2011 U.S. Nationals

Senior Men





Place Skater SP FS
1 Ryan Bradley 1 4
2 Richard Dornbush 7 1
3 Ross Minor 6 2
4 Jeremy Abbott 2 6
5 Adam Rippon 9 3
6 Armin Mahbanoozadeh 8 5
7 Brandon Mroz 3 9
8 Keegan Messing 4 8

Jason Brown

11 7
10 Douglas Razzano 5 10
11 Jonathan Cassar 17 11
12 Grant Hochstein 10 13
13 Scott Dyer 18 12
14 Wesley Campbell 14 14
15 Jason Wong 12 15
16 Alexander Johnson 16 17
17 Parker Pennington 19 16
18 Andrew Gonzales 20 18
19 Christopher Caluza 15 20
20 Sean Rabbitt 21 19
21 Joshua Farris 13 22
22 Lloyd Ting 22 21

Photos copyright 2011 by George S. Rossano

Short Program

Starting Order - Short Program
  1. Keegan Messing

  2. Adam Rippon

  3. Brandon Mroz

  4. Jonathan Cassar

  5. Jeremy Abbott

  6. Wesley Campbell

  7. Jason Brown

  8. Douglas Razzano

  9. Parker Pennington

  10. Andrew Gonzales

  11. Ross Minor

  12. Grant Hochstein

  13. Sean Rabbitt

  14. Scott Dyer

  15. Ryan Bradley

  16. Christopher Caluza

  17. Lloyd Ting

  18. Joshua Farris

  19. Jason Wong

  20. Richard Dornbush

  21. Armin Mahbanoozadeh

  22. Alexander Johnson


Short Program Placements
Place Skater
1 Ryan Bradley
2 Jeremy Abbott
3 Brandon Mroz
4 Keegan Messing
5 Douglas Razzano
6 Ross Minor
7 Richard Dornbush
8 Armin Mahbanoozadeh
9 Adam Rippon
10 Grant Hochstein
11 Jason Brown
12 Jason Wong
13 Joshua Farris
14 Wesley Campbell
15 Christopher Caluza
16 Alexander Johnson
17 Jonathan Cassar
18 Scott Dyer
19 Parker Pennington
20 Andrew Gonzales
21 Sean Rabbitt
22 Lloyd Ting


After considering retiring last season, Ryan Bradley decided to give it one more shot, and now sits in the lead, winning the Short Program by 2 points.  One of three competitors to attempt a quad, he landed the best of the bunch with an opening quad toe loop - triple toe loop that was big and clean and received GoEs of 0 through +2.  He followed with a superb triple Axel with five +1s and four +2s.  His third jump was a clean triple flip.  His elements were called level two through four, with the step sequence the lowest and his closing change foot combination spin the highest -- fairly typical for the men, only two of whom were able to put together three level four spins, Jason Brown and Scott Dyer.

Bradley's performance was fast and strong with excellent expression.  Typical of his style, however, the routine was bit thin on transitions and a bit wild in control.  His components reflected this with highest marks in Performance and Interpretation and lowest in Transitions and Skating Skills.  His component marks averaged near 7.25 overall.

The two time U.S. Champion, Jeremy Abbott placed second in the short, exactly 2 points back.  He was the leader in component by over three points, with an average component score over 7.75 and four judges going into the eights.  Abbott gave up over five points to Bradley in the element marks, and it was only the strong component scores that kept the competition close.

Abbott landed a super triple flip - triple toe loop, a solo triple Axel and triple Lutz that was landed on the toe with a very minor skid.  He gave up 1.5 points on levels in the spins compared to Bradley, but more importantly 5 points on the combination.  The base value for his elements was a full 6 points behind Bradley.  Bottom line, the result in the Short Program was all about the quad.

Brandon Mroz placed third in the short with a fairly clean skate.  He performed with good speed, decent power and a rare glimmer of personality.  He landed an opening quad toe loop - double toe loop combination which had wonky landings for both jumps.  Six judges went to -1 on the GoE, with the remainder scoring it at 0.  The combination was followed ith a good triple Axel and later a clean triple Lutz.  Two of his spins were called level four and the other level three, while the step sequence was level 2.  His flying sit was slow and wobbly and seven judges scored it at -1.  His components averaged just below 6.75, ranging from 5.75 to 7.75, a fair bit of disagreement among the judges.

In his second year at Senior, the 2009 Junior Men's silver medallist placed fourth in the Short Program.  He opened with a triple Axel with a bit of a break on the landing, which three judges dinged with a -1.  His triple Lutz - triple toe loop was clean, but his solo triple flip had an edge call which received eight -1s and one -2.  Two of his spins were called level four and were well scored by the judges, picking up a few +3s.  The remaining pin and step sequence were called level two and were also well scored by the judges, with 0s through +3s.  His components, averaging below 6.50, were respectable but below what is needed to move into the elite ranks.  Homework for Messing, one would hope, would be a quad and components each a full point higher.

Adam Rippon, though to be a medal contender coming into the competition, had a difficult skate.  After a fifth place finish at 2010 Nationals, and third and fourth place results at Skate Canada and Skate America he was under the pressure of high expectations at this competition.

Rippon opened with a step out of triple Axel which was scored at -2 and he fell on a later triple Lutz attempt.  His remaining elements were cleanly skated, with his change foot combination spin called level four, and the remaining elements levels two and three.   Other than the jump issues, it was a well presented program, expressed better than one might have hoped given the two glaring jump errors.  His component marks averaged just below 7.00 giving him the third best Program Component Score.  But he gave too many points away in the elements and is now buried in ninth place, 14.10 point back.

Another competitor under scrutiny as a future star was Armin Mahbanoozadeh, who was third at Skate America this season.  He gave a respectable performance, with all but his triple Lutz executed cleanly.  The attempt was downgraded and he fell on the jump.  It was a catastrophic error that pushed him to eighth in the short program, compared to a potential fourth place finish had he landed the jump.  His components averaged just above 6.50.

At the end of the night Bradley and Abbott have significant leads over the rest of the pack.  After that, the standings are a bit constipated, with roughly five points separating the next seven skaters.


Free Skate

Starting Order - Free Skating
  1. Scott Dyer

  2. Lloyd Ting

  3. Sean Rabbitt

  4. Parker Pennington

  5. Andrew Gonzales

  6. Wesley Campbell

  7. Christopher Caluza

  8. Alexander Johnson

  9. Joshua Farris

  10. Jonathan Cassar

  11. Grant Hochstein

  12. Jason Brown

  13. Jason Wong

  14. Adam Rippon

  15. Richard Dornbush

  16. Armin Mahbanoozadeh

  17. Keegan Messing

  18. Douglas Razzano

  19. Ross Minor

  20. Jeremy Abbott

  21. Brandon Mroz

  22. Ryan Bradley



Free Skating Placements
Place Skater
1 Richard Dornbush
2 Ross Minor
3 Adam Rippon
4 Ryan Bradley
5 Armin Mahbanoozadeh
6 Jeremy Abbott

Jason Brown

8 Keegan Messing
9 Brandon Mroz
10 Douglas Razzano
11 Jonathan Cassar
12 Scott Dyer
13 Grant Hochstein
14 Wesley Campbell
15 Jason Wong
16 Parker Pennington
17 Alexander Johnson
18 Andrew Gonzales
19 Sean Rabbitt
20 Christopher Caluza
21 Lloyd Ting
22 Joshua Farris

Scott Dyer Lloyd Ting Sean Rabbitt
Parker Pennington Andrew Gonzales Wesley Campbell
Christopher Caluza Alexander Johnson Joshua Farris
Jonathan Cassar Grant Hochstein Jason Brown
Jason Wong Adam Rippon Richard Dornbush
Armin Mahbanoozadeh Keegan Messing Douglas Razzano
Ross Minor Jeremy Abbott Brandon Mroz
Ryan Bradley



2011 Senior Men Medalists

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