Starting Order - Short Program

  1. Jayson Denommee
  2. Szabolcs Vidrai
  3. Takeshi Honda
  4. Evgeny Pliuta
  5. Evgeny Plushenko
  6. Jeffrey Langdon
  7. Daniel Hollander
  8. Markus Leminen
  9. Michael Hopfes
  10. Elvis Stojko
  11. Ivan Dinev


Short Program

Place Skater Country
1 Elvis Stojko CAN
2 Evgeny Plushenko RUS
3 Evgeny Pliuta UKR
4 Jeffrey Langdon CAN
5 Szabolcs Vidrai HUN
6 Ivan Dinev BUL
7 Jayson Denommee CAN
8 Michael Hopfes GER
9 Takeshi Honda JPN
10 Daniel Hollander USA
11 Markus Leminen FIN


Elvis Stojko cruised to an easy win in the short program after his only rival popped an attempt at quad toe loop, and despite a two-footed landing in a triple Axel - triple toe loop combination.  He did not attempt the quad toe loop, planned as the second element of his program, and performed a clean triple toe loop instead.   The remainder of the program was skated fast an clean and despite the error he was pleased at the end with a smile and a whispered "wow" at the end of the program.

In the first warmup group, Evgeny Plushenko also had a quad toe loop planned, but he popped it for a double.  The remainder of his program was also clean and strong including a successful triple Axel - triple toe loop combination.  Both Plushenko and Stojko received similar second marks, in the 5.6 to 5.8 range; with the difference between them coming in the second mark, with Stojko getting marks of 5.5 to 5.7 and Plushenko 4.8 to 5.4.

Evgeny Pliuta's short program was a cleanly skated Latin number with triple Axel, triple flip - double toe loop, and triple Lutz that earned him the third spot.  He edged out Jeffrey Langdon who skated a program with similar content, but had a weaker landing edge on the triple Axel and included a slightly less difficult triple loop for the solo jump out of footwork compared to Pliuta's triple Lutz.

Jayson Denommee skated a boring short program with a weak landing edge on triple Axel and a step out of triple flip.

The only American man in the event, Daniel Hollander, did a unique routine to a drum piece, but was technically mediocre.  He stepped out of triple Axel and doubled the opening Lutz in his triple Lutz - double loop combination.  He did not attempt the second jump.  For the solo jump out of footwork he used a simple triple toe loop.


Starting Order - Free Skating

  1. Daniel Hollander
  2. Jayson Denommee
  3. Michael Hopfes
  4. Takeshi Honda
  5. Markus Leminen
  6. Szabolcs Vidrai
  7. Elvis Stojko
  8. Ivan Dinev
  9. Evgeny Pliuta
  10. Evgeny Plushenko
  11. Jeffrey Langdon


Final Results

Place Skater Country SP FS
1 Evgeny Plushenko RUS 2 1
2 Elvis Stojko CAN 1 2
3 Szabolcs Vidrai HUN 5 3
4 Ivan Dinev BUL 6 5
5 Takeshi Honda JPN 9 4
6 Evgeny Pliuta UKR 3 7
7 Jayson Denommee CAN 7 6
8 Jeffrey Langdon CAN 4 9
9 Michael Hopfes GER 8 8
10 Markus Leminen FIN 11 10
11 Daniel Hollander USA 10 11


Just as it was at Skate America, the men's event was the hot event in the competition.   Elvis Stojko attempted the quad, but two footed it, and Evgeny Plushenko landed quad toe loop - triple toe loop.  The fourth time that combination has been landed in international competition.

In addition to the quad, Plushenko landed seven triple, his only flaw doubling a Lutz jump.  He was on for the entire program which was highlighted by the quad and his signature spins which demonstrate his remarkable flexibility.  When it was over, even the typically partisan Canadian audience agreed he was the best of the men.

Elvis Stojko skated a better long program than he did at Skate America. He two footed his solo quad toe loop attempt, and landed six triples.  The first half of his program meanders aimlessly with virtually nothing in the first minute beyond a triple flip and the quad.  The second half of the routine is more interesting with greater variety of elements and better connecting moves.  The program is currently front loaded with most of the jumps in the first half and most of the spins and step sequences in the second half.  With 14 points in his two Grand Prix events, it is questionable whether Stojko will make the Grand Prix final, based on the point totals for previous final qualifiers.

Szabolcs Vidrai moved up two spots after the short program the earn the bronze medal.   He landed seven triples, including triple Axel - double toe loop and triple toe lop - triple toe loop.  Skating to music from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" his expression was fairly good but was not sustained at times.  In addition, the music is an "acquired taste" that some people have not yet acquired.

Of the other two Canadian men, Jayson Denommee seems to have the most potential, with Jeffrey Langdon skating an excruciatingly tedious program to "Tosca".  The only American entry, Daniel Hollander, landed triple toe loop - double toe loop and a double flip.  He fell or stepped out of every other jump attempt.  In short he skated like ...  Well, he skated poorly.  Based on the short and the long here, he either needs a new coach or a new career.


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