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Junior Pairs Championship

Audrey Lu FSC & Misha Mitrofanov are 2018 Junior Pairs Champions

Audrey Lu, Dallas FSC & Misha Mitrofanov, Dallas FSC

It was an unambiguous win for Audrey Lu & Misha Mitrofanov, who captured the Junior title with a 17.74 point margin and wins in both the short and the long.  Skating to "Once Upon a December" in the short they skated with appropriate speed and nicely interpreted the music in a nearly clean program.  They received just a few negative GoEs on their opening double twist due to a catch off the shoulder of Mitrofanov.  Otherwise their other elements were mostly 2s and their components averaged 6.5.

In the Free Skate, their twist again received a few -1s, due to the catch not being as clean as it needs to be, though overall it had good air.  Lu fell on through triple loop, but then the remainder of the program was clean.  In the long their components were a bit higher, averaging just over 7.0.

They skated with solid technique and good speed, but artistically the program was odd.  Their music for the long began with "Memories" from Cats, but then transitioned to "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the opera.  Other than both of these were written by Andrew Lloyd Weber, they have nothing to do with each other making for a program lacking any purposeful sense.