Novice Ladies Champion Tyler Peirce
Novice Men's Champion Tomoki Hiwatashi
Novice Pairs Champions
Christina Zaitsev & Erie Utah Stevens
Novice Dance Champions
Chloe Rose Lewis & Logan Bye
Junior Ladies Champion Polina Edmunds
Junior Men's Champion Vincent Zhou


2013 U.S. National Championships

Photos © George Rossano

2013 U.S. Nationals Preview - The Sochi Winter Olympic Games are only a little more than a year away. This seasonís U.S. Figure Skating Team selection is critical heading into the World Championships in London, Ontario, Canada. The Teamís results in London determine how many entrants the U.S. will have in Sochi. Currently the scenario heading into the 2013 Worlds is not its optimum best. Last seasonís World Championship results dictate that the U.S. can only send two competitors in the Men, Ladies, and Pairs disciplines to London.

Only Ice Dance can send a full complement of three competitors to London. Therefore the task for this seasonís U.S. World Team is huge in its effort to reach a full complement of competitors in all disciplines. At the same time, several top competitors have suffered injuries during the season and others have pulled from the competition, leaving U.S. Figure Skating in a state of flux just one year away from the most important quadrennial event in the sporting world.

Ladies and Men

Pairs and Dance

Senior Ladies and Men - Another View and Some Predictions

Senior Ladies Medalists Senior Men Medalists Senior Pairs Medalists Senior Dance Medalists

Senior Ladies Short Program

Senior Men's Short Program

Senior Pairs Short Program 

Senior Dance Short Dance

Senior Ladies Free Skate

Senior Men's Free Skate

Senior Pairs Free Skate

Senior Dance Free Dance

Junior Ladies Medalists Junior Men Medalists Junior Pairs Medalists Junior Dance Medalists

Junior Ladies Short Program

Junior Men's Short Program

Junior Pairs Short Program 

Junior Dance Short Dance

Junior Ladies Free Skate

Junior Men's Free Skate

Junior Pairs Free Skate

Junior Dance Free Dance

Novice Ladies Medalists Novice Men Medalists Novice Pairs Medalists Novice Dance Medalists

 Novice Ladies Short Program

 Novice Men's Short Program

 Novice Pairs Short Program

 Novice Dance Pattern Dances

Novice Ladies Free Skate

Novice Men's Free Skate

Novice Pairs Free Skate

Novice Dance Free Dance

2013 U.S. World Team Assignments

Senior Ladies Champion Ashley Wagner
Senior Men's Champion Max Aaron
Senior Pairs Champions
Marissa Castelli & Simon Shnapir
Senior Dance Champions
Meryl Davis & Charlie White

Junior Pairs Champions
Britney Simpson & Mathew Blackmer
Junior Dance Champions
Alexandra Aldridge & Daniel Eaton