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2017 Internationaux de France

Grenoble, France


This year, the Grand Prix in France was the fifth one of the six and did not take place in Paris. Instead it is held in the Winter Olympic City of Grenoble in the French Alps, where Peggy Fleming had won the Olympic gold medal in 1968. One reason fro the change in the order of the Grand Prix competitions this year was to avoid holding the French event on Armistice day weekend, which is a major national holiday in France.

Grenoble is a city of 160,000 people with a renowned university in  a larger metropolitan area of 660,000. The name of the competition is "Les Internationaux de France de Patinageď (The Internationals of French Figure Skating). The competition is not held in the former Olympic ice rink, because it is used for concerts and other non-ice events now. Instead it takes place in the Polesud ("South Poleď) rink, a few miles south of downtown, which was built about 20 years ago.


French National Team

Day 1

Ladies Short Program

Ice Dance Short Dance

Pairs Short Program

Men's Short Program 

Day 2

Ladies Free Skate

Ice Dance Free Dance

Pairs Free Skate

Men's Free Skate

2017 Skate France International Gold Medalists

Estimated Attendance

LSP: 1000
DSD: 1200
PSP: 1400
MSP: 1200

LFS: 1500
DFD: 1500
PFS: 1800
MFS: 2200

Exhibition: 2800