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2022 Skate America Pairs Free Skate

by Liz Leamy



Knierim and Frazier Strike Gold in Pairs

Alexa Knierim & Brandon Frazier, the 2022 World champions and 2021 U.S. titlists, struck gold in the pairs event at Skate America, maintaining the top position after finishing first in the short program, racking up a 126.20 in the free skate for a solid 201.39 total.

This premiere U.S. world team was solid in the free skate and although there were some slightly challenging moments, their program to ‘Sign of the Times’ by Harry Styles and ‘Healed Broken Wings’ by Karl Hugo was highlighted by a terrific split triple twist and level five lifts as well as an innovative pair spin with seamless transitions.

During their routine, the team missed the landing on their throw triple loop and two-footed the landing of their throw triple flip, moments that did not deter from its overall excellent quality.

“It was a lot of fun out there this weekend,” said Frazier, who hails from Colorado Springs. “We showed a lot of grit out there tonight. It’s a starting base for us and a starting point for us to train.”

Knierim agreed.

“We’re going to continue to grow and work hard,” said Knierim. “It’s an interesting learning curve coming in as World champions.”

Knierim also said it means everything to represent the U.S. as a pair skater.

“I feel a big responsibility when I take the ice and it means everything,” said Knierim, who said her favorite movie is the classic film about the 1980 U.S. hockey team who is inspired when they are reminded they are a team who was skating for America. “It also motivates me to know it inspires our country to keep pair skating going.”

Deanna Stellato & Maxime Deschamps of Canada secured second with a dramatic and theatrical rendition of ‘Cleopatra’ by Trevis Jones for which they earned a 124.84 for a 197.89 total.

This powerful duo, who are in optimal position to claim the Canadian title later this season based upon their exceptional technical and artistic acumen they’ve been consistently showing, did a split triple twist, triple toe loops-double toe loops, a throw triple loop, throw triple Lutz and a left forward outside death spiral that was as innovative as it was interesting.

Stellato & Deschamps also did several superb level-five lifts that looked easy, well extended, fluid and exciting.  

“We’re really pleased with the whole weekend,” said Deschamps. “We skate together and we fight together.”

The team added their primary goal is to keep getting better at every competition.

“Our goal is to go to every event and score higher at every one,” said Stellato. “It’s about commitment and passion and I love the daily grind.” (Stellato said she and Deschamps train five hours daily combined with her additional three hours of cool-down time.)

Kelly-Ann Laurin & Loucas Ethier of Canada clinched bronze, pulling up from fourth in the short to third overall with a high-energy free skate to the main title from ‘Carnival Row,’ for which they scored a 104.35 and 156.94 total.

This team reeled off a big split triple twist, soaring throw triple loop, triple loops and powerful, well extended lifts, among other elements.

“We are really lucky about our program here,” said Laurin. “We didn’t expect anything at all.”

The team said the energy of the crowd was palpable.

“The energy was great and it was super motivating with the crowd,” said Ethier. “It was a lot of fun.”