2006 Winter Olympic Games

Senior Men

all photos Copyright 2006 by George S. Rossano

Place Skater NOC SP FS
1 Evgeni Plushenko RUS 1 1
2 Stephane Lambiel SUI 3 4
3 Jeffrey Buttle CAN 6 2
4 Evan Lysacek USA 10 3
5 Johnny Weir USA 2 6
6 Brian Joubert FRA 4 7
7 Matthew Savoie USA 8 5
8 Daisuke Takahashi JPN 5 9
9 Kevin van der Perrin BEL 13 8
10 Min Zhang CHN 11 11
11 Ilia Klimkin RUS 18 10
12 Shawn Sawyer CAN 12 12
13 Emanuel Sandhu CAN 7 14
14 Cheorghe Chiper ROM 9 17
15 Sergei Davydov BLR 14 16
16 Chengjiang Li CHN 21 13
17 Ivan Dinev BUL 15 18
18 Tomas Verner CZE 22 15

Frederic Dambier

FRA 19 19
20 Anton Kovalevski UKR 16 21
21 Stefan Lindermann GER 20 20
22 Viktor Pfeifer AUT 17 23
23 Kristoffer Berntsson SWE 23 22
24 Zoltan Toth HUN 24 23
25 Karel Zelenka ITA 25 -
26 Trifun Zivanovic SCG 26 -
27 Jamal Othman SUI 27 -
28 Vakhtang Murvanidze GEO 28 -
29 Gregor Urbas SLO 29 -
30 Jong In Han PRK 30 -


Short Program

Starting Order - Short Program
  1. Daisuke Takahashi

  2. Evgeni Plushenko

  3. Shawn Sawyer

  4. Chengjiang Li

  5. Jeffrey Buttle

  6. Ivan Dinev

  7. Kristoffer Berntsson

  8. Gheorghe Chiper

  9. Frederic Dambier

  10. Viktor Pfeifer

  11. Stephane Lambiel

  12. Trifun Zivanovic

  13. Johnny Weir

  14. Min Zhang

  15. Sergei Davydov

  16. Tomas Verner

  17. Jamal Othman

  18. Kevin van der Perrin

  19. Stefan Lindermann

  20. Vakhtang Murvanidze

  21. Anton Kovalevski

  22. Matthew Savoie

  23. Brian Joubert

  24. Jong In Han

  25. Karel Zelenka

  26. Evan Lysacek

  27. Ilia Klimkin

  28. Gregor Urbas

  29. Zoltan Toth

  30. Emanuel Sandhu


Short Program Placements
Place Skater
1 Evgeni Plushenko
2 Johnny Weir
3 Stephane Lambiel
4 Brian Joubert
5 Daisuke Takahashi
6 Jeffrey Buttle
7 Emanuel Sandhu
8 Matthew Savoie
9 Cheorghe Chiper
10 Evan Lysacek
11 Min Zhang
12 Shawn Sawyer
13 Kevin van der Perrin
14 Sergei Davydov
15 Ivan Dinev
16 Anton Kovalevski
17 Viktor Pfeifer
18 Ilia Klimkin

Frederic Dambier

20 Stefan Lindermann
21 Chengjiang Li
22 Tomas Verner
23 Kristoffer Berntsson
24 Zoltan Toth
25 Karel Zelenka
26 Trifun Zivanovic
27 Jamal Othman
28 Vakhtang Murvanidze
29 Gregor Urbas
30 Jong In Han

Evgeni Plushenko

Johhny Weir

Stephane Lambiel


Warmup 1

Daisuke Takahashi

Tango de Roxane

3F3T:  ok, a little glitch on the checkout
3A:  step out, -2
Change Sit Spin:  bk entry cof cannonball side
3Lz:  nice +
Circular Steps:  ok, decent speed
CCoSp:  camel invert sit layback cof ...., nice
Straight Line Steps:  decent speed, dynamic
Flying Sit Spin:  dd side sit

Skating skills good, Transition good and lots of them. Good interpretation and performance.
PCs around 7.

Evgeni Plushenko


4T3T:  a little rach on the 4T, overall nice, +
3A:  nice +
3Lz:  nice +
Flying Camel Spin:  coe doughnut

 minor stumble here

Circular Steps:  fair speed, clean
Change Sit Spin:  back entry coe cof coe
Straight Line Steps:  dramatic, a little wild, lots of body movements
CCoSp:  back camel sit coe up cof sit coe

Skating skills very good.  Transitions good, some wholes..  Interpretation - typical Tosca.  Performance  very good.
PCs in the low 8s.  Personal bet.  He is currently first (DUH).

Shawn Sawyer


3F3T:  nice, +
3A:  two footed, -2
Change Camel Spin:  coe? cof invert
3Lo:  ok
Straight Line Steps:  ok, fair speed
Flying Sit Spin:  dd side sit 
Circular Steps:  nice us eof music
CCoSp:  invert sit cof camel sit side near vertical split

Skating skills above average.  Transitions above average.  Decent tango expression.  Above average performance.  Fair speed, needs more power.
PCs in the mid 6s.

Chengjiang Li


4T3T:  big fall on 4T, no 3T, -3
3A:  high, step out, no control on landing, -3
Flying Camel Spin:  invert coe
Straight Line Steps:  fair speed, interpretation of music -1
3Lo:  ok
CCoSp:  camel coe sit side sit cof coe forwrad
Circular Steps:  slower that SL, but better use of music
Change Sit Spin:  back entry side sit cof side sit broken leg

Skating skills above average.  Transitions average.  Performance average to above average, interpretation has moments but is not sustained through entire program, and is just wrong in parts.
PCs around 6. 

Jeffrey Buttle

Sing, Sing, Sing

3F3T:  well done +2
3A:  fall -3, a little under rotated but he gets credit for a 3A
Flying Sit Spin:  DD coe lot
Circular Steps:  decent speed, clean
Change Sit Spin:  back entry sit side cof cannonball sit
3Lz:  hand down and forward, -2
Straight Line Steps:  middling speed, with the music
CCoSp:  camel invert coe? cannonball butt ..., lots of features, well done +

Skating skills good.  Short on speed and power. Transitions good.  Performance clean and well done.  Interpretation good.
PCs in the mid 7s.  He is third currently 1/2 point behind Daisuke Takahashi, who is second.  Either a bad sign for Buttle or a good sign for Takahashi.

Ivan Dinev


3Lz3T:  landed on the toe, then just 2T, OK
3A:  a little wild in air, but gets it.
Flying Sit Spin:  DD
Circular Steps:  super slow at start, picks up a little, but still not with music
3F:  light toe of free leg on landing?
CCoSp:  camel sit coe  cof sit coe
Straight Line Steps:  again slow and not in time to music
Change Sit Spin:  back entry coe cof coe, same positions as from CCoSp

Skating skills average to above average.  Transitions average.  Performance average.  Interpretation of music above average, but he can't keep up with the rhythm of the music.  The levels 3 and 4 he received on the elements will help a little.
PCs in the high 5s.  He is here with Angela.   Personal best

Warmup 2

Kristoffer Berntsson

Mercunde & La Vida es un Carneval

3A:  decent, +
3Lz3T:  break on landing of 3Lz, 2T afterwards, squeeker, -1
Flying Sit Spin:  dd side sit coe
Circular Steps:  slow background music here
3F:  reach but no touch, -1
Change Sit Spin:  side sit cof cannonball coe
Straight Line Steps:  a little faster now, better use of music too
CCoSp:  camel coe cannonball layback cof sit sode sit up.  Last position sloppy

Average skating skills.  Transitions, nothing special, average.  Performance average.  Interpretation slightly better than background music
PCs in the mid 5s

Cheorghe Chiper

Groove Collection

3A:  ok
3F3T:  3F big, 3T step out, -1
Change Sit Spin:  cannonball ... (lost it)
Circular Steps:  slow with the music, decent use of music here
3Lz:  ok
CCoSp:  camel cannonball side-up cof side sit
Straight Line Steps:  decent speed, good use of music here too
Flying Sit Spin:  dd side sit a-up

Skating skills above average.  Transitions above average.  Performance cleanly done.  Interpretation above average, good in the step sequences, overall above average.   Fair speed and power.
PCs around 6. 

Frederic Dambier

Carmina Burana

3F3T:  3F2T sloppy, -1
3A:  all the way around and then fall, -3 (maybe even a little over rotated)
CCoSp:  camel sit coe cof camel sit up coe
Straight Line Steps:  slow, ok use of the music here
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe
3Lz:  ok, small
Circular Steps:  ok use of music, a little too slow for music
Change Sit Spin:  a-up cof a-up

Skating skill average.  Transitions average, with many wholes in the program.  Interpretation above average.  A decent dramatic flair.  Music has vocals.  No attempt made to hide them or process them out.  Should be a music deduction, but probably won't (they never do on Carmina Burana).
PCs in the low 6s.
No music deduction taken. (Why does that not surprise me!)

Viktor Pfeifer

Cronologie Part 2 & Zoolook

3F3T:  arm over head, both nice jumps,+2
3Lz:  high and clean +2
CCoSp:  camel Gerschweiler (sp?) sit layback cof sit cannonball layback, slowing down as it went along, a struggle at the end, -1
Circular Steps:  decent speed, pattern narrow and small
2A:  ok +
Change Sit Spin:  back entry cannonball, coe cof coe?
Straight Line Steps:  slow, and too slow for music
Flying Sit Spin:  fly sit cannonball coe

Skating skills average.  Transitions average at best.  Interpretation average, could not keep up with tempo of music.  Decent performance, mostly clean.
PCs in the mid 5s.

Stephane Lambiel


Lots of opening posing

3A:  2A instead, ok +
4T3T:  ok, a little glitch on the landing of the 3T
Change Sit Spin:  sit coe side sit cof cannonball
3Lz:  ok, a little down in the knee on landing
Circular Steps:  fair speed, mainly with the music directly into DD
Flying Sit Spin:  DD coe ...
Straight Line Steps:  fair speed, a tad slow, mainly with the music
CCoSp:  camel sit side sit coe cof side sit up 

Skating Skills good to very good, lacked power.  Transitions good.  Interpretation good to very good.  Performance on the subdued side.
PCs in the mid 7s.  He moves into second place.

Trifun Zivanovic

Dances with Wolves & The Postman

3F3T:  3F high, then 2T, +
3A:  two foot, and squat landing
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe, mediocre
Circular Steps:  slow, but with the music, not getting everything out of this element he could
3Lz:  ok
Change Sit Spin:  sit coe cof sort of broken leg
Straight Line Steps:  fair speed, kind of into background music mode here.
CCoSp:  back camel sit coe up cof sit sort of broken leg up coe

Skating skills average.  Transitions fair.  Performance average, but interpretation weak.  Background music last 1/2 of program.  Basic Choreography.  Most elements 2s
PCs in the high 4s


Warmup 3

Johnny Weir

The Swan

3A:  Nice +
3Lz3T:  clean and secure +
Flying Sit Spin:  dd cannonball  coe lot
Circular Steps:  good use of music
3F: tight landing edge
Change Sit Spin:  sit cannonball cof cannonball  coe lot
Straight Line Steps:  more intricate than the circular, fair speed
CCoSp:  camel coe sit cannonball cof coe half B forward

Skating skills good.  Transitions good.  Interpretation very good.  Performance clean and controlled.  A nice response from audience
PCs in the high 7s.  Personal best.  He currently second, 10 points behind

Min Zhang

Swing medley

4T3T:  3T close to the wall with tight landing edge. Nice 4T
2A:  ok +
Flying Sit Spin:  dd (weak) coe side sit 
3Lz:  ok +
Change Sit Spin:  sit coe side sit cof soe
Circular Steps:  Finally using the music here, before nothing to speak of.  small circle at one end of rink
Straight Line Steps:  diagonal directly from circular.  good use of music here too
CCoSp:  camel coe sit layback cof sit coe side sit up.

Skating skills above average.  Transitions, not nearly enough, average or worse.  Performance to background music except for the two step sequences.  Interpretation fair.
PCs 6 to low 6s.  Too high! 

Sergei Davydov


3A:  decent +
3Lz3T:  poor takeoff, recovered the second  jump, -1
3F:  stepout and then two hands down,  -3
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe 

putting me to sleep here

Circular Steps:  slow and expressive of sleepy music
Change Sit Spin:  camel sit coe up cof sit layback (poor)
CCoSp:  sit coe cof sit coe
Straight Line Steps:  more intricate than the circulr.  Still in slow motion

Skating skills above average.  the change sit and combination spin totally repetitive.  Interpretation good - he put me to sleep just like the music did.  Choreography uninspired.
PCs in the high 5s

Tomas Verner


3A:  wild, hand down on landing, -2
3F3T:  clean, just ok 
Flying Sit Spin:  fly sit, bit cof, +2
Circular Steps: fair speed, expression of music not really bluesy 
3Lz: 1Lz
Change Sit Spin:  sit coe cof cannonball coe
Straight Line Steps:  more lively, better fit to this section of the music
CCoSp:  back entry camel sit coe cof camel scrunch up coe

Skating skills average to above average.  Transitions average to above average, basic.  Lacked speed and power,  Interpretation limited to a few part so the program.  Background music elsewhere.
PCs in the high 5s to 6.

Jamal Othman

My Affectionate and Tender Beast

3F:  hand down, tight landing edge
3Lz3T:  cheated 3T, scored 2T
Flying Sit Spin:  dd a-up almost directly into
Change Sit Spin:  back sit coe a-up cof side sit
Straight Line Steps:  sluggish, not quite with music
2A:  ok
Circular Steps:  fair speed, better use of music here, better timing +
CCoSp:  camel coe? sit side sit up cof camel catch leg up coe

Skating skill average.  Transitions above average, but basic.  Interpretation above average for parts, but inconsistent.  Choreography basic.  Levels are also holding him back (1-1, 2-2s, 2-3s) 
PCs in mid 5s

Kevin van der Perrin


3A:  nice, +
4T3T:  3Lz3T, +
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe side sit, SLOW
Circular Steps:  lively, with the music, good use of this element, +
3Lz: fall
Change Sit Spin:  sit cannonball cof coe
Straight Line Steps:  starts a little short, also lively and good use of this element in Choreography
CCoSp:  back entry sit up cof sit side layback

Skating skills good.  Transitions good.  Interpretation lively and captures the music.  Decent presentation.  Main problems in the elements tonight.  Levels all 1s and 2s, which is not competitive.
PCs in the mid to high 6s.

Warmup 4

Stefan Lindermann

Robot City

3F3T:  both high and clean +2
3A:  popped to 1A
CCoSp:  camel coe sit cannonball forward cof sit coe side sit up
Circular Steps:  quick, and with the music, +
3Lz:  near fall and stepout then two hands down, almost into boards, should be a deduction
Change Sit Spin:  back entry sit side sit cof cannonball
Straight Line Steps:  decent speed, decent use of music, covers full ice
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe side sit

Skating skills good.  Transitions good.  Nice lively performance that captures the tempo and rhythm of the music.  Performance tonight limited by errors in jumps and two level 2 step sequences.
PCs mid 6s

Vakhtang Murvanidze

Armenian medley

3A:  wild takeoff and fall, -3
3T3T:  3T steps in between then 2T, -2
3Lz: little break on landing
Flying Camel Spin:   std fly then catch foot
Straight Line Steps:  quick and lively with the music
Change Camel Spin:  camel  cof camel coe
CCoSp:  camel catch foot sit cof camel coe catch foot up up
Circular Steps:  circle a little small, good speed, fair use of music

Skating skills good, which is about all he has left.  Transitions average.  Interpretation above average.  His typical lackluster performance.  He performs like someone who is here because it is his job, and no more.  Jumps are gone.  Levels are 1s and 2s except for the circular steps element which is a 3.
PCs in the low 5s.

Anton Kovalevski


3A:  ok? light two foot?, -2
3F3T:  ok
Flying Sit Spin:  fly (weak) sit a-up
3Lz: ok, little break on landing

so far just background music

Circular Steps:  fair speed, a little better use of the music
Change Sit Spin:  spaced out an missed it
Straight Line Steps:  fair speed, fair use of music
CCoSp:  camel sit coe forward cof sit cannonball layback

Skating skills above average.  Transitions basic and aver quality.  Interpretation non-existent until the jumps were over, then started to get into it.  Decent use the the two steps sequences and spins in the choreography.
PCs in the high 5s.

Matthew Savoie

Serenade for Strings

Flying Sit Spin:  back  fly entry cannonball coe side sit
3A:  ok, +
3F3T:  both nicely done +
Circular Steps:  slow, but good use of music
3Lz: major step out then trips up trying to recover his balance
Change Sit Spin:  cannonball coe side cof cannonball lot
Straight Line Steps:  middling speed, decent use of music
CCoSp:  camel coe sit side sit cof cannonball forward

Skating skills good.  Transitions good.  Interpretation good.  Nicely performed,  Captures the mood of the music well.  Could use a greater sense of power.
PCs in the high 6s.  Too low for presentation.

Brian Joubert

Die Another Day

4T3T:  Hand down on the 4T then 2T, -2
3A:  ok
Flying Sit Spin:  dd cannonball
3F:  ok
Circular Steps:  fair speed with the music
CCoSp:  back camel sit coe cannonball forward cof sit coe lut?
Straight Line Steps:  fairs speed, good use of music, helping the presentation here
Change Sit Spin:  back sit cannonball cof coe side- broken leg.

Skating skills good.  Transition good.  Interpretation above average.  Clean but uninspiring performance.  The elements where his strength tonight.
PCs in the mid 7s.  He is currently in fourth place.

Jong In Han

Red Chol Peak

3A:  ok
CCoSp:  ... cof sit cannonball layback
3Lz: 1Lz, -s
Change Sit Spin:  back entry sit coe cof cannonball 
Circular Steps:  middling speed.  Can't keep up with tempo of music (music is pretty lame)
Straight Line Steps:  fair speed, more with music now
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe slow

Skating skills poor.  Transitions fair.  Interpretation nearly non-existent.  Choreography lame.  Music even worse.  Skating to disco-elevator background music.  How did he land a 3A???

At this point standings remain Plushenko, Weir, Lambiel, then Joubert.  Savoie currently in seventh.


Warmup 5

Karel Zelenka

 Romeo and Juliet & Art of War

3A:  big fall in a heap, -3, scores as 2A
3F3T:  3F nice.  3T a little on to, close to wall
3Lz:  weight a little back, ok
Circular Steps:  decent speed, fair use of music, very large circle
Flying Sit Spin:  dd side sit
Straight Line Steps:  diagonal fair speed, with the music
Change Sit Spin:  sit cannonball cof coe side sit
CCoSp:  camel cannonball side cof sit coe side sit

Skating skills average.  Transitions above average, middling difficulty.  Interpretation above average to good.  Captures the drama of the music tolerably well.
PCs in the low 5s.

Evan Lysacek

Espana Cani

3A:  fall, -3
3Lz3T:  both high and clean, +2
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe tuck
Circular Steps:  decent speed, not with tempo of music though.
3F:  2F, +, but a DOUBLE!
Change Sit Spin:  cannonball coe cof cannonball tuck
Straight Line Steps:  good, with the music, decent speed, too late now though
CCoSp:  camel coe cannonball cof camel sit cannonball coe 

Skating skills good.  Transitions above average.  Interpretation and Choreography good.  Performance wrecked in the first half.  He chokes.  Levels in spins and steps hold him up a little.  He has to be dead meat.
PCs around 7.  He is in ninth place.  Dead meat indeed, with just 67.55 points 

Ilia Klimkin

1001 Night

3A:  ok, not much flow out
4T3T:  3T, ok, major error
3F:  3F2T, he tries to recover a few points
Flying Camel Spin:  fly camel coe
Circular Steps:  slow, with the music, good feeling of music
Change Sit Spin:  bk sit coe cof sit
Serpentine Steps:  fair speed covering a lot of ice, not getting much mileage out of it in presentation though, just level 1.
CCoSp:  camel coe sit forward up cof camel sit up , a minor loss of balance on the exit

Skating skills above average.  Transitions plentiful, but basic.  Interpretation above average.  Performance clean but uninspiring.  Barely kept me awake.
PCs in the low 6s.

Gregor Urbas

Rhapsody n a Theme of Paganini

3Lz3T:  2Lz2T,  two footed the Lutz?
3A:  two footed, -2
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe
3Lo:  tight landing edge
Change Sit Spin:  sit coe cof 
Circular Steps:  fairs speed, basic, working the arms for features, but to no avail, 
Straight Line Steps:  decent speed, better than the circular
CCoSp:  camel coe sit layback sit coe up

Skating skills fair.  Transitions fair, mostly from the waist up.  Interpretation above average.  Choreography ordinary.  performance average.
PCs in the low 5s

Zoltan Toth

Kill Bill

3F3T:  both ok +, fair height
3Lz:  ok, fair height +
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe
Circular Steps:  one minor loss of balance, weak use of music
2A:  tight landing edge, break on landing
Straight Line Steps:  blah, nothing of use here
Change Sit Spin:  back sit cannonball coe cof coe
CCoSp:  camel poor sir layback cof sit coe up SLOW and sloppy

Skating skills fair.  Transition average, basic.  Nothing Choreography.  A disconnected hodgepodge of elements with no continuity or connection.  Performance and Interpretation boring.
PCs around 5. 

Emanuel Sandhu


4T3T:  both well done, +2
3A:  1A, he is in big trouble now
Flying Sit Spin:  Arabian sit coe side sit
3Lz: both hands down, step out, should be a deduction, but won't
Circular Steps:  good speed, with the music, but only level 1
Change Camel Spin:  camel (almost inverted) cof camel coe
Straight Line Steps:  good use of music.  Really with the mood of it.
CCoSp:  camel sit butt cof camel sit side sit forward up, sloppy -

Skating skills good.  Transitions good.  A well choreographed program but he messed it up.  Intep good.  Performance marks ought to be down.  Let's see if he has enough elsewhere to keep him in the running.
PCs mid 7s.  He ends up in seventh place, 20 points behind the leader and about 9 points behind for a medal.  He is close to dead meat.


Free Skate

Starting Order - Free Skating
  1. Tomas Verner

  2. Stefan Lindermann

  3. Chengjiang Li

  4. Kristoffer Berntsson

  5. Zoltan Toth

  6. Frederic Dambier

  7. Ilia Klimkin

  8. Viktor Pfeifer

  9. Sergei Davydov

  10. Kevin van der Perrin

  11. Anton Kovalevski

  12. Ivan Dinev

  13. Evan Lysacek

  14. Matthew Savoie

  15. Cheorghe Chiper

  16. Emanuel Sandhu

  17. Min Zhang

  18. Shawn Sawyer

  19. Evgeni Plushenko

  20. Stephane Lambiel

  21. Johnny Weir

  22. Jeffrey Buttle

  23. Brian Joubert

  24. Daisuke Takahashi



Free Skating Placements
Place Skater
1 Evgeni Plushenko
2 Jeffrey Buttle
3 Evan Lysacek
4 Stephane Lambiel
5 Matthew Savoie
6 Johhny Weir
7 Brian Joubert
8 Kevin van der Perrin
9 Daisuke Takahashi
10 Ilia Klimkin
11 Min Zhang
12 Shawn Sawyer
13 Chengjiang Li
14 Emanuel Sandhu
15 Tomas Verner
16 Sergei Davydov
17 Cheorghe Chiper
18 Ivan Dinev

Frederic Dambier

20 Stefan Lindermann
21 Anton Kovalevski
22 Kristoffer Berntsson
23 Viktor Pfeifer
24 Zoltan Toth

Evgeni Plushenko

Stephane Lambiel

Jeffery Buttle

5 Minutes to go.  So far a very light crowd.  Guys in the first two warmups are only competing for their personal best.

Warmup is on the ice.  About half full.

Warmup 1

Tomas Verner

Lessiem & Funoamentum

3A3T:  1A no effort on takeoff
4T:  2 hands down hard, -2
3Lz2T2Lo:  3Lz 3T
3S:  ok, maybe -
3Lz:  ok, +
Flying Sit Spin:  fly xit cannonball coe

posing here in front of the judges

3A:  ok +
3Lo:  ok +
CoSp:  sit up - pretty lame elelemnt
Circular Steps:  a little to do with the music with the arms, slow
Change Sit Spin:  bk sit cof sit cannonball
Straight Line Steps:  fairs speed with the music
3F:  3F2T
FCCoSp:  fly camale sir cof camel sit up sit

Skating skills average, Transitions above average start, then kind of lost it in last 1/3.  Inerp average.  Some ok expresson with positions and arms in first half, then it's just elements.
PCs in the mid 5s

Stefan Lindermann

The Big Bounce

4T:  big fall, -3
3A3T:  3A, ok
CSSp:  bk sit side sit cof sit cannonball, ok

doing nothing with music so far

Circular Steps: fair speed, still not much use of the music
3F3T:  3F reach for the ice, -1
CCoSp:  Camel coe sit cannonball forward cof coe side sit
3Lz:  on the toe, tight landing edge, -1
3F:  2F3T, step out of the 3T, -2
Flying Camel Spin:  fly camel invert


3S2T2Lo:  hand on the 3S
2A:  2A2T, weak, -1
Straight Line Steps:  finally a little expression!
FSSp: dd coe, lame element 

Skating skills average.  Transitions, nothing to speak of for most of the elements, Jumps just back and forth.  Interpretation, next to noting.  BORING program.
PCs in the low 6s

Chengjiang Li

No Way Out

4T3T:  Pretty good, a little scratch on the second landing, +1
4S:  cheated, stepout -3
3Lz:  ok, +1
FCCoSp:  dd wild, side sit, -1
Circular Steps:  slow, lots of gesturing, not enough skating
Sit Spin:  side sit broken leg, ok
3A3T2T:  almost had 3A, but fall, -3
3Lo:  3Lo2T, decent, +1
3A:  3A2T kind of started to sit down on the 3A
3S2T:  3S, two foot and step out-3
CCoSp:  camel coe sit broken leg cof sir side sit forward
Straight Line Steps:  fairt speed, ok with music
CCoSp:  flying camel sit broken side sit, sloppy exit,on attempt to change foot

Skating skills, above average.  Sloppy skating today.  Transitions weak for first half, got better. Interpretation fair.  Not really expressing much of the music.  Mosty just tricks tonight.
PCs in the mid to high 5s.  TWO individual riple Salshows!

Kristoffer Berntsson

Bombay Dreama & Between Heaven and Earth

3A2T:  3A (only) ok
3F3T:  sit down on 3F then turn out, -3
3Lz2T2Lo:  3Lz,two footed,  fall -3
Flying Sit Spin:  dd side sit coe cof cannonball coe
Circular Steps:  fair speed, some expression of music
CCoSp:  camel sit coe up cof sit forward up coe

emoting in here

3A:  1A2T, ok
3F:  near fall, near touch, sits down
3Lo:  2Lo, missed it too, -2
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe - wasted element
3S:  2S
Straight Line Steps:  slow mediocre attempt to use the music
2A:  3T

camel coe sit cannonball layback cof sit side sit up

Skating skills average.  Transitions average amount, poor quality, basic.  Interpretation fair at best. Uninteresting program. A sloppy performance
PCs in the mid 5s

Zoltan Toth

Beethoven Medley

3F3T:  reach on landing 3F, then 2T, -2
3Lo:  two foot fall, -3
3Lz3T:  reach on 3Lz, then 2T
Flying Sit Spin:  fly sit cannonball, coe

posing in here

2T2Lo:  skipped
CUsp:  back entry up coe
3Lz:  3Lz on the toe, then 2T, cheat and fall, -3
2A:  skipped
Circular Steps:  slow, fair use of music
3F:  skipped
2A:  ok
3S2T2Lo:  3S ok, left the rest off.
Change Sit Spin:  back entry coe cof coe
CCoSp:  camel sit cannonball up coe cof sot lot sit coe
Straight Line Steps: decent speed, fair use of music, still lack power

Skating skills average.  Transitions insufficient in number, basic.  Interpretation, mediocre expression, lacks power to express the music (Beethoven symphonies).  Left two jump elements out
PCs around 5

Frederic Dambier

Romeo & Juliet (Prokofiev)

4S:  2 hands down and fall, -3
3F3T:  both on the toe, no flow out, -1
3A:  had it, then stepped out, -2
CCoSp:  camel sit coe cof camel sit up coe

posing in here

3A2T2T:  3A ok, then 2T, step out, -2
3S:  ok, +
Change Sit Spin:   a-up cof a-up
3Lz:  2Lz, ok
3Lo:  1Lo, a mess, -2
3T:  3Lz, step out -2
Flying Sit Spin:  dd a mess, coe
Straight Line Steps:  slow, expresses the music not.
Circular Steps:  fair speed, a lot more with the music now,  looking tired though
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe

Skating Skill above average.  Transitions above average in places, holes in the middle.  Interpretation, above average in the first third and near the end, but the middle section, nothing.
PCs in the low 6s.

Warmup 2

Ilia Klimkin


3A3T:  3A2T awkward looking
4T3T:  4T only, nice +1
3F2T:  3F only, a little wild, -1
Flying Camel Spin:  fly camel coe 
4T:  3F2T, sloppy
3Lo:  ok, +

posing here

Change Camel Spin:  camel coe cod coe
CoSp:  camel coe sit forward up
Circular Steps:  circle a little small, decent skating, fair use of music
3S:  3S3T, nice +1
3Lz:  2A, ok +1

cantilever, falls, -1 deduction (should be)

Serpentine Steps:  slow, wasted opportunity for Interpretation
2A:  skipped
CCoSp:  baclk camel coe sit forward up cof camel coe sit up

Skating skill above average to good.  Transitions, lots of them, decent quality.  Interpretation, good for first half, then kind of lost me, started to get bored the last third.  Skipped one element.
PC in the mid 6s

Viktor Pfeifer

Fellini medley

3F3T2T:  3F falls of edge, -3
3Lz:  3Lz2T, poor landing edge on 3Lz
Flying Sit Spin:  nice fly on entry sit, +1
3F:  ok. scored 3F + Combo
CCoSp:  camel Gersh, sit cannonball up cof cannonball coe layback - sort of
3S3T:  3S2T, 2 hands down hard on 3S, -2
3Lo:  on toe, little check
2A:  ok
Change Upright Spin:  bk entry, sort of layback again, all twisted up, ugly position
2A:  3T, ok
Circular Steps:  at the end of the rink, slow, not keeping up with tempo of music
Straight Line Steps:  same with this one
2A:  2A2t, ok, not scored since this is counted as a fourth combination
Camel Spin:  camel Gerch falls out trying to change positions.

Skating skills above average.  Transitions average in quantity and quality.  Skating to background music, a variety of tempos and styles and all the skating looked the same.  He couldn't keep up with the quick sections.  His deformed layback positions is really ugly, just a gimmick looking for DV points.
PCs in the high 5s.

Sergei Davydov

Pirates of the Caribbean

3A3T2T:  3A3T, tight landing edge, barely holds on, -1
3Lz3T added here, ok
3Lo: ok
Circular Steps:  blah
4T:  skipped
3F2T:  3F, step out, -2
Flying Camel Spin:  fly camel catch foot

emoting in here

3Lz3T:  2Lz2T, ok
3S:  ok, +1
2A:  ok, +1
CCoSp:  sit coe up cof sit layback coe
Straight Line Steps:  late on entry to element, can't keep up with tempo
2A:  ok, height mediocre
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe
Change Sit Spin:  back sit coe cof sit coe

Skating skills above average.  Transitions above average to good.  Present with the rhythm of the music decent for most of it, losing it a little last 1/3.  Getting tired the last 1/3. Levels only 2s and 3s.
PCs around 6. 

Kevin van der Perrin

Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo ho ho, a pirates life for me, one more time.

4T:  two footed, -2
3A3T:  3A, ok, +1
3Lz:  nice, +2
3F added, ok, +
Circular Steps:  bad music transition in midst of element, early?, only now starting to use the music.
3S3T3Lo:  a little reach on 3S, 3T ok, no flow, 2Lo a struggle
3F2T:  skipped
3Lz: 3Lz3T, ok  
Flying Camel Spin:  fly camel sit, blah element
Sit Spin:  sit lot, another blah element
2A:  nice, +1
CCoSp:  camel sit cof camel sit
Straight Line Steps:  decent speed, with the music for once, slowing down
2A:  skipped
3F:  skipped
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe side sit (lame)

Skating skills above average.  Transitions above average, basic, ok quality.  Movements better match music than Davydov, but he is not with the rhythm of the music as well.  Jump look powerful.  He doesn't try very hard in the spins.  as usual, his program looks nothing like the submitted elements! Levels 1-3s
PCs in the high 6s

Anton Kovalevski


3F3T:  both decent, +
3A:  step put and fall
3Lz2T:  3Lz, a little squat on the landing
3Lo:  bad landing edge and turn out, -2
Circular Steps:  fall in steps, blah sequence anyway
Flying Sit Spin:  fly sit a-up
3Lz:  step out and hand down, -3, scored 3Lz + Combo
3S:  ok, +
3F:  2A from spread eagle, step out
CCoSp:  sit side sit cof cannonball lut
Straight Line Steps:  fall near end!
3T:  ok, +
CCoSp:  camel sit coe forward cof cannonball layback
Upright Spin:  Twisty side position, then up, sloppy exit, scored a sit spin

Skating skills average.  Transitions average.  Performance a mess - fals in steps, sloppy. Tired at end.  Some levels as low as 1, also two 4s.
PCs in the high 5s

Ivan Dinev


3F3T2Lo:  Sloppy, -1
3A:  wild, tilted in air, step out, -2
3Lz:  tight landing edge, -1
2A:  ok
CCoSp: camel sit coe up cof sit coe up
3A2T:  3A+combo, -2
Flying Sit Spin:  dd
Circular Steps:  small circle, fair speed, with the music
3Lo:  hand down, -1
3S:  3T, ok
3F:  2A, ok
sit coe up ???
Straight Line Steps:  sluggish, not keeping up with music
camel sit up coe

finished early

Skating skills above average.  Transitions above average.  Performance  a total mess.  Nothing like the submitted content.  He is here just to be here.
PCs in the around 6.


Third warmup is on the ice.  The house is mostly full, but looks like a few hundred seats are open.  Not a sellout tonight.

Here are two great media rumors we have picked up.  First, a certain U.S. judge of some influence within the ISU has supposedly been politicking furiously to insure that Belbin & Agosto get on the podium.  The other has it that Cinquanta does not want a Russian sweep of the medals, and is politicking to insure B&G win the gold in Dance, since it is th dance where a Russian loss will look the most plausible.  These of course are, just rumors.

Warmup 3

Evan Lysacek


3Lz3T:  both nice, +2
3A2T:  3A only, ok +
3Lo:  ok, +
3S:  tight landing edge, but otherwise ok
Flying Sit Spin:  fly sit cannonball coe cannonball coe
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe lot

transitions and posing in here

3A:  3A2T, tight landing edge, -1
3F:  3F2T, with the 3F landed on toe
Circular Steps:  fair speed, fair use of music, no energy
3Lz:  nice +
2A:  nice +
FCoSp:  camel sit cannonball coe cof cannonball coe
Straight Line Steps:  fair speed, fair use of music, still kind of flat.
CCoSp:  camel coe cannonball cof camel cannonball coe

Skating skills good.  Transitions above average.  Present above average.  a little flat.  Mostly nice jumps and spins.  A decent skate considering the wind was taken out of his sails on Tuesday.
PCs in the mid 7s.  Personal best

Matthew Savoie

The Mission

3Lo:  ok
3A2T:  3A3T, both nice, +2
3F3T2Lo:  3F2T only, ok
Circular Steps:  nice use of music, nice expression here
3S:  ok
CoSp:  camel coe sit side-layback
Sit Spin:  cannonball coe side sit
3A:  ok, +1
Straight Line Steps:   nicely skated, with the music
Flying Sit Spin:  dd cannonball coe side sit
3Lz2Lo:  2Lz1T, near the wall, -1
3Lz:  2Lz!!!, from back lunge
CCoSp:  back camel cannonball side tuck forward
2A:  3T, ok

Spins repetitive.

Skating skill good.  Transitions good and better.  A beautifully skated performance.
PC in the low 7s. Personal best.

Cheorghe Chiper

Balkan Gypsy Medley

3A3T:  3A two foot ... 2T, scored as sequence
3A:  cheated, step out, -2
3Lz2T:  a little reach on the 3Lz
Change Upright Spin:  layback, up, lost speed, -1
3F2T2Lo:  2F2T, poor, -2
Circular Steps:  fair speed, fair use of music, but no emotion
3S:  ok
CCoSp:  camel cannonball side sit cof side sit up
3Lo:  nice +1
3Lz:  two foot stab, -1
2A:  tight landing edge, -1
CoSp:  camel side sit up, travels, sloppy, -2, level 1!
Straight Line Steps:  diagonal, he is too tired to keep up
Flying Sit Spin:  dd side sit a-up

Skating skills above average.  Transitions basic and uninteresting.  Performance above average, but unemotional for such strongly ethnic music.  Lacked an adequate sense of power.
PCs in the ??? not paying attention!

Emanuel Sandhu

Original Composition

4T3T:  two foot and fall on 4T, -3
3A:  two foot and fall, -3
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe side sit, ok
3Lz:  1Lz!!!, he chokes again
4S:  3S, ok
3A3T:  1A!!!
3Lo:  ok
3S:  2A3T
Change Upright Spin:  up forward butt up
3F:  3F2T step out of 2T, -2
Circular Steps:  blah, he has given up
Camel Spin:  Gershweiler
Straight Line Steps:  short pattern
3A:  skipped
CCoSp:  camel coe sit cannonball butt cof camel side sit forward

What' the point of describing this.  Nothing program.  Gave up on everything in between and the spins.  Boring. Looser!  Time to retire!
PCs in the high 6s to 7.  A gift!

Min Zhang


4T3T:  2 hands down hard, no 3T, -2
4S:  nice, +1
3F:  3F3T, both decent, +
Flying Sit Spin:  dd coe side sit
3Lo:  very tight landing edge, holds on, -1
3A3T:  skipped
3F3T2T:  3Lz tight landing edge
CCoSp:  camel sit layback cof sit up
Straight Line Steps:  slow, but accelerates, with the music, steps not clean
3Lz2T:  3F2T, ok
3S:  a little break
2A:  ok
Sit Spin:  sit coe
Circular Steps:  fair speed, with the music
Change Sit Spin:  ck sit coe side sit cof sit 

Skating skills, good.  Transitions good.  Nicely choreographed.  Performance a little sloppy.  He gets tired in the second half, like usual.
PCs in the low 6s.  Personal best

Shawn Sawyer

Warsaw Concerto

3F3T:  both decent +1
3A:   ok, bit pop out of the landing, -1
3Lz:  2Lz
Change Camel Spin:  sit , vertical split to side

nice spiral in here

2A:  ok
Circular Steps:  timing with the music.  Doesn't quite capture feel of music though.
3Lo3T Sequence:  poor landing edge on 3Lo
3S2T2Lo:  ok, modest height
Camel Spin:  camel to catch foot
3F:  ok
Flying Sit Spin:  dd side sit coe
Straight Line Steps:  decent use of music, fair speed.
2A:  ok
CCoSp:  bk camel inverted camel with bent free leg sit cof (hop) sit vertical split to side

Skating skills good.  Transitions very good.  Presentation, good use of the music and choreography.  He could use more power and more height on the jumps.
PCs in the high 6s.  A bit too low I think.

Currently Evan is first, Matt second and ven der Perrin third.  None of which will hold up.

Warmup 4

This warmup is on the ice, and the crowd goes wild.  There is lots of Russian fans here and Swiss too.  Not as many French for Joubert.  North Americans are few and far between.

Evgeni Plushenko

The Godfather

4T3T:  4T3T2Lo, mostly decent, +2
3A:  3A2T, strong +2
3Lo:  ok 
3A2T:  3A nice +1
3Lz:  good, +2
3Lz2T:  ok
CCoSp:  bk camel sit coe up cof sit coe up, good speed
Flying Sit Spin:  fly camel doughnut, slow
Circular Steps:  fast, well skated
3S:  2F, poor takeoff, -1
3F:  3S, ok
Straight Line Steps:  fast, well skated
Flying Camel Spin:  dd coe
CCoSp:  bk camel sit coe up cof sit coe up

The two CCoSp elements are basically the same!.

Skating Skills vergy good.  Transitions good when they were there.  Not many in the first half while doing the jump elements.  Interpretation, I got nothing "Godfather" out of this.  Performance was well done.
PCs all in the mid 8s, except transitions at 7.75.


Stephane Lambiel

The Four Seasons

3A:  2A, he's dead already
4T3T:  4T3T2Lo,, nicely done, +2
3Lo:  a little wild, tight landing edge, -2
2A:  ok
Circular Steps:  not quite with the tempo of the music, decently skated
CCoSp:  sit rev sit cof side butt

posing in here

4T:  hand down and steps out, -3
3F3T:  both ok
3Lz2T:  fall on the 3Lz (under rotated), no 2T
3S:  3S2Tok
FCoSp:  fly camel sit rev sit up, directly into next
Flying Sit Spin:  dd a-up side sit
Straight Line Steps: also, not with tempo of music 
CCoSp:  camel sit side sit coe ...

The door is open for Johhny.

Skating skills very good.  Transitions good.  Interpretation, I didn't get Four Seasons out of it, either.  Performance off, sloppy.  Choreography good, but not well done tonight.
PCs in the mid 7s.

Johnny Weir


3A3T:  both nice, +1
4T:  2A, ok, +1, no quad tonight
3S:  3S, ok
Sit Spin:  bk sit lot a-up
3A:  2A tight landing edge, then quick foot down, -1
Circular Steps:  kind of blah, skating too cautiously!
3Lo:  ok, a little forward
3Lz3T2T:  3Lz, on the toe a little forward, -1
3F2T:  3F
2A:  skipped
CoSp:  bk camel sit forward
Flying Sit Spin:  dd cannonball , lot a-up
Straight Line Steps:  nicely skated, with the music
CCoSp:  travel camel sit cannonball cof coe catch foot forward

Skating skills good to very good.  Transitions good to very good.  Performance well skated.  Skated very cautiously for 2/3 of it.  Only the last 1/3 really got into it a good Interpretation of the music.  A bit of a snooze overall.
PCs in the mid 7s.

He currently is in fourth.  He didn't skate to win, and he won't.   That's what happens when you skate not to lose.

Jeffrey Buttle

Samson and Delilah

3F3T:  both ok, +1
4T:  fall, -3
3A2T:  3A with hand down, then 2T, -1
CoSp:  camel sit side sit up

emoting in here

3A:  ok, landing a v.little off
3Lo:  2Lo!!!
Straight Line Steps:  pattern a little short, well skater, with the music
3Lz2T2Lo:  decent overall , +1
3S:  ok
Flying Sit Spin:  dd side sit coe lut
3Lz:  a little on toe and a litle forwa r
Sit Spin:  side sit lut 
Circular Steps:  well skated, good speed, with the music
CCoSp:  camel coe canonball side sit ...

Skating skills good to very good.  Transitions very good.  Interpretation good.  Not perfect, but still well presented.  A confident skate.
PCs in the high 7s to 8.

Currently Plushenko, Lambiel and Buttle with two to go.

Brian Joubert

Lord of the Dance

4T3T:  4T only
4T:  3T 2T seq, tangled feet, two foot, a mess, -3
3A:  3A2T, nice 3A, +1
3Lz:  nice, +
3Lo:  poor, -1
Sit Spin:  sit cannonball
Circular Steps:  Not up to speed with the music, fair expression
3A2T:  skipped

emoting in here

3S2T2T:  2A, fall, -3
3F:  3S, ok
3F2T added, ok
CCoSp:  camel sit coe cannonball cof sit coe
Flying Sit Spin:  dd
Straight Line Steps:  ahead of the music, still too slow for tempo of music, decently skated
Change Sit Spin:  bk sit coe cannonball cof coe side

Skating skills, good.  Transitions good, a lot of use of the body and posed, for beter or worse.  Interpretation good, but again depending on use of body and not skating.  Too many errors.  He is dead meat.
PCs in the low 7s.

Daisuke Takahashi

Daisuke opened the show (first to skate in the Short Program), and he closes the show.

Rachmananov Piano Concerto No. 2

3T:  fall, -3
3A3T:  3A, two footed, -2, no 3T
3Lz2T2Lo:  3Lz3T, ok
Flying Sit Spin:  dd canonball ..
Layback Spin:  nice, +1
3A:  3A good height, then added 2T, two footed tangled feet, -2
3Lo:  ok
3Lz:  ok, not scores due to repetitions rule
Circular Steps:  decent speed, as tumble, mainly with the music, kind of lost it towards the last 1/4
3F:  nice +1
3S:  nice +1
CoSp:  bk camel inverted, sit up
Straight Line Steps:  good expr of music here, a little ragged looking
CCoSp:  camel sit side sit cof cannonball up, positions too brief (have to hold for two for DVs)

Skating skills, good, transitions good second half,  a little sparse first half,  Interpretation good to very good,  Performance overall a little ragged,  though he started to pull it together for the last 1/3.
PCs in the low 7s.

Final Plushenko, Lambiel and Buttle.

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