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2015 Skate America

Milwaukee, WI





Milwaukee, Wisconsin welcomed visitors to the 2015 edition of Skate America for the first event in a 2015 Grand Prix Series. The city of festivals hugs the western shore of Lake Michigan and is the birthplace of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The residents proudly promote their dairy industry, not the least of which, by labeling themselves "cheeseheads.

Attendance Friday for the short programs was about 1100 throughout the day, with perhaps only 1000 for the short dance. Saturday, the four long programs attracted from 1800 to 3200 spectators.  Sunday, the exhibitions were held with sparse attendance, which we estimate at about 800.

Team USA did well, winning gold in the Men's and Dance events, silver in the Ladies and Pairs events, and an additional bronze in the Men's event.

2015 Skate America Gold Medalists

Ladies SP
Estimated Attendance: 1100
Ladies FS
Estimated Attendance: 3000
Men's SP
Estimated Attendance: 1100
Men's FS
Estimated Attendance: 3200
Pairs SP
Estimated Attendance: 1100
Pairs FS
Estimated Attendance: 2500
Dance SD
Estimated Attendance: 1000
Dance FD
Estimated Attendance: 1800