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2022 World Junior Championships

21-27 March, Montpellier, France

Protocol of Marks

World Juniors Medal Count

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States 3   1 4
Canada   1 2 3
Georgia 1   1
Australia 1 1
Kazakhstan   1   1
Rep. of Korea 1 1
Japan     1 1

Figure Skaters from Russia and Belarus are currently banned from international competition.

China chose not to send any skaters to Junior Worlds to prevent their bringing Covid cases back to China.

2022 World Junior Figure Skating Championships

13 - 17 April 2022

Tallinn, Estonia

The small North European country of Estonia (only 1.3 million people) has been the capital of the figure skating world this season because its capital of Tallinn organized three ISU championships in the Tondiraba ice rink which was built in 2014.  In January the federation started with the European Championships, the week later it organized the Four Continents Championships which China had given back before the Olympic Games. And now in mid-April in the smallest of the three Baltic countries Junior Worlds took place which had been planned in Sofia, Bulgaria in early March. But Bulgaria felt unable because of a high number of Covid 19 cases. And for the fall, Tallinn has applied for a Grand Prix if Russia and China will not hold theirs.

Like at the Senior World Championships in France, no Russian and Belorussian skaters were allowed to compete due to the world-wide ban because of the war against Ukraine. The Chinese federation did not send any skaters because they are afraid that they might bring new infections into China after coming back from the competition.

Women's Event

Men's Event

Pairs Event

Dance Event