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2022 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final

Turin, Italy

7-11 December 2022

Medal Count - Juniors

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
ROK   2 1 3
USA   2 1 3
JPN 1   1 2
AUS 1     1
CAN 1     1
ITA 1     1
CZE     1 1

Medal Count - Seniors

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
JPN 3 1   4
USA   3 1 4
ITA     2 2
CAN 1     1
BEL     1 1

The absence of Russia and China from ISU competition afforded several other countries that rarely make the podium at the Grand Prix Final (or make the final at all) the opportunity to make their mark this year.

 When last held in 2019, also in Turin, Russia took home half the 24 possible total medals from the junior and senior finals, and China earned two others, a total of 58% between the two countries.

Compared to the 2019 Final, the U.S. increased its medal count by one for the Junior Final and one for the Senior.

(11 December 2022) The ISU Grand Prix Finals of Figure Skating returned to Turin, Italy where it was last held in 2019.  The finals where not held in 2020 and 2021 due to restrictions during the Covid pandemic.  Russia and China did not participate in the Grand Prix series this season.  Russia is currently suspended from international competition, and China has chosen not to send its athletes to international competitions as part of its Covid measures.

Junior Grand Prix Final

Junior Women Event

Junior Men's Event

Junior Pairs Event

Junior Dance Event

Senior Grand Prix Final

Senior Women Short Program

Senior Men's Short Program

Senior Pairs Short Program

Senior Dance Short Program

Senior Women Free Skate

Senior Men's Free Skate

Senior Pairs Free Skate

Senior Dance Free Dance