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2021 Skate America

Chock and Bates Resume their Rivalry with Hubbell and Donohue at Guaranteed Rate Skate America

by Liz Leamy



(22 October 2021)  Madison Chock & Evan Bates, the two-time U.S. titlists and two-time World medalists, are primed to continue their long running rivalry with their countrymen Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue at the 2021 Guaranteed Rate Skate America competition at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

This remarkable duo, who trains with Marie France-Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon in Montreal, have been working intensively to secure a successful outcome at this ISU Grand Prix event, against Hubbell & Donohue, the three-time U.S. champions and three-time World medalists.

According to this dedicated team, who have been skating together for more than a decade, it’s all about being their best.

“When we’re in competition, we’re focused on staying in our own lane and are focused on what we have to do,” said Madison Chock, who was born in Redondo Beach, California. “We’re going to put one foot in front of the other.”

Further, this team feels they bring something unique to the dance table in terms of their whole dynamic.

“What we’re proud of is that we feel we’re a unique team that stands out in the landscape. What we want to do is stand out and do something different,” said Bates, who originates from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

This season, the two have been working hard on all aspects of their skating, especially the artistic element, focusing on the storylines of their short and free dance programs, to express this uniqueness.

For their short dance that is centered around a hip-hop theme, Chock & Bates are skating to various selections sung by the contemporary musical star, Billie Eilish.

“The Billie Eilish concept is something we’re proud of,” said Bates.

Chock agreed.

“We have wonderful coaches who helped us make something cool and original,” said Chock.

Chock & Bates further added they have been taking hip-hop dance classes since December 2020 as well as studying the history of this version of dance.

“This year, more than ever in the past, what we’re doing on the ice is really us,” said Bates. “The programs really represent who we are as a couple.”

For their free dance, the two are skating to music by Daft Punk, a creation, formulated by Marie France-Dubreuil, that they are excited about.

“We’ve tapped into new sides of our creativity and new sides of ourselves that we haven’t tapped into before,” said Chock. “We know what our personal goals are and we’re ready to stay true to those no matter what the circumstances.”

Chock & Bates said they are also excited about the bringing forth this message via a global forum as they continue moving forward into the Olympic season.

“The landscape of ice dance is really interesting and intriguing,” said Evan Bates. “What we’re proud of is that we feel we’re a unique team that stands out in that landscape.”