1996 World Figure Skating Championships

Edmonton, Canada

17 - 24 March 1996


    SP  FS   Skater

 1.  2   1  Eltsova / Bushkov (RUS)
 2.  1   2  Wotzel / Steuer (GER) 
 3.  5   3  Meno / Sand (USA) 
 4.  3   4  Shishkova / Naumov (RUS)
 5.  4   5  Kazakova / Dmitriev (RUS) 
 6.  8   6  Ina / Dungjen (USA)
 7.  6   7  Sargeant / Wirtz (CAN) 
 8. 10   8  Menzies / Bombardier (CAN) 
 9.  9   9  Beloussovskaya / Potalov (UKR) 
10. 11  10  Lyons / Wells (USA)
11.  7  12  Abitbol / Bernadis (FRA) 
12. 12  11  Carr / Carr (AUS) 
13. 15  14  Zagorska / Siudek (POL) 
14. 13  15  Dimitrov / Rex (GER) 
15. 18  13  Shen / Zhao (CHN)
16. 16  16  Rogers / Aldred (GBR) 
17. 17  17  Khalturina / Krukov (KZK) 
18. 14  19  Haddad /Prive (FRA) 
19. 20  18  Asanakis / McKeever (GRE) 
20. 19  20  Joukalova / Dlabola (CZE)
21. 21  21  Kaverzina / Emeljenenko (BLR) 
22. 23  22  Nekrassova / Mintals (EST) 
23. 22  23  Bogouslavska / Salmanov (LAT) 


Notes after the short program:
Skating first in the short program, Wotzel and Steuer got off to a strong start with a clean program including side by side triple toes, a star lift with a twist out, and a huge double twist. Unison and expression of the program was excellent. Now all they have to do is do it again in the free skate.

Eltsova and Bushkov skated a clean program, typically Russian program, also including triple toes (with a ragged landing by Eltsova). While Shishkova and Naumov did a classical program which was well done, but a fall by Shishkova on triple toe cost then dearly.

Kazakova and Dmitriev had problems initially with a fall by Kazakova on triple toe, but they picked up speed and strength through the program.

In the interest of skating a clean program, which they needed to do, Meno and Sand opted to skip triple toes, and use double axels in the side by side jump. Sand landed the jump in the warmup, and left it there, putting his hand down in the program. Their program was nicely presented; and as is frequently the case for them, the second mark helped them out to claim fifth place.

Ina and Dungjen skated a generally good program with strength and speed, but Dungjen stepped out of triple toe for their only deduction. Lyons and Wells also skated well in their first Worlds, but Wells put his hand down on triple Salchow. Both these teams have reasonable chances to move up in the long program.

Notes after the long program:
Eltsova and Bushkov put out an attractive, if slightly flawed program to take the gold medal in the pairs event. With a hand down on a throw triple Salchow, and a ragged double axel - double toe jump sequence, they skated cleaner than most in an event in which many of the top teams made several errors in their programs. They landed triple toes and double axels, and had one of the better triple twists of the night. Their program was romantic in nature, and a bit on the slow side; and by the end of the program they both looked drained.

Wotzel and Steuer did not quite put together back to back clean programs, but close enough to take second place in the long and second overall. Wotzel crashed on throw double axel, and their triple twist was adequate but not particulaly impressive. Nevertheless they skated with speed and presented their program well.

Of the top five teams in the short program Meno and Sand skated the cleanest long program. They skated their Nessun Dorma program about as well as possible, with Sand saying "I think we skated this program about as good as we can tonight. ... It was really enjoyable - a great time out there." By placing third in the long they took the bronze medal medal for the second year in a row. Meno and Sand are the first U.S. pair team since Babalonia and Gardner to win back to back medals at Worlds. [Note: Babalonia and Gardner won medals at Worlds in 1977, 78, and 79.] They will be going on tour following Worlds, and said they will evaluate the season and make their plans for next season over the summer.

Shishkova and Naumov dropped one place with a program that had strong points, such as the best triple twist of the night and strong lifts, but also problems with a sloppy throw triple toe and a two footed and under-rotated triple toe. Naumov was ill after the Champions Series Final, and only recently returned to complete training workouts.

Ina and Dungjen skated a nearly clean program with Ina singling a double axel. They moved up to 6th place in a strong showing that got a good audience response.

In their first appearance at Worlds, Lyons and Wells finished a strong 10th place. A fine result for a new team that has only been together one year. They were the only team with two side-by-side triple - Sachow and loop; however, Lyons put her hand down on the triple loop.

One final team worth noting is the Chinese team of Shen and Zhoa. Don't be fooled by their 15th place finish. They are a talented team that with proper development could go far.

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