 2022
Norwood, Massachusetts
Hosted by The Skating Club of Boston

2022 Midwestern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships

Jan. 26-30, 2022
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Hosted by Greater Kalamazoo Skating Association, Wings Event Center

2022 Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships

Jan. 26-30, 2022
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Hosted by Greater Kalamazoo Skating Association, Wings Event Center

2022 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships

Mar. 2-5, 2022
Colorado Springs, Colorado, 
Broadmoor World Arena


The 2021 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, originally planned for April 14-17, is scheduled for June 23-26, 2021 in Rochester, Michigan.

2022 Eastern Adult Sectional Championships

March 4-6, 2022
Havertown, Pennsylvania
Hosted by Crossroads FSC, Skatium

2022 Midwestern Adult Sectional Championships

March 4-6, 2022
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Hosted by Eastern Iowa FSC, ImOn Ice

2022 Pacific Coast Adult Sectional Championships

March 4-6, 2022
Spokane, Washington
Hosted by Lilac City FSC, Eagles Ice Arena

2022 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships

April 6-9, 2022
Newark, Delaware, Hosted By 
University Of Delaware FSC

  In the News:

2021 Grand Prix Final Cancelled

(2 December 2021)  The ISU announced today that the 2021 Grand Prix Final will not be held in Osaka, Japan next week, releasing the following statement:

The ISU was informed by the Japan Skating Federation (JSF) that the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2021, scheduled to take place from December 9 – 12, 2021 in Osaka (JPN) cannot be held as planned.

Unfortunately, considering the complicated epidemic situation involving travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, safety concerns and logistical challenges, the organization of the event was extremely challenging. The Japan Skating Federation and the Local Organizing Committee tried their best to find solutions but ultimately concluded that, regrettably, they are unable to organize and hold the event as planned.

The ISU regrets that the hosting of the event is no longer possible in Osaka in December. The ISU will evaluate a possible postponement to hold the Event at the end of the season and will take a decision as soon as possible. The ISU thanks the Japan Skating Federation for their efforts and cooperation.

While details were not provided, one can infer that cancellation was due to Covid precautions related to the Omicron variant that was recently discovered.  A day earlier the Japanese government announced that travel restrictions that had been recently somewhat relaxed would be tightened.  Japanese airlines will not be taking reservations for flights to Japan through the end of December and flights have begun to be cancelled.  Foreign carriers operating flights into Japan were also requested to stop taking reservations.

Additional restrictions are also being put in place within Japan in response to the Omicron variant.

2021 Grand Prix Final Qualifiers

(27 November 2021)  The 2021 Grand Prix Final will be held December 9-12 in Osaka, Japan.  Six entries each will complete in Women's, Men's, Pairs and Ice Dance categories for both Junior and Seniors.  The qualifiers for the senior categories were determined from the result of the six Grand Prix competitions that began with Skate America and ended with Rostelcom Cup.

The results of the Final should provide a good indication of the prospects for the competitors at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, China.  The Games open just eight weeks after the conclusion of the Final.

The results of the Grand Prix also provide a useful report card for the quality of skating in the ISU member countries.


Kamila Valiyeva (RUS) — 30
Anna Shcherbakova
 (RUS) — 30
Yelizaveta Tuktamysheva (RUS) — 26
Kaori Sakamoto (JPN) — 24
Maliya Khromykh (RUS) — 24
Aliona Kostonaya (RUS) — 24

Russia is the first nation to earn five spots in any discipline in Grand Prix Final history (since 1995). Four of the Russians are coached by Eteri Tutberidze. One Olympic medal contender not present in the final is Aleksandra Trusova, who won at Skate America, but did not compete in her second event due to injury.  But first she will have to make the Russian team, more than likely having to beat out Tuktamysheva for the third spot on the Russian team.

No U.S. women qualified for the Grand Prix Final and no U.S. woman even made a Grand Prix podium this season, for the first time ever.   The best finishing U.S. woman was Alysa Liu, over 128 cumulative points (sum of two competitions) behind the leader.  The women's skating program in the U.S. remains in complete disarray.  Time for soul searching and house cleaning after the Beijing games for this discipline in the U.S.


Yuma Kagiyama (JPN) — 30 points
Shoma Uno
 (JPN) — 28
Vincent Zhou
 (USA) — 28
Nathan Chen
 (USA) — 26
Mikhail Kolyada
 (RUS) — 26
Jason Brown
 (USA) — 24

2021 World silver medalist Yuma Kagiyama, won both of his Grand Prix competition this season. Nathan Chen was third at Skate America, where his unbeaten streak since 2018 was broken.  He remains the favorite for the Final, and the Beijing games as well, but he will be hard pressed by the other top men.  Two-time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu missed both his Grand Prix competitions due to an ankle injury, thought to be due to his quest to achieve a quad Axel.  Hanyu needs to decide in the time time left before the Olympics, whether he wants to be a three-time Olympic champion or a two-time champion who came close to landing a quad Axel.

Three U.S. men qualified for the Grand Prix Final, but the positive news for the U.S. men ends there.  The other U.S. men in the Grand Prix placed so far down in the standings, there seems little to be optimistic about.


Anastasia Mishina & Aleksandr Galliamov (RUS) — 30
Sui Wenjing
& Han Cong (CHN) — 30
Yevgenia Tarasova & Vladimir Morozov (RUS) — 28
Aleksandra Boikova & Dmitriy Kozlovskiy (RUS) — 26
Daria Pavliuchenko & Denis Khodykin (RUS) — 26
Riku Miura & Ryuichi Kihara (JPN) — 24

Russia qualified four pairs for the Final, a new record.  Sui & Han are looking to cap their career with Olympic Gold in their home country, but they will have stiff competitions from the current Russian World Champions Mishina & Gakkiamov, and the other leading Russian team.

Two U.S. teams qualified as alternates.  A U.S. team has not made the final since 2015.  The Grand Prix is proof the U.S. pairs program remains lost in the wilderness.  When U.S. pairs are overtaken by a relatively new Japanese team (and deservedly so) you know the U.S. pairs program remains in serious trouble, as it has been for many years.

Ice Dance

Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron (FRA) — 30
Victoria Sinitsina & Nikita Katsalapov (RUS) — 30
Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue (USA) — 28
Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier (CAN) — 28
Madison Chock & Evan Bates (USA) — 26
Charlene Guignard & Marco Fabbri (ITA) — 26

It appears inevitable that Papadakis & Cizeron, four-time World champions, and Sinitsina & Katsalapov, the reigning World champions, will be fighting for the top two podium positions at both the Final and the Beijing games.  Hubbell & Donohue, Gilles & Poirier and Chock & Bates are closely matched in points this season, and will most likely be vying for the bronze medal at the Final and the Beijing Games.

The retirement after this season of Hubbell & Donohue, and possiblely Chock & Bates, will leave the U.S. dance program significantly weakened.  Carreira & Ponomarenko and Hawayek & Baker both seem to have stalled out, with only Green & Parsons showing significant improvment this season

2021 Rostelcom Cup

Women's Event Report

Men's Event Report

Pairs Event Report

Ice Dance Event Report

Results Details

2021 Internationaux de France, Grenoble France

Women's Event Report

Men's Event Report

Pairs Event Report

Ice Dance Event Report

Results Details

2021 NHK Trophy, Tokyo Japan

(19 November 2021)  NHK trophy was held within a tight bubble due to the government's strict Covid response measures. All four categories had fewer than the normal number of entries due to skaters who had withdrawn prior to the start of the competition and could not be replaced in the time available.

Although new travel regulations came into effect November 8th, the process for foreigners to gain entry is still long and complicated.  A Japanese business (JSF in this case) must first ask a government ministry for permission to invite a traveller. They must then send an invitation letter to the traveller who uses it (and other required documentation) to apply for a visa at a Japanese Consulate.   Processing that application can take at least five days, and is some cases many more.  Travellers must now quarantine for three days upon arrival in Japan and test on arrival and after the three days of quarantine.  Their destination city must be their first port of entry into Japan.

In addition to preventing substitute skaters from reaching the competition, foreign media were unable to cover the competition on-site.  The process described will also be in place for the Grand Prix final in Osaka in December, and will also likely preclude on-site coverage by foreign media.

Women's Event Report

Men's Event Report

Pairs Event Report

Ice Dance Event Report

Results Details

Torino, Italy is Third Stop of 2021-22 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating

Women's Event Report

Men's Event Report

Pairs Event Report

Ice Dance Event Report

With China choosing not to host Cup of China this season due to Covid concerns, the third Grand Prix of the season is being held in Torino, Italia, under the name Grand Premio d'Italia.  The Palavela in Torino is again the site of Grand Prix skating after being the site of the Grand Prix Final in 2019.  Covid protocols are similar to those used at Skate America, with the Skate Canada-type bubble not in use.

Entries rolled over from the initial assignments to Cup of China, and then subsequently several withdrawals and substitution took place.  Torino was to be the second assignment for American Bradie Tennell, who withdrew from Skate America due to injury.  She was replaced by Nicole Schott of Germany.  Several lesser Chinese competitors withdrew to be replaced by various lesser Italian skaters.

The short programs and rhythm dance will take place Friday, November 5, starting at 3:00 PM local time.  The free skates and free dance will take place on Saturday again starting at 3:00 PM.  The exhibition again will be Sunday starting at 3:00 PM.

In addition to being the site of the 2019 Grand Prix Final, Palavela was the site of the 2005 European Championships, the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, the 2007 Winter Universiade and 2007 Grand Prix Final, and the 2010 World Figure Skating Championships.

The name Palavela is a portmanteau of Palazzo a Vela, the latter meaning sailing palace or palace of sail, which is descriptive of its roof, designed in the form of a billowing sail.

2021 Skate Canada, Vancouver, BC

Women's Event Report

Men's Event Report

Pairs Event Report

Ice Dance Event Report

2021 Skate America Returns to Las Vegas, NV

Women's Event Report

Men's Event Report

Pairs Event Report

Ice Dance Event Report

2021 Skate America Gold Medalists Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue (USA), Alexandra Trusova (RUS), Vincent Zhou (USA) and Evgenia Tarasova & Vladimir Morozov (RUS)

Bradie Tennell Withdraws from Guaranteed Rate Skate America Due to Foot Injury

Starr Andrews to step into her place

by Liz Leamy

(20 October 2021)  Bradie Tennell, the tenacious Chicago-area native who catapulted to the top of the elite global skating scene several years ago when she claimed bronze at the 2017 Skate America Championships and then the 2018 U.S. title to qualify for the 2018 Olympics, had been looking forward to another memorable experience at the 2021 Guaranteed Rate Skate America yet, due to a foot injury, announced her withdrawal from this event.

Tennell, the reigning U.S. champion whose spot will now be taken by Starr Andrews of California, had been training intensively at the Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs with Tom Zakrajsek, the World and Olympic coach, over the past year in preparation for the upcoming Olympic season.

During the summer months, however, she was said to have been dealing with some issues with this aspect of her physical well-being.

Still, Tennell had been looking forward to the idea of being able to compete at this famous international competition.

“I’m so excited to be going back to Las Vegas and very excited to be starting the Olympic season at that venue,” said Tennell, who clinched the 2021 U.S. title at the Orleans Arena last January in a media teleconference several weeks ago. “I’m looking forward to the competition and grateful to have had all the time I’m on the ice. I’m enjoying every minute.”

This season, Tennell, 23, who will be skating to a tango for her short and a ‘heartfelt musical piece’ for the long program, both of which were choreographed by Benoit Richard, has been trying to stay as focused possible on training in preparation the Olympic season.

“There’s nothing like the Olympics to bring the world together and celebrate sportsmanship at a global level,” said Tennell, a top ten finisher at the 2018 Olympics and also at the 2018, 2019 and 2021 World Championships. “The best thing for my mindset is to stay focused on myself and focused on what I can control.”

Known for her dedication and intensive daily work regiment, Tennell said she still gets chills when her name is announced at competitions, especially when it is accompanied by the fact that she is representing the United States.

“I still get chills when they announce my name representing the United States of America,” said Tennell, who was the 2019 U.S. silver and 2020 U.S. bronze medalist, respectively. “I can still remember [at the 2018 U.S. Championships] when they announced my name. The crowd was clapping so loudly and it is a memory that still brings a smile to my face. That’s what makes this sport so much fun.”

Tennell said she also still surprised and honored when she is recognized.

“It startles me all the time,” said Tennell, who said she was recently approached by a young skater at the Broadmoor World Arena who was excited to meet her, which she described as ‘a real honor.’

Tennell, who added that she likes to stay off of social media in order to further stay focused on the training tasks at hand, expressed gratitude for the support of her family, coach and others who have helped her through this journey.

“I’ve gotten so much support from my team and my family because without them, I wouldn’t be in this position,” said Tennell.

The ladies roster at Skate America, in addition to Starr Andrews, will feature Amber Glenn of Plano, Texas, the 2021 U.S. silver medalist; Alexandra Trusova, the 2021 Russian World bronze medalist and Satoko Miyahara of Japan who was fourth at the 2018 Olympics, among others.

Initial Covid Policies for Beijing Winter Games Announced

(30 September 2021)  The International Olympic Committee held an Executive Board meeting September 29, 2021, in the presence of the International Paralympic Committee. Beijing 2022 informed the Executive Board of the principles that will help deliver safe and successful Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games as scheduled.

The principles presented by Beijing 2022 will be detailed in documents referred to as Playbooks. The first version of these Playbooks will be released in late October 2021. A second version will then be published in December 2021.

The following preliminary principles were announced by the Executive Board.

  1. Vaccination policy

    • All athletes and Games participants who are fully vaccinated will enter the closed-loop management system upon arrival. Games participants who are not fully vaccinated will have to serve a 21-day quarantine upon arrival in Beijing.

    • Athletes who can provide a justified medical exemption will have their cases considered.

    • All vaccines recognized by WHO or related international organizations, or approved officially by the countries or regions concerned, will be accepted.

  2. Games-time closed-loop management

    • From 23 January until the end of the Paralympics, a closed-loop management system will be implemented to ensure the safe delivery of the Games. This closed-loop management system will cover all Games-related areas, including arrival and departure, transport, accommodation, catering, competitions, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Within the closed loop, participants will be allowed to move only between Games-related venues for training, competitions and work. A dedicated Games transport system will be put in place.

  3. Spectators/Ticketing

    • Tickets will be sold exclusively to spectators residing in China’s mainland, who meet the requirements of the COVID-19 countermeasures.

    • Specific requirements on COVID-19 countermeasures for spectators from China’s mainland and the details of ticketing arrangements are under discussion and development, and will be released to the public in due course once they are finalized.

  4. Accredited guest policy

    • Beijing 2022 and the IOC underlined that all activities are being assessed and optimized to focus on essential aspects of Games delivery. Stakeholders will apply this principle for their plans and delegation composition.

    • In line with this principle, the IOC EB decided to cancel the accompanying guest category for all stakeholders.

  5. Travel

    • Beijing 2022 will assist those stakeholders that are not in a position to book their pre-Games or Games-time flights independently.

  6. Accommodation

    • Besides athletes and some delegation officials who are accompanying athletes living in the Villages, all participants travelling to Beijing will reside in Beijing 2022-contracted hotels that will be compliant with the COVID-19 countermeasures for the Games.

  7. Testing

    • All domestic and international Games participants and workforce in the closed-loop management system will be subject to daily testing.

What It Means

Participants who are not fully vaccinated will have to arrive in Beijing three weeks earlier than they might have planned to quarantine.  This would seem to say unvaccinated athletes would lose three weeks of training time prior to the games if they cannot get an exemption - a disruption in training no athlete can afford.

The closed loop management system appears it will be organized as an extended "bubble," with participants confined to official hotels, venues, food service locations and the official transportation system.  This would seem to preclude moving about the city outside of the bubble at any time, starting with arrival at the airport, and ending with departure at the end of the games.

There will be daily testing of all participants.  Where and how this will be done is yet to be announced.

Participants will be required to stay in LOC-contracted hotels.  Anyone who booked a non-contracted hotel will now have to try and obtain accommodations through the LOC, which is something that needed to be completed at the beginning of the year.  This will no doubt induce sticker shock for some media who attempted to save on the cost of accommodations by not using LOC-contracted hotels.  For example, earlier in the year it was possible to book non-contracted hotels for less than half the price of contracted hotels - in some cases a savings of over $2000 (or more) for a 20 day stay at the games.  The LOC has announced adjustments to the accommodation booking and cancellation policies to deal with expected cancellations and new bookings.

Spectators from non-mainland China will be prohibited.

Other Rumors

Rumors have swirled for several weeks concerning policies for participats at the games.  One of these was the 21 day quarantine, which we now know applies to non-vaccinated participants. Another rumor concerns details of the vaccination policy, which we will not repeat, as the current policy announcement seems quite clear that fully vaccinated participants with WHO recognized vaccines will meet requirements.

One further rumor which we will repeat, is that media will not be allowed to bring their cell phones and computers into the country, and will be given LOC provided devices that will then be returned at the end of the games.

When first hearing of this, the purpose was hard to understand, but subsequently a news report out of Lithuania provided a hint of what may be involved here.

Recently the government of Lithuania advised its country's residents to stop using Chinese manufactured cell phones, as the devices were found to censor hundreds of terms in internet use that the Chines government finds objectionable.  In addition, the devices are said to provide usage information to a server in Singapore, that is suspected of providing the usage  information to Chinese authorities.

Putting two and two together, it is reasonable to suspect the purpose of the rumored games devices policy is to force all media to use devices that have installed malware that will allow Chinese authorities to monitor everything media say and do on the devices during the games.  We have no proof of this, but it certainly sounds in-character for the Chinese government; and if the policy is implemented, a reasonable person would conduct themself assuming everything they do with the devices will be monitored by Chinese authorities.

2021 Nebelhorn Trophy

Competition reports from Obserstdorf

Bradley Lord’s 1961 U.S. Gold-Medal Winning Performance

A Template for the Ages

by Liz Leamy

(7 May 2021)  In light of the fact that this past winter marks the 60-year anniversary of the 1961 U.S. World figure skating team who tragically lost their lives on the Sabena Flight 548 crash near Brussels, Belgium on route to the World Figure Skating Championships that February, it is enlightening, inspirational and gratifying to learn about the incredible depth and talent, as well as the touching personal stories of those individuals who had been on that flight.

Bradley Lord, in particular, was a driven and talented 21 year-old top American contender who represented the Skating Club of Boston at the 1961 U.S. Championships in Colorado Springs where he famously clinched his first U.S. title with a remarkable free skate that still stands in terms of its choreography, execution and overall layout.

Lord, who had been second in the figure portion of that competition, held at the original Broadmoor World Arena, triumphantly pulled up to the first place overall with his electric program, edging out his talented rival, Gregory Kelley, a 16 year-old Newton, Massachusetts native who was the 1959 U.S. junior champion who wound up claiming silver at the 1961 U.S. Championships to earn a spot on that U.S. World team.

Skating to an operatic medley of Pagliacci, La Taviata and Sleeping Beauty, with visible determination, command and strength, Lord, who came from a family of Italian descent and lived in Swampscott, a North Shore coastline town nearly 15 miles north of Boston, demonstrated astonishing technical and artistic aptitude as well as notable speed and energy throughout his entire program, performing every primary turn and step including rockers, counters, loops, Mohawks and Choctaws performed in both directions, among other notable things.

At the same time, Lord does some show stopping moves, including a back-to-front pivot with a complete change of direction, clockwise-direction split jump (he is a counter-clockwise jumper and spinner) and double loop landed on a left-back inside edge, all of which generated thunderous applause from the packed crowd at the Broadmoor arena.

For Lord, it was all about doing his best.

“After I had skated, I felt I did the best I could,” said Lord, who attended Boston University and had wanted to eventually pursue a career in commercial art. “As long as I had done [my] best, I was happy. I knew Greg [Kelley] was a strong free skater and it all depended on how I did.”

Although this program dates all the way back from 1961, and Lord’s technical content consisted of double jumps (all of which were high, fast and technically solid), his components were dazzling on all counts and could still stand in competition today.

Specifically, his connecting steps were rich and complex, his skating skills were superior and his choreography and presentation is intriguing, full of depth and clear, powerful and effective in terms of its narrative and messaging, rendering this program as a true template for much of what the International Judging System stands for today.

Lord, who had placed fourth at the 1960 U.S. Championships and sixth at that year’s World Championships, was coached by Montgomery ‘Bud’ Wilson, a Canadian Olympic bronze medalist (who was awarded the Bronze Star for heroic military efforts as an artillery officer during World War II) at the Skating Club of Boston, who also did the choreography for this program as well.

Known as a ‘great guy and friend’ among his peers at the storied Skating Club of Boston venue where he trained all the way from the group lesson level up through the National and World Championship level, Lord had faced some struggles throughout his competitive career.

For one, he was said to have worked extremely hard to pay for his skating expenses, and had taken several aside jobs to help cover costs.

Further, Lord labored extremely hard to get through the challenging eight U.S. Figure Skating school figure tests, most of which did not come easy to him (or most anyone else, for that matter).

At the same time, Lord worked dogmatically to prepare to face off against Gregory Kelley, the formidable young American international contender who was fifth at the 1960 U.S. Championships and ninth at the1960 Worlds.

Known for his terrific speed and high jumps, Kelley, like Lord, had worked with Montgomery Wilson for many years at the Skating Club of Boston, but had made a coaching change several years prior to the 1961 U.S. Championships so he could train with Eduard ‘Edi’ Scholdan, an Austrian figure skater and coach at the Broadmoor Arena in Colorado Springs.

Somehow, all of these challenges only seemed to motivate Lord in his pursuit of winning the 1961 U.S. title, something that was evident in his victorious free skate performance.

Ultimately, his impact among those who knew him, just as like his skating, was potent and still resonates to this day.

“Bradley was so nice. He would always come by to chat to see how we were all doing,” said Nancy Madden Leamy, a U.S. national coach based in Greenwich, Connecticut who trained with Lord at the Skating Club of Boston growing up. (She was also coached by Montgomery Wilson.) “We all worked hard at the club and then many of us would then go out to eat afterward and would sit together and just talk and laugh. It was a lot of fun and we had a good time.”

Certainly, the legacy of all the talented and fascinating members of the 1961 U.S. World team, as illustrated in the work and story of Bradley Lord, has had a great effect on so many and continues to serve as a powerful prototype and means of inspiration today for those who comprise the domestic and global skating world in terms of their skating, determination and perhaps more than anything, heart.

How Many Entries Did the U.S. Earn for the Men's Olympic Competition?  Three Like for Worlds?  If Only it Were That Simple.

With Nathan Chen and Jason Brown delivering first and seventh place results at the 2021 World Championships, their combined placement of 8 was far better than the 13 needed to earn three entries at the 2022 World Championships.

But if you though that also means the U.S. earned three entries for the Men's event at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, you underestimate the Byzantine complexity of ISU rules. <more>

The Axel is the Only Jump that Takes Off Backwards


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4 Nov 2021 - Yuzuro Hanyu withdraws from NHK due to injury; likely to miss his assignment at Rostelcom Cup also. Possibility of competing in the final is eliminated.  Will pursuit of quad Axel doom his Olympic season?

4 Oct 2021 - The ISU Council has decided that the qualification criteria for the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final (ISU Communication 2418) will not use the usual ISU Junior Grand Prix ranking system as the basis for the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final qualification for 2021/22.

This change has been made due to Covid-19 pandemic related travel and entry restrictions. The criteria that will be used are published here.

13 Sep 2021 - The hosting of the 2022 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Tianjin, China has been cancelled due to complications of organizing the competition under Covid-19 pandemic conditions in China.  This follows on the cancellation of the Cup of China Grand Prix, which was relocated to Torino, Italy.

 The ISU has solicited applications to host the Championships, and will make its decision at the ISU Council meeting on 1 October, 2021.

27 April 2021 - U.S. Figure Skating announced 2021 Skate America will be returning to the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Fans are expected to be permitted this year.

21 April 2021 - Vanessa James, 33, and Eric Radford, 36, have formed a new skating partnership and will compete for Canada in the pairs discipline this coming season. Previously James represented France with Morgan Ciprés and Radford represented Canada with Megan Duhamel.

“Partnering up with Eric is a very exciting career opportunity. I am looking forward to a season full of inspiration, joy and personal growth,” said James. “We’re both very much looking forward to this new chapter in our lives.”

“I’m looking forward to this new partnership with Vanessa and getting back on the ice and doing what we love,” said Radford. “Vanessa and I are thrilled to have the opportunity to represent Canada this coming season and are looking forward to see what the future holds for our partnership.”

James and Radford both did not compete this season. James, with her previous skating partner Morgan Ciprés, is the 2019 European Champion, the 2018 World bronze medallist in the pairs event, and represented France at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics. James and Ciprés announced their retirement in September 2019. Radford, with his previous skating partner Meagan Duhamel, is a two-time World pair champion (2015, 2016), a 2018 Olympic gold medallist in the team event, a 2018 Olympic bronze medallist in the pairs event, and a seven-time Canadian national champion (2012-18). Duhamel and Radford announced their retirement in April 2018.

This coming season, James and Radford will be training in Quebec coached by Julie Marcotte.

6 April 2021 - Skate Canada announced it will submit a bid in April of 2021 to host the ISU World Figure Skating Championships® 2024 in Montreal, Quebec. If successful, this will be Canada’s 11th time hosting the championships. Montreal was set to host the ISU World Figure Skating Championships® 2020 but was cancelled a week prior due to the pandemic. Canada last hosted the illustrious event in 2013 in London, Ontario.

“We are thrilled to put forth Montreal as the host city for the ISU World Figure Skating Championships® 2024 for consideration by the International Skating Union. Canada has an exceptional hosting history, and we would be honoured to hold the 2024 event,” said Leanna Caron, President, Skate Canada. “With all the diligence that went into planning the 2020 World Championships, the entire team is ready to welcome the world to Montreal in 2024.  We have confidence that working with all government and municipal partners together with Patinage Quebec, we will deliver an excellent event in Montreal.”

“The ISU World Figure Skating Championships are a staple event. I am thrilled that Montréal was chosen to be the Canadian candidate to host its 2024 edition. I would like to underline Tourisme Montréal's contribution to this success as well as to the mobilization of the community. This much-anticipated international competition promises to be highly successful and to provide an excellent showcase for our metropolis,” stated Valérie Plante, mayor of Montréal.

In accordance with ISU regulations, Skate Canada will submit Montreal as the host city along with supporting documents in April 2021. The 2024 host will be determined by the ISU Council and a decision is expected later this year.

10 March 2021 - U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Famer and former Olympian John Zimmerman was suspended from figure skating in fallout from the Morgan Cipres sexual abuse scandal.

Cipres is facing a felony charge in Florida after he allegedly sent a 13-year-old girl lewd photos of his penis.

Cipres, 29, is currently living in France where he is said to be working in real estate, and refuses interviews. A warrant has been issued for his arrest in Florida.

Zimmerman and wife Sylvia Fontana, along with coach Vinny Dispenza, were accused of covering up the sexual abuse of the female skater.

Zimmerman was suspended by the U.S. Center for SafeSport for two years. Fontana and Dispenza have each been given six months probation.

1 March 2021 - Ashley Cain-Gribble and Timothy LeDuc will represent Team USA at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2021 later this month, U.S. Figure Skating announced Monday. The Dallas-based duo will replace Jessica Calalang and Brian Johnson, who have withdrawn from the competition for personal reasons unrelated to COVID-19.

In January, Cain-Gribble and LeDuc (the 2019 U.S. pairs chamions) earned the bronze medal at the 2021 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships, in Las Vegas, NV.  They finished ninth at the World Championships, earning the United States two pairs entries at the next World Championships.

12 January 2021 - Skate Canada announces the cancellation of the 2021 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships and the 2021 Skate Canada Cup.  The championships were to occur from February 8-14, 2021 in Vancouver, B.C., at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre while the 2021 Skate Canada Cup was planned to be a virtual event in replacement of the pre-novice and novice competitions at the 2021 Skate Canada Challenge.

“We are deeply saddened for all athletes, coaches, and supporting individuals who are impacted by this decision and appreciate the incredible efforts to overcome ever-evolving training and access challenges to best prepare athletes for these events,” said Leanna Caron, President, Skate Canada.

25 Dec 2020 - Morry Stillwell, past president of U.S. Figure skating passed away today, at age 93, from cardiac arrest after battling pneumonia for several months.  Morry was born in Everett, Washington, on November 17, 1927.

Morry was U.S. Figure Skating president from 1995 to 1998 when skating was at the peak of it's popularity in the United States.  While president, he led the negotiations for the TV contract with ABC that put U.S. Figure Skating on the road to financial security.

He was a key participant in the creation of the ISU Champion Series in 1995 along with representatives from Canada, France, Germany and Japan.  This series later became the current ISU Grand Prix of Figure skating.  Morry served for five years as chairman of the management committee of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating.

Morry was a National U.S. Figure Skating judge and referee in singles, pairs and showcase  He also held an appointment as a dance judge and technical controller.  Together with Jack Curtis he created the discipline of Showcase skating.  He originally began his involvement in amateur sports in roller skating.

Originally from the Seattle area, Morry, who was named after Maurice Chevalier,  spent most of his adult life in Southern California.  Following his term as U.S. Figure Skating president he remained active in local skating, promoting skating at the grass roots, in which he took great joy.  He was president of the Escondido (now North County) figure skating club for many years. Prior to that he was active in the Los Angeles Figure Skating Club and for a time its president.  Before that he was a member of the  All Year Figure Skating Club and president of that club.

Morry began as a roller skater and competed in three roller skating national championships in dance.  Later he switched to ice skating, winning a bronze medal in Bronze dance at Pacific Coast sectionals.

After passing the silver dance tests, Morry was drafted into the army and served at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama working as a technician for Werner von Braun.  While in Huntsville, he started an artistic roller figure skating club called the Rocket City Roller Club.

Morry was the devoted husband of Elda Stillwell.  They were married for 65 years.  Elda is a U.S. Figure skating National Accountant.  Together they were fixtures at Southern California competitions for many decades.  He is survived by wife Elda and daughter Lisa.

Future Competitions

Sep 22 - Sep 25, 2021 - Nebelhorn Trophy, Oberstdorf, GER

Oct 13 - Oct 17, 2021 - Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2021, Beijing, CHN

Oct 27 - Oct 30, 2021 - ISU International Adult Competition, Ottawa, CAN

Nov 08 - Nov 13, 2021 - IISU International Adult Competition, Oberstdorf, GER

Dec 11 - Dec 21, 2021 - Winter Universiade, Luzern, SUI

Dec 21 - Dec 26, 2021 - Russian Figure Skating Championships, St. Petersburg, RUS

Jan 03 - Jan 09, 2022 - U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Nashville, TN

Jan 06 - Jan 13, 2022 - Canadian Figure Skating Championships, Ottawa, ON

Feb 04 - Feb 20, 2022 - Olympic Winter Games 2022, Beijing, CHN

2021-22 ISU Grand Prix

Event Location Date
Skate America Las Vegas, NV, USA October 21–24
Skate Canada Vancouver, BC, Canada October 28–31
Cup of China Chongqing November 4-7
Grand Prix of Italy Torino, Italy November 4-7
NHK Trophy Tokyo, Japan November 11-14
Internationaux de France Grenoble, France November 18-21
Rostelecom Cup Moscow, Russia November 25-28
Grand Prix Final Osaka, Japan December 8-12

2022-23 ISU Grand Prix

The allotment process for 2022-23 began in October 2021.  The order of events, while fairly consistent from year to year, are not fixed and are open to change.

Event Location Date
    October 21–23
    October 28–30
    November 4-6
    November 11-13
    November 18-20
    November 25-27
Grand Prix Final   December 8-11

2021-22 Junior Grand Prix

August 18-21, 2021, Courchevel, FRA

August 25-28, 2021, Edmonton, CAN (includes Pair Skating)  RELOCATED TO COURCHEVEL, FRA

September 1-4, 2021, Kosice, SVK (includes Pair Skating)

September 15-18, 2021, Krasnoyarsk, RUS (includes Pair Skating)

September 22-25, 2021, Ljubljana, SLO

September 29 - October 2, 2021, Gdansk, POL

October 6-9, 2021, Linz, AUT (includes Pair Skating)

2022-23 Junior Grand Prix

August 24-27, 2022, Courchevel, FRA

August 31 - September 3, 2022, Ostrava, CZE (includes Pair Skating) 

September 7-10, 2022, Riga, LAT (includes Pair Skating)

September 21-24, 2022, Yerevan, ARM

September 28 - October 2, 2022, Zagreb, CRO (includes Pair Skating)

October 5-8, 2022, Gdansk, POL (includes Pair Skating) 

October 12-15, 2022 Egna-Neumarkt, ITA

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