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2019 Skate America

Las Vegas, NV

by Klaus-Reinhold Kany

Results Detail

Estimated Attendance

DRD: 2000
LSP:  2200
PSP: 2200
MSP: 2400

DFD: 2200
LFS: 2800
PFS: 2600
MFS: 2800

Exhibition: 1800

The 2019 Grand Prix of Figure Skating led off, as it usually does, with Skate America, held this year at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.  This 7700 seat arena, across the parking lot from the adjacent Orleans casino offered a convenient setup for participants and fans alike.  This is the first major skating competition held in Las Vegas, a market U.S. Figure Skating hopes to develop further in the future.

Ladies Event

Men's Event

Pairs Event

Ice Dance Event

Event Medalists