2006 Winter Olympic Games

Senior Ladies

all photos Copyright 2006 by George S. Rossano

Place Skater NOC SP FS
1 Shizuka Arakawa JPN 3 1
2 Sasha Cohen USA 1 2
3 Irina Slutskaya RUS 2 3
4 Fumie Suguri JPN 4 4
5 Joannie Rochette CAN 9 5
6 Kimmie Meissner USA 5 6

Emily Hughes

USA 7 7
8 Sarah Meier SUI 10 8

Carolina Kostner

ITA 11 9
10 Elene Gedevanishvili GEO 6 13
11 Yan Liu CHN 15 11
12 Mira Leung CAN 14 12
13 Susanna Poykio FIN 12 15

Elena Sokalova

RUS 18 10

Miki Ando

JPN 8 16
16 Kira Korpi FIN 20 14

Elena Liashenko

UKR 13 18
18 Julia Sebestyen HUN 16 20
19 Idora Hegel CRO 17 19
20 Galina Efremenko UKR 24 17

Tugba Karademir

TUR 22 21
22 Silvia Fontana ITA 23 22
23 Viktoria Pavuk HUN 19 23
24 Fleur Maxwell LUX 21 24
25 Joanne Carter AUS 25 -
26 Roxana Luca ROM 26 -
27 Yong Suk Kim PRK 27 -
28 Elena Glebova EST 28 -
29 Anastasia Gimazetinova UZB 29 -


Short Program

Starting Order - Short Program
  1. Tugba Karademir

  2. Kimmie Meissner

  3. Susanna Poykio

  4. Kira Korpi

  5. Joannie Rochette

  6. Idora Hegel

  7. Mira Leung

  8. Fleur Maxwell

  9. Viktoria Pavuk

  10. Yan Liu

  11. Elenea Sokalova

  12. Elena Glebova

  13. Elene Gedevanishvili

  14. Miki Ando

  15. Emily Hughes

  16. Julia Sebestyen

  17. Sarah Meier

  18. Irina Slutskaya

  19. Silvia Fontana

  20. Anastasia Gimazetinova

  21. Shizuka Arakawa

  22. Galina Efremenko

  23. Joanne Carter

  24. Roxana Luca

  25. Yong Suk Kim

  26. Elenea Liashenko

  27. Fumie Sugurie

  28. Carolina Kostner

  29. Sasha Cohen


Short Program Placements
Place Skater
1 Sasha Cohen
2 Irina Slutskaya
3 Shizuka Arakawa
4 Fumie Suguri
5 Kimmie Meissner
6 Elene Gedevanishvili

Emily Hughes


Miki Ando

9 Joannie Rochette
10 Sarah Meier

Carolina Kostner

12 Susanna Poykio

Elena Liashenko

14 Mira Leung
15 Yan Liu
16 Julia Sebestyen
17 Idora Hegel

Elena Sokalova

19 Viktoria Pavuk
20 Kira Korpi
21 Fleur Maxwell

Tugba Karademir

23 Silvia Fontana
24 Galina Efremenko
25 Joanne Carter
26 Roxana Luca
27 Yong Suk Kim
28 Elena Glebova
29 Anastasia Gimazetinova

Shizuka Arakawa

Sorry, no photos of Sasha or Irina in costume.  The photo police were just too relentless during the ladies event!

Initial program content listed is the content they were scored for at Europeans or U.S. Nationals.  All other are planned program content.  Numbers in parenthesis are the levels called here.

Warmup 1

Tugba Karademir

Coeurs a Cordes

She is in black and gray with silver beading

slow posing and edges

1 3T+2T:  ok, arm over head on 2T
2 3S:  ok 
3 FCSp3:  to catch foot, ok 
4 SpSt3:   serpentine, all the usual position
5 2A: ok 
6 LSp2:  nice extension back, (3)
7 CiSt2:  fairly simple, 
8 CCoSp4: back camel catch foot cof sit butt lot coe

Skating skills fair.  Transitions, the basics.  Not much expression.  Mostly an adequate presentation of elements.  Almost background music.  Did keep to the rhythm at least.
PCS in the mid 4s

Kimmie Meissner

Symphonic Dances

She is in black with silver beading

3Lz+COMBO:  3Lz2T, ok, lean on landing edge
3F: decent, +1
LSp2:  foot to head, nice position (3)
SpSt3:  serpentine, nice positions, held the 3 seconds
2A: nice, +
CCoSp3 camel cod sit layback cof sit coe side split, + (4)
SlSt2:  with the music
FSSp4: dd coe reverse sit.

Skating skills good.  Transitions above average.  A nice clean skate.  Could have displayed more power.  Above average expression of the music.
PCS in the low to mid 6s.  Personal best.

Susanna Poykio

One Mint Tulip & Girls Night Out

She is in pinks and reds with silver beading

1 3Lz+2T:  ok 
2 3F:  little reach
3 FCSp3: to catch foot, ok
4 2A:  decent
5 SpSt3:  back entry, serpentine, coe, four positions 
6 LSp3: foot to head, then Biellmann 
7 SlSt2:  slow, mostly with the music 
8 CCoSp3: back camel sit layback cof coe side split  

Skating skills above average.  Transitions above average.  Decent timing to music, but not much in the way of the lively "perky" expression needed for this music.
PCS in the mid 6s

Kira Korpi


She is in pink with lavender stones

1 1Lz+COMBO:   2Lo2T, small, no power
2 3F: ok, small 
3 LSp3:   ok 
4 CiSt3:  slow sating to slow music, good match to music, and feeling. very light (2)
5 2A: ok, throws around some on takeoff. 
6 CCoSp4:  camel canon forward cof sit coe forward 
7 SpSt3:  A little wobbly on initial positions, second half stronger, -1
8 FSSp4:  fly sit coe side. (3)

Skating skills fair.  Transitions basic, but decent in quantity.  Good timing and rhythm.  Doesn't capture the mood fully, though.
PCS in the low 5s

Joannie Rochette

Like a Prayer

She is in white

3Lz2T:  decent +1
3F:  forward lean and hand down, -2
LSp:  side to back and accelerates (3)
SpSt:  forwad coe grab foot, forward grab foot, back unsupported forward (3)
SlSt:  not much in it, timing ok (2)
2A:  decent +1
CCoSp: camel coe cannon layback cof sit coe (3)
FSSp:  dd cannon coe (3)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions above average, mostly basic.  Ends a wee bit late.  Program doesn't build together with the music, but still above average expression.
PCS in the high 6s

Warmup 2

Idora Hegel

Blues for Kook

She is in black with gold lame spiraling around her right leg and torso.

1 3Lz+2T: ok, 2T small 
2 3Lo:  a litle on toe 
3 LSp3: side then back 
4 SpSt3: catch foot, slow, no continuity 
5 2A:  out of  spread eagle, turn out badly, -2
6 FCSp2:  coe invert (3)
7 CiSt3:  decent sped, good timing to music (2)
8 CCoSp4: back camel sit coe cof camel coe cannon foot to head (3)

Skating skills average.  Transitions basic and average execution.  Decent performance.  Good timing and rhythm to music.  A hint of bluesiness in the presentation.
PCS around 5

Mira Leung


She is in white skirt and primrose bodice

3F:  Usual ugly takeoff, ok otherwise
3Lz2Lo:  ok, Lo a little sloppy
LSp:  foot to head
2A:  ugly takeoo, looks like a huge effort to get off the ice
SpSt:  all the standard positions and features
FCSp:  fly camel coe doughnut
CiSt:  finally showing a little energy in here
CCoSp: camel sit side foot to head Biellmann cof doughnut Beillmann forward, nicely done +1

Skating skills above average.  Transitions above average.  I hate the ugly entries to the jumps.  Nice spins.  Little expression in first 2/3 then perked upright for the last 1/3 and was more with the music.
PCS in the  low 5s.  Personal best.

Fleur Maxwell

Oblivion & Libertango

She is in black with pink upper right panel, with red beading, and pink starfish on skirt.  Half sleeve on left arm, right arm bare.

1 3T+2T: both clean,  
2 1S: 3S rough landing toe and edge out
3 FCSp3: fly camel coe almost a doughnut 
4 SlSt3:  slow, some posing that doesn't mach music 
5 1A: ok - does not meet requirements, -2
6 LSp3: side back foot to head, Biellmann 
7 SpSt1:  coe in Biellmann positions, also vertical split , and unsupported (4) 
8 CCoSp3 : back camel sit another BIellmann cof sit coe and vertical split

Skating skills average,  Transitions average.  Boring first half.  Got better after the Axel where she could work the spins and spirals.  Too many Biellmann positions.
PCS in the low 5s

Viktoria Pavuk

Swan Lake

She is in half white, half black dress.  A fashion cliche

1 3Lz+2T:  both ok, +1 
2 3F:  OK 
3 FCSp3: mostly a hop on entry, coe, slow, doughnut, slow 
4 2A:  from back spiral, ok, a little on toe
5 SpSt3:  nice positions 
6 LSp3 : to Biellmann (4)
7 SlSt3:  not keeping with dynamics of music in here,  skated ok (2) 
8 CCoSp3:  camel sow layback Biellmann cof sit forward (vertical) split  (2)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions basic and sparse.  Ok expression for first half (the slow part) but then does not develop the program as the music builds. Audience boos, but she got appropriate marks.
PCS in the high 4s to 5.

Yan Liu

Valley of the Red River

She is in shades of yellow, orange and black with gold beading.

spiny posing and edges to lead off

3Lz2T:  both ok, long entry edge
3Lo:  ok
FCSp: invert (weak), coe (2)
2A:  nice, +1
SlSt:  diagonal, with the music, nice movements (2)
CCoSp: camel layback side sit, cof ... forward (2)
SpSt:  better than average positions (2)
LSp: back side to Biellmann (2)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions above average.  Nice movements and positions matched to music.  Slow.  Above average performance.  Just 2s for levels!
PCS in the mid to high 5s

Elenea Sokalova


She is in hot pink with nude cutouts, and sliver and gold sparkly design.

1 3Lz+2T:  two foot, step out, -3
2 3Lo:  pop, 1Lo, -3, she is toast.
3 FCSp3:  fly camel doughnut, slow
4 SpSt4:  nice positions and extension (3)
5 2A:  ok, +1
6 LSp3: foot to head, +1
7 CiSt2: good use of music
8 CCoSp4:  camel cannon layback cof  sit catch foot camel upright

Skating skills good.  Transitions good.  Performance ruined by the errors in the two jumps.  Expression above average.  But she is dead meet with two fatal errors.  She looks crushed
PCS in the mid 6s

Currently leaders

  1.  Kimmie Meissner

  2. Joannie Rochette

  3. Susana Poykio


Warmup 3

Elena Glebova


She is in 

1 3T+2T: 3T poor landing, then 2T, -2 
2 3Lz: fall -3 
3 CCoSp2: camel sit coe layback cof camel Biellmann, ok 
4 SlSt2:  slow, not using the music at all (1)
5 2A: small, ok 
6 SpSt3:  poor positions,  (2)
7 FSSp3: weak fly, then coe 
8 LSp2:  side to back, hand to foot not a feature (3)

Skating skills fair.  Transitions limited and basic.  Very little expression and use of music.  Strange ending to music, just fades to stop.
PCS in the mid 4s

Elene Gedevanishvili


She is in black with red detailing and lacy full length sleeves.

1 3Lz, nice, +2 
2 3F+3T, nice +1 
3 FCSp3: fly camel doughnut 
4 SpSt4: side split coe, catch foot, unsupported forward (3)
5 2A: nice, tight landing edge, +1
6 SlSt2: zippy, with good expression and use of music
7 LSp4: back to side foot to head Biellmann 
8 CCoSp3:  camel coe? cannon layback foot to head cof doughnut brief to Biellmann. 

Skating skill above average.  Transitions above average.  Good expression.  Good speed,  A lively engaging performance.
PCs in the low 6s

Mika Ando

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

She is in black with antique bronze sash around waist

LSp:  back foot to head Biellmann (4)
3Lz3Lo: two foot and step out on 3Lo, under rotated, -2
3F: a little forward in the air
FCSp: fly camel invert (weak) (1)
SlSt:  with the music, but kind of flat in emotion (2)
2A:  ok
SpSt:  forward coe unsupported forward, brushes the wall, catch foot (3)
CCoSp:  camel coe cannon layback cof sit side vertical split. (4)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions above average.  A flat performance for  me.  Fairly well skated but no real emotion from her.
PCs in the mid to high 6s.

Emily Hughes


She is in dark blue with light blue beading in vertical striping

3F:  Nice +1
3Lz+2T:  A little shaky  on the landings, -1
SeSt3: a little off the music, decent speed, a little sloppy (2)
2A: nice, landing a little on toe, +1 anyway
FSSp3: dd ...
SpSt3: Biellmann, unsupported edge to back to catch foot (4)
LSp4:  back side foot to head Biellmann (3)
CCoSp4  camel coe cannon Biellmann cof sit coe upright fast

Skating skills good.  Transitions good.  Expression a little of at first, but gets on track in the middle.
PCs in the mid 6s.  Personal best

Julia Sebestyen


She is in Red with violet design down right side

1 3F:  nice,  light toe tough? 
2 2Lz+2T:  fall on 3Lz, -3 
3 FCSp3: big fly, doughnut, +1 (2)
4 SpSt4:  forward coe catch foot, unsupported forward to back to catch foot again, +1 
5 1A:  2A, ok 
6 LSp3: side to back foot to head.  Transition too few rotations? 
7 CiSt3:  working hard to keep upright with the music.  Tolerably skated 
8 CCoSp3: camel sit layback cof doughnut Biellmann upright, slowing down towards the end. (2)

Skating skills above average to good.  Transitions above average.  Expression above average.  A little trouble keeping upright with faster parts of the music, but a good effort.
PCs around 6 

Sarah Meier

Finding Neverland

She is in  bright yellow.  White at the bust with some silver beading

1 3Lz+2T:  Light toe touch?  Decent height
2 3F:  Nice, +1
3 CCoSp4:  Camel coe sit side cof sit side upright coe, +1
4 SpSt3:  a little wobbly on back spiral change of edge, ends in catch foot
5 2A:  on the toe, holds on, -2
6 FSSp3: DD side, +1
7 SlSt3:  nice use of music well skated (2)
8 LSp3:  side to back foot to head brief, +1

Then the program just stops!  Strange ending to music cut.

Skating skills good,  Transitions above average.  Nice expression of music, well presented and well skated.
PCs in the low 6s

Warmup 4

Irina Slutskaya


She is in dark blue unitard with starburst beaded design

1 3Lz+2T:  3Lz a little forward on landing.  Uses the 2T instead of the 2Lo, she uses when the first jump is clean.
2 3F:  nice, +1
3 2A:  nice, +2
4 FCSp4:  big fly, inverted, coe doughnut, +2
5 SpSt4: Biellmann coe and two more, to unsupported forward leg
6 LSp4: side, foot to head, Bielmann
7 SlSt2:  fast well skated, with the music (3)
8 CCoSp4: camel coe sit layback foot to head Biellmann cof doughnut Biellmann, upright coe +2

Skating skills very good, except for the long entries into the jumps.  Transitions above average.  Very fast and good match to music. Too many Biellmann positions!!!  This program doesn't say very much to me, but it was well done.
PCs in the high 7s

Silvia Fontana


She is in black  with silver stones

3F2T:  2F2T, ok
2A:  1A, ok, -2, does not meet requirements
3T:  weak landing, -1
CCoSp: camel catch foot layback cof sit forward, ok (3)
SpSt:  unsupported to catch foot coe backwards catch foot, ok +1 (3)
FSSp: dd coe, ok (3)
SlSt:  With the music fairly good (3)
LSp:  back foot to head (2)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions basic, performed ok.  She played it safe on everything that wasn't working so well in practice.
PCs in the mid to high 5s

Anastasia Gimazetinova

The Godfather

She is in reddish-orange, with vine motif on nude for bodice

2A: ok
3Lz2T:  reach on the landing of 3Lz, 1T
3F:  2F, poor, -2
FCSp:  fly camel coe (3)
SlSt:  decent speed and fair use of the music here (2)
SpSt:  unsupported forward, forward with coe, back catch foot (3)
CCoSp:  camel sit layback Biellmann cof sit upright, changes of edge to short? (2)
LSp: nice position far back (2)

Another program where the music just stops with no real ending.  She is not happy with this performance.

Skating skills above average.  Transitions average.  Expression above average.  Performance way off.
PCs in the
high 4s.

Shizuka Arakawa


She is in red with white choker collar and accents and silver beading

3Lz3Lo:  little reach, then 2T
3F:  nice, _+2
FCSp: fly then nice invert, coe, +2 (4)
SpSt:  side vertical spit, coe to back Biellmann,  (4)
2A:  nice, +1
LSp: far back, foot to head (4)
SlSt:  good use of the music. decent speed, well skated, +1 (3)
CCoSp:  camel doughnut sit cof camel sit Biellmann, +1 a little slow on second foot. (4)

Skating skills good.  Transitions good.  A well choreographed program, well presented, with good speed and energy.  So far this is my favorite program of the night.
PCs in the mid to high 7s. Personal best.

Galina Efremenko


She is in shear black with cross design on front and shroud motif.

3Lz2T:  Lz lands forward and she falls, -3
3F:  nice, +1
FCSp:  fly coe doughnut (3)
2A:  1A, poor, -3, not to requirements
LSp:  ok (1)
CiSt:  nicely skated, but choreography has nothing to do with music here. (2)
SpSt:  back catch foot, coe poor, forward catch foot, -1 (2)
CCoSp: camel coe sit layback cof sit coe forward. (3)

Skating skills average. Transitions average.  Almost background music.  Boring.   A lackluster performance. Levels a huge anchor on the technical score.
PCs in the mid 5s.

Joanne Carter

Russian Gypsy Fire

She is in red plum with plunging neckline and floral designs on neckline (and back)

3Lz3Lo:  fall on the Lz, no second jump, -3
3F: turn out, almost in wall, -3
LSp:  back to Biellmann (3)
SpSt:  forward, coe, supported forward, catch foot. (2)
2A:  from Bauer, sloppy, -2
CCoSp:  camel coe cannon butt forward, cof .... side split (3)
SlSt:  in time ot music and that's about it (2)
FCSp:  fly nice invert, coe (2)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions average.  Expression weak.  Too much emphasis on the jumps, and not enough on skating a well presented program.  Another one that needs to put more effort into levels, and PCs.
PCs in the low 5s

Currently leaders

  1. Irina Slutskaya

  2. Shizuka Arakawa

  3. Kimmie Meissner

  4. Elene Gedevanishvili

  5. Emily Hughes

  6. Miki Ando

  7. Joannie Rochette

  8. Sarah Meier

  9. Susana Poykio

  10. Mira Leung


Warmup 5

Roxana Luca


She is in black with silver beading

half-hearted posing here

3T2T:  3T2T, ok
3S:  2 hands down,3
FCSp: fly invert catch foot (3)
SpSt:  forward, coe catch foot backwards catch foot (3)
2A:  twizzles out, -2
LSp: side to back (2)
CiSt:  decent speed in time to music, quick (2)
CCoSp: camel sit a-upright cof camel sit foot to head (3)

Skating skills average.  Transitions basic, average.  Well skated, a moderately clean performance.  Background music, with choreography not remotely Latin in flavor.
PCs in the mid 4s

Yong Suk Kim

Come with Joy

She is in black with shiny, dark leopard design, multi-color reflections

3Lz2T:  ok (3Lz cheated?), scored as 3Lz2T
3F:  cheated, two footed, pops out and falls, -3, scored as 2F
FCSp: fly invert coe (3) (2)
SpSt:  forward, coe side split, unsupported forward, not scored due to ???
2A:  nice, +1
CiSt:  nicely skated, with the music, +1
LSp: side foot to head (3)
CCoSp:  camel cannon layback cof sit coe forward (2)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions average.  Cleanly skated except for the two jumps.  Simple choreography.  Good sense of timing, but no emotion in this program.  Spiral sequence was not scored.
PCs in the high 4s to 5.

Elena Liashenko

Hana's Eyes

She is in orange with clear stone design

3Lz2T:  ok, usual telegraph entry.
3F:  decent, +1
FCSp: fly weak, weak invert, coe (2)
2A:  ok
SpSt:  forward  back catch foot, backwards catch foot, backwards (3)
LSp: ok (2)
SlSt:  slow,  not much use of the music (2)
CCoSp: camel sit layback cof sit coe camel-catch leg (2)

Skating skill above average.  Ugly jump entries.  Fair expression at best.  Decent timing to music.  Little emotion comes across.  Level 2s are killers.
PCs in the low 6s.

Fumie Sugurie


She is in red with black lace on bodice and bleed to black in the skirt.

3Lz2T:  both nice, +1
3F:  ok
SpSt: forward backwards unsupported forwards ... (3)
2A: ok
FSSp: dd, side, lot, slow (3)
LSp: ok, wish I was paying attention (3)
SlSt:  diagonal, good expression of music, well skated (3)
CCoSp: camel invert sit side layback cof side catch foot. (4)

Skating skills good.  Transitions above average.  Expression minimal at first, but develops through the program.  One the jumps are done, it gets a lot better.
PCs in the low 7s.

Carolina Kostner

Gabriel's Oboe (The Mission)

She is in white with bleed to blue on skirt.  Black lacing design on bodice.

1 2F+3T:   3F fall, -3, just like in practice all week
2 3Lo:  ok, a little forwards 
3 FCSp3 ; weak fly, doughnut, ok
4 SpSt4:  unsupported forward, forward, coe to split supported, to catch foot, nicely done, +1 (3)
5 2A: nice with good speed on takeoff, +2
6 SlSt3:  nicely done to music, but the damage is already done.
7 CCoSp3: camel arms back, sit side layback cof sit  catch foot into  #8
8 LSp2 : nice position (3)

Skating skills, good, Transitions above average.  Expression ruined at first by problems in first three elements, then got it together for the rest of the program, but it's too late now.  Her Olympic dream is over tonight.
PCs 6 to low 7s 

Sasha Cohen

Dark Eyes

She is in blue with floral decorations on skirt

3Lz+2T:  both decent, +1
3F:  ok
FSSp4: dd cannon coe side (3)
2A:  tight landing edge
SpSt4:  vertical split, unsupported, forward, coe, catch foot
LSp4: side to back, to Biellmann, +1
SlSt3:  with the music, good expression
CCoSp3:  camel coe cannon layback foot to head cof sit coe forward vertical split. (4)

Skating skills good to very good.  Transitions good.  Expression good.  Minor problems in a few elements, but she kept the whole program together, skated with energy and enthusiasm.
PCs in the high 7s to eight.  Wins by 0.03 points.

Partial results

  1. Sasha Cohen

  2. Irina Slutskaya

  3. Shizuka Arakawa

  4. Fumie Sugurie

  5. Kimmie Meissner

  6. Elene Gedevanishvili

  7. Emily Hughes

  8. Miki Ando

  9. Joannie Rochette

  10. Sarah Meier

  11. Carolina Kostner

  12. Susana Poykio

  13. Elena Liashenko

  14. Mira Leung

Free Skate

Starting Order - Free Skating
  1. Silvia Fontana

  2. Viktoria Pavuk

  3. Galina Efremenko

  4. Fleur Maxwell

  5. Tugba Karademir

  6. Kira Korpi

  7. Elenea Liashenko

  8. Mira Leung

  9. Elenea Sokalova

  10. Yan Liu

  11. Idora Hegel

  12. Julia Sebestyen

  13. Susanna Poykio

  14. Mika Ando

  15. Emily Hughes

  16. Sarah Meier

  17. Joannie Rochette

  18. Carolina Kostner

  19. Elene Gedevanishvili

  20. Sasha Cohen

  21. Shizuka Arakawa

  22. Fumie Sugurie

  23. Kimmie Meissner

  24. Irina Slutskaya


Free Skating Placements
Place Skater
1 Shizuka Arakawa
2 Sasha Cohen
3 Irina Slutskaya
4 Fumie Suguri
5 Joannie Rochette
6 Kimmie Meissner

Emily Hughes

8 Sarah Meier

Carolina Kostner


Elena Sokalova

11 Yan Liu
12 Mira Leung
13 Elene Gedevanishvili
14 Kira Korpi
15 Susanna Poykio

Miki Ando

17 Galina Efremenko

Elena Liashenko

19 Idora Hegel
20 Julia Sebestyen

Tugba Karademir

22 Silvia Fontana
23 Viktoria Pavuk
24 Fleur Maxwell


Shizuka Arakawa

Irina Slutskaya


Sorry, no photos of Sasha in costume.  The photo police were just too relentless during the ladies event!  How I suffered to get you all photos from the Olympic events!!!

Initial program content listed is the content they were scored for at Europeans or U.S. Nationals.  All other are planned program content.  Numbers in parenthesis are the levels called here.

Warmup 1

Silvia Fontana


In beige with gold beading.

3F:  2F, ok
3T:  3T2T, ok
2A:  decent
3S+2T:  3S2T SEQ
CCoSp:  camel layback foot to head cod slow back sit, slow forward (3)
3S:  pop to 1S
2A omit
FCSSp: dd a-upright tuck cod sit down (4)
SpSt: forward unsupported Biellmann back catch foot  (3)
3T:  3T, ok
FSSp: dd again coe (3)
CiSt:  decent speed, getting into the music finally (2)
CCoSp:  camel catch foot layback cof sit forward (2)

Skating skills fair.  Transitions fair.  Few and far between.  Little interpretation for first 2/3.  Finally got into the music after about 2/3 and she landed the 3T.
PCs in the mid 5s

Viktoria Pavuk

The Moldau & Four Season (Storm)

1: 3Lz+2T+1Lo: 3Lz2T, ok
2: 2Lo:  3Lo, tight landing edge, no flow our -1
3: 2F:  fall, -3
4: CCoSp3 camel layback slow Biellmann cof sit low forward, slow slow slow!, -1 (2)
5: 1A:   2A, ok, weak takeoff
6: 3S:  ok
7: 3Lz:  2Lz, ok
8: SpSt3:  vertical split, backwards (3)
9: LSp3:  nice, foot to head, Biellmann slow, +1 (3)
10 2T: 2T
11: FCSp3: weak fly, coe weak doughnut, slow (3)
11: SlSt2:  ok speed, with the music (2)
13: FCCoSp4:  canon a-upright layback cof camel coe slow sit forward vertical split, slow, -1 (3)

Skating skills fair.  Transitions few and far between.  How can anyone spin that slow and keep their balance!!.  Expression of music, minimal.
PCs in the mid 5s

Galina Efremenko


She is in turquoise

3Lz+2T: ok
3S: ok
FCSp:  fly ok, coe doughnut (3)
3F+2T: 2F  taps free foot on landing and hands down, -3
2A:  1A
LSp: nice position (2)
3Lz:  decent, a little forward
SpSt:  back catch foot, forward catch foot (1)
3F:  quick step out then 2TSEQ
SlSt:  diagonal, in slow motion grinding her way down the ice. (2)
CCoSp:  camel coe sit brief, layback cof sit forward, directly into (2)
SSp: back entry. (3)

Skating skills fair.  Few transitions in jump runs.  Generally sow and uninspiring.  Trouble keeping upright with tempo of the music.
PCs 5 to mid 5s

Fleur Maxwell

Finding Neverland

She is in violet with floral decorations

3Lo+2Lo:  2Lo
3T+2T:  3T touch with hand and then 2T
3S: 2S2T:  -1
2A+2F+SEQ:  1A barely landed, then foot down, -3 then 2F (two elements)
FCSp: fly, invert coe doughnut, a little slow (3)
3T:  fall, -3
SpSt:  Biellmann coe, side split to vertical split, unsupported forward, pretty sequence, +1 (4)
2A: ok
LSp:  back, foot to head, Biellmann (3)
SlSt:  starts short, nice use of music (2)
2Lz+2Lo+2T: 2Lz only, ok, not scored (extra element)
CCoSp:  camel coe sit Biellmann, cof sit Biellmann  (2)
USp:  Biellmann (3)

Skating skills above average,  Transitions average.  Nice expression of the music when she is not wiping upright the ice on the jumps.  Good spinner, but a little slow tonight.
PCs around 5

Tugba Karademir

Tango Medley

1: FSSp3: dd
2: 3T+2T+1T: 2T2T2T, ok
3: 2F:  2T ok
4: FCCoSp3 fly catch foot butt upright coe (4)
5: 3S:  3S2T, tight landing edge
6: 3T+2T:3T, a little break

doing nothing with the music in here

7: 2A: decent, +1
8: CCoSp4: back camel, catch foot, sit brief, upright ... (3)
9: 3S+COMBO:  3S, tight landing edge, -1
10 SpSt3: backwards, forwards, back catch foot, side split, +1
11: 2A:  ok
11: SlSt2:  a little slow, not with temp of music, skated ok
13: CoSp3:  camel coe catch foot reverse upright

Skating skills fair at best.  Transitions, few.  Mostly background music.  A lot of toe loops!!!
PCs in the mid to high 4s

Kira Korpi

Blues Medley

She is in black with blue beading

1:  2Lo2T:  ok
2: 3F+2T:  3Lz2T2Lo, ok
3: CCoSp3:  camel cannon forward, cof sit cope forward
4: 3Lo+2T:  ok, +1

good use of music in here

5: 3Lo:   3F, a little forward, ok
6: SpSt3:  forward coe to catch foot, back catch foot, a little wobble in coe, -1
7: 3S:  ok, a little forward and tight
8: 2A: ok
9: LSp3: a little slow
10 CoSp3: back camel sit coe forward

slowing down

11: 3T:  2T, ok, a little tight
11: SlSt3:  slow, expression not so good in here (2)
13: FSSp3:  fly sit, cannon

Skating skills average.  Transitions average outside of the jump runs.  Nothing much in jump runs.  Expression of music decent from 1/4 to 2/3.  Not so good during jump runs, and when she gets tired near the end.
PCs in the mid 5s.

Warmup 2

Elenea Liashenko

West Side Story

She is in black unitard with red design upright both legs and bodice.

3F:  two foot, -2, 2F
3T:  ok
FCSp: fly invert, coe (2)
2A:  ok, a struggle though
LSp: back and side (2)

decent use of music in here

SpSt:  back catch foot, forward arm to knee, (3)
3F+2T:  two foot, no 2T, -2
3S:  ok,  break forward a little
FSSp: dd coe (3)
3Lz:  two foot step out, -3 2Lz
SlSt:  diagonal, ok speed, with the music more or less, +1 (2)
CCoSp: camel coe cof sit layback cof sit coe reverse upright (3)

PCs in high 5s

Mira Leung

Terracotta Warriors

She is in light mint green with gold dragon design and beading.

3F: ugly entry, ok jump
3Lz: ok
3S:  2S, ok
CoSp: camel side sit, foot to head Biellmann (3)
LSp: Nice position, then foot to head, Biellmann (4)
SpSt: forward, unsupported forwards, side split (3)
3T+2T:  both decent, +1
2A: 1A, ok
FCSp:  fly, invert, doughnut (2)
SlSt:  with music (which is rather weird) (2)
3Lz+2Lo:  3Lz on the toe
3F+2Lo+2Lo:  ok, a little s
CCoSp: camel side sit foot to head Biellmann cof camel doughnut sit vertical split (3)

Skating skills above average.  Jumps decent except for the hideous body and head position on all the entries.  Nice spin positions, moderate speed, pretty flexible.  Above average use of music in all sections outside of the jump runs.  few transitions in the jump runs.
PCs in the  low 5s

Elenea Sokalova

Romeo and Juliet (musical)

She is in black unitard with silver beading, and lots of skin showing, both real and in nude panels.

1: 3Lz+2T+2Lo:  all decent, but ends close to wall, +1
2: 3F:  v tight landing edge, -1, close to wall.
3: 3S:  2S, ok
4: LSp3:  back, foot to head
5: 3Lz:  two footed, -2, 2Lz
6: FCSp3:  fly coe doughnut, didn't close
7: SpSt2:  forward catch foot, coe, back arm to thigh, (3)
8: 3Lo:  tight and poor landing edge, -1
9: FSSp3:  coe
10 3T:  decent +1
11: SlSt2:  decent speed, nicely skated, with the music, +1
11: 2A+2T:  both decent
13: CCoSp4: camel coe cannon layback cof sit catch foot camel (2) didn't hold positions long enough

Skating skills good.  Transitions minimal in jump runs, above average otherwise.   An enjoyable program, fairly well presented.  Jumps were another matter.
PCs around to mid 6s

Yan Liu

My Parents

Lavenderw with violet on sides and 

3Lz+2T:  ok
3F: decent, +1
3Lo+3S+SEQ:  2Lo a little tight, 3S very tight and tuning out, -1
3T: ok
USp: attitude, CSp  (3)
SlSt:  a little slow, no use of music other than rhythm (2)
LSp: side to foot to head (3)

gets boring in here, background music

3T2T:  3T ok, a little forward
2A:  ok
3S:  decent, +1
SpSt:  forward wobble catch foot, unsupported forward, backwards (3)
FCSp: fly coe wobbly, -1 (1)
CCoSp:  camel coe layback side forward (2)

Skating skills above average.  Transition mainly outside of jump runs.  This program put me in a coma.  Slow and boring choreography skated to slow and boring music.  So I guess the expression of the music was perfect.
PCs in the mid 5s

Idora Hegel

The Nutcracker

She is in pale lavender with lacy decoration at bust.

1: 2Lz: 3Lz 2T, tight landing edges, and turning out-2
2: 3Lo+2T: 2Lo, big lean and wild, -3


3: 2S+3T+2T+SEQ:  2T1T
4: CCoSp4: camel coe sit coe cof camel sit cannon layback foot to head, brief
5: 3Lo:  3Lo2T, not much flow through jumps
6: SpSt3:  back catch foot forward catch foot
7: 1Lz: 1Lz

dd here (2)

8: SlSt2: diagonal, finally using the music, very nice, +1
9: 2A:  from spread eagle, nice, +1
10 CCoSp2 camel coe sit upright cof sit side split into
11: FCSp2:  fly invert (3)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions average.  Not much expression or use of music in first.  Some nice moments, however, in the sequences and spins.
PCs around 5

Julia Sebestyen

Hungarian Dances

She is in read with white on bust and modest floral decoration

1: 3F: ok
2: 2Lz:  3Lz, two foot, -2, 2Lz
3: 2Lo: ok
4: FCSp3: fly coe doughnut
5: 3S+2T+2Lo:  3S, two footed and under, -3, 2S
6: 2Lz:  3Lz2T both nice +2
7: SpSt4:  forward to Biellmann, unsupported forwards, back catch foot (3)
8: 1A: waltz jump
9: 3T:  a little reach, then fall forwards, -3
10 CoSp3: sit camel upright (2)
11: SlSt2: fair speed, not with changes of tempo in music (2)
11: LSp3: back foot to head (3)
13: FCCoSp3:  sit layback cof camel doughnut Biellmann upright (4)

Skating skill above average. Transitions above average.  Fair use of music.  Trouble keeping upright at time.  Changes of tempo not followed too well.  Decent speed for much of it.
PCs in the mid to upper 5s


  1. Elena Sokalova

  2. Yan Liu

  3. Mira Leung

  4. Kiira Korpi

  5. Galina Efremenko


Warmup 3

Susanna Poykio

Romeo and Juliet

She is n Mauve with silver beading.

Posing and edges in here

1: 3S+1Lo:  3F2T2Lo, all ok,
2: 2Lz+2T:  3Lz2T, ok
3: 1Lo:  2Lo,  a little lean inside the circle
4: FCoSp3:  dd side split
5: CCoSp2:  camel sit layback foot to head cof sit coe side split (3)
6: LSp3:  back, foot to head BIellman
7: 2F:  ok
8: 3S:  2S
9: SlSt2:  fair sue of music, simple, fair speed  (1)
10 2A:  step out, -2
11: FCSp2: fly coe catch foot
11: 3T:  ok
13: SpSt3:  backwards, unsupported forwards, forwards coe not held long enough back catch foot. (2)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions average.  Above average expression.  Jumps adequate at best.  A lot of doubles.  Nice spin positions with  moderate speed.
PCs in the low 6s

Mika Ando

Madame Butterfly

She is in teal, with light blue on shoulders and sleeves and floral design on front

LSp: foot to head (4)
4S:  fall, -3, 3S
3Lz+3Lo:  3Lz 2T, ok 
2A: decent +1
CiSt:  This first 1/3 is really boring (1)
FCSp: fly partial invert coe? (1)
3Lz: 2Lz ok, a little forward
3F+2T:  3F, step out bad, -2
3Lo:  step out and foot down, -3
CoSp: camel sit coe upright (2)
3T+2Lo+2Lo:  3T fall, -3
SpSt:  forward, coe unsupported forward, backwards catch foot (2)
CCoSp:  camel coe sit cannon layback Biellmann cof sit side vertical split. (2)

Skating skills average.  Transitions few and far between.  Jump runs mostly back and forth down the ice.  She falls apart, jumps mush worse than practices.  Spins weaker too.  No time for expression when the world is crashing down around you.
PCs in the low 6s

Emily Hughes


Turquoise with silver beading

2A: ok
3F+2Lo:  3F2T both decent, +1
3Lz+2T+2Lo:  second and third landings a wee bit off, ok
2Lo:  3Lo, two foot and fall, -3
CCoSp4: camel canon forward ... sit coe upright, slowing down
3Lz:  nice, +1
3T+2T:  2F, ok


SpSt3: forward, catch foot, unsupported forwards, back catch foot
LSp4: FSSp3  sly sit cannon, sloppy exit
2S:  moved upright before spirals
CiSt3:  (2)
FSSp3:   LSp4  back foot to head Biellmann
FCoSp3:  dd coe cannon

Skating skill good.  Transitions above average.  Expression of music above average to good.  Nerves got the best of her on some of the jumps.  This was not as strong as she has been in practices.
PCs in the mid 6s

Sarah Meier

Bolero for Violin and Orchestra

She is in black unitard with red top along diagonal of bodice

1: 3Lz+2T+SEQ: 3Lz2T2Lo, ok
2: 2F+2T: both ok
3: 3F: light two foot?, -1
4: CCoSp4: camel coe sit side-sit cof side upright coe into #5
5: LSp3:  SSp(3) sit coe side?
6: 3Lz:: 2Lz


7: 3T:  ok a little on toe
8: SpSt3:  backwards, catch foot to forwards, 
9: 2A:  1A, thrown around, -1
10 FSSp3dd sit
11: SlSt3:  not all that with the music, slow, boring (2)
11: 3S+2T:  ok
13: CoSp4:  camel coe sit forwards side upright (3)

Skating skill above average.  Transitions average at best and simple.  Good spins, jumps a mess.  Expression average, mostly background music.  Bored me to death.
PCs in the mid 6s

Joannie Rochette

Les Feuilles & Hymne a l'Amour

She is in shades of violet with clear stones

3F: decent, +1

pretty moves in here

3Lz+2T:  both decent
3Lo:  nice, +1
CoSp: camel coe sit upright (4)
3S:  a little break forwards on the landing
3Lz:  2Lz, small
SlSt:  a little slow for the tempo of the music (2)
LSp:  nice position (3)
3T+2T+2Lo:  hoppity on the 2Lo
FSSp: dd coe side (4)
SpSt:  forward cof a little inverted, unsupported forward, vertical split (3)
2A+3S+SEQ:  decent, +1
CCoSp: camel cannon layback cof sit coe (3)

Skating skill good.  Transitions good.  Lots of pretty movements.  Good use of music.  A very enjoyable program.

PCs in the high 6s to 7.

Carolina Kostner

Four Seasons

She is in black and gray with star design for decorations

1: 3F+3T: 3F2T, decent +1
2: 3Lz: under and steps out forwards, 2Lz
3: 3Lo:  ok
4: 2A:  a little forwards, but ok
5: CCoSp3:  camel layback cof sit camel ?
6: FSSp3: fly sit, a-upright
7: 2A+2T:  a little break forward on landing 2A, no 2T
8: SpSt4:unsupported forward, forwards, coe, vertical split (3)
9: 2A+3S+SEQ:  2A2S1Lo SEQ small
10 2S: near fall and hand down, -2
11: FSSp2: dd broken leg (3)
11: SlSt:  behind the rhythm of the music.  She did this better in practice (3)
13: CCoSp3:  camel layback, broken leg sit, cof, doughnut upright (more or less)

Skating skills good.  Transitions above average to good.  Nice spins.  Three double Axels in a program always annoys me in terms of Choreography.  Got the first combination which was not working too well in practice, but then ran into problems on most of the rest.  Expression inconsistent,  middling for first half, but improved in second.  Overall a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses.
PCs around 7.

Warmup 4

Elene Gedevanishvili

Armenian Rhapsody

She is in black with gold lacings design

1: 2A+3T: decent
2: 3Lz+2T:  3Lz3T, nice, +1
3: FCSp3:  fly ... doughnut
4: 3F+2T:  pop, 1F, -2
5: 3Lz:  nice, +1
6: CoSp1:  camel sit cannon layback Biellmann (3)
7: SpSt1:  forward to vertical split coe,?  back catch foot, unsupported (3) forward
8: 1S:  abort to nothing
9: 1A:  2A, ok
10 SlSt2:  mediocre use of music, skated ok
11: 3T: step out and near fall, -2, not scored (only allowed two of these!)
11: LSp4:  way back, foot to head
13: CCoSp3:  camel cannon foot to head, cof doughnut Biellmann (4)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions average.  Not many.  Expression slightly better than background music.  This girl is a big surprise here.  A great jumper.  Ok  in other skills,  Nice spin positions.  If she gets the whole package in a year or two she should be something
PCs in the  low to mid 6s

Sasha Cohen

Romeo and Juliet

She is in burgundy with gold decorations.

3Lz+2T+2Lo: 3Lz, fall -3
3F:  near fall, two hands down, -3  she's dead meet
3Lo:  ok
CCoSp4: back entry, camel, coe sit cof camel, side sit, side split
LSp4:  side back Biellmann
3F+2T:  both ok
3T+3S+SEQ:  light toe tough 
FSSp4d:  d cannon coe side
2A: decent
CiSt3:  nicely skated with the music (but it's too late) (2)
SpSt4:  vertical split, unsupported forwards, forwards, coe, splendid, back catch foot +3
3S:  decent
CCoSp3:  camel coe cannon foot to head cof sit (4)

Skating skill very good.  Transition good to very good.  Expression of the music very good.  Missing the two jump elements a disaster.  The way looks clear for Shizuka or Irina.
PCs in the high 7s.  A bad sign.  She needed big numbers for these.

Shizuka Arakawa


3Lz+3Lo: 3Lz2T,ok
3S+3T:  3S2T, ok
3F:  ok
FCSp: fly half inverted to doughnut (4)
SpSt:  vertical split, coe, back catch foot (4)
2A:  ok
3Lz:  ok
3Lo:  2Lo
CSp  camel invert, doughnut (4)
3s+2T+2Lo:  3S2T2Lo, ok
CoSp: camel doughnut sit cof camel sit layback Biellmann (4)
SlSt:  needs more power here, but skated nicely (3)
CCoSp:  back entry , coe doughnut sit cof camel sit vertical split (4)

And the crowd goes wild. 

Skating skills very good.  Transitions very good.  A beautiful Inna Bauer in there.   Expression very good.  Just could use a little more power in places.
PCs in the high 7s to 8.  Personal best.

Fumie Sugurie

Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninov)

3Lz+2T:  both decent
3F:  ok
3S:  ok
CCoSp: camel sit side layback cof sit side catch foot camel (4)
FCSp:  fly coe (3)
3Lz:  ok
3F+2T:  2F2T, jumps runs all back and forth, length of ice
SpSt:  forwards, coe to catch foot, unsupported forwards, vertical split (3)
3T:  a little on the toe
2A+2T+2Lo:  2A2T
FSSp: dd side lot (3)
SlSt:  decent speed, with the music (2)
CCoSp:  camel coe sit side layback cof sit side upright (3)

Skating skills good.  Transitions good.  A very nice skate.  She delivered a lot more than people were expecting of her this week.  Expression good.  To mush end to end back and forth on the jump runs.  Bad use of the ice.
PCs in the mid 7s

Kimmie Meissner

Belkis, Queen of Sheba

She is in red with  gold decorations on torso

3F+3T:  3F, step out, 2T, -2 scored a SEQ
2A:  decent, +1
3Lz+3T:  sat down but held on, -2,  3Lz2T
CCoSp2: camel coe sit layback cof coe forward (4)
LSp2:  back foot to head
3Lo:  decent
SpSt3:  forward, coe, back catch foot
3Lz:  ok, a little down in the knee
3S:  decent
CCoSp3:  camel sit layback cof cannon coe (2)
SlSt3:  decently skated, a little slow
1A:  2A and a little 2T
FSSp3:  dd ... wish I could type faster and keep upright. (4)

Skating skills good.  Transition above average.  Expression above average.  Decently skated.  A lot of good elements.  Did not project the power of the music to me.
PCs in the  mid to high 6s

Irina Slutskaya


1: 3Lz+2Lo:  3Lz only, ok
2: 3S+2Lo+2T:  ok, a little forward on landings
3: FCSp4:  fly invert, coe doughnut
4: 3F:  poor landing but holds on, -1
5: LSp4:  side foot to head Biellmann
6: SpSt3: catch foot to Biellmann coe, back catch foot.\,  unsupported forwards
7: 3F+2T:  2F2T, Shizuka wins
8: 3Lo:  fall, -3, Shizuka wins
9: 3T:  3T2T, ok
10 CoSp3: dd .. Biellmann upright coe
11: 2A:  ok,  
11: SlSt2:  good speed, with the music, +2
13: CCoSp4:  camel sit layback foot to head Biellmann cof camel doughnut.

Skating skills very good.  Transition good.  Expression good in most of the program.  A pleasant enough program but didn't grab me like a gold medal program should.
PCs in the mid to high 7s.

Someone forgot to send Shizuka the memo that she was supposed to lose.  She came here and skated to win and she did.  Nerves of iron.

Partial Final Results:

  1. Shizuka Arakawa

  2. Sasha Cohen

  3. Irinia Slutskaya

  4. Joannie Rochette

  5. Emily Hughes

  6. Sara Meiers

  7. Carolina Kostner

  8. Elene Gedevanishvili

  9. Yan Liu

  10. Mira Leung

  11. Susana Poykio

  12. Elena Soklova

  13. Miki Ando

  14. Kiira Korpi

  15. Elena Liashenko

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