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2021 Grand Premio d'Italia

Torino, Italy

Photos Copyright 2021 by George S. Rossano

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Estimated Attendance:

Pairs SP: 350
Men's SP: 350
Dance RD: 350
Women's SP: 350
Pairs FS: 600
Men's FS: 600
Dance FD: 800
Women's FS: 800
Exhibition: 400

Torino, Italy is Third Stop of 2021-22 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating

In August, the third Grand Prix of this season was moved from Chongqing, China to the Olympic rink of Turin in Italy, called Palavela. The reason: China does not want to allow any foreigners using connecting flights within China and Chongqing cannot be reached on direct flights from abroad.

This is the second time in three years that China gave back a Grand Prix. Some skating observers have suggested that China should no longer be part of the Grand Prix, but interested there place should be taken by European countries like Italy or Finland instead.

Torino Host First Class Grand Prix

With China choosing not to host Cup of China this season due to Covid concerns, the third Grand Prix of the season is being held in Torino, Italia, under the name Grand Premio d'Italia.  The Palavela in Torino is again the site of Grand Prix skating after being the site of the Grand Prix Final in 2019.  Covid protocols are similar to those used at Skate America, with the Skate Canada-type bubble not in use.

Entries rolled over from the initial assignments to Cup of China, and then subsequently several withdrawals and substitution took place.  Torino was to be the second assignment for American Bradie Tennell, who withdrew from Skate America due to injury.  She was replaced by Nicole Schott of Germany.  Several lesser Chinese competitors withdrew to be replaced by various lesser Italian skaters.

The short programs and rhythm dance will take place Friday, November 5, starting at 3:00 PM local time.  The free skates and free dance will take place on Saturday again starting at 3:00 PM.  The exhibition will be Sunday starting at 3:00 PM.

In addition to being the site of the 2019 Grand Prix Final, Palavela was the site of the 2005 European Championships, the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, the 2007 Winter Universiade and 2007 Grand Prix Final, and the 2010 World Figure Skating Championships.

The name Palavela is a portmanteau of Palazzo a Vela, the latter meaning sailing palace or palace of sail, which is descriptive of its roof, designed in the form of a billowing sail.

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