1998 World Championships



Place Skater Country CD1 CD2 OD FD
1. Anjelika Krylova / Oleg Ovsiannikov RUS 1 1 1 1
2. Marina Anissina / Gwendal Peizerat FRA 3 2 2 2
3. Shae-Lynn Bourne / Victor Kraatz CAN 2 3 3 3
4. Irina Lobacheva / Ilia Averbukh RUS 4 4 4 4
5. Barbara Fusar-Poli / Maurizio Margaglio ITA 6 6 5 5
6. Elizabeth Punsalan / Jerod Swallow USA 5 5 6 6
7. Irina Romanova / Igor Yaroshenko UKR 9 8 7 7
8. Margarita Drobiazko / Povilas Vanagas LIT 7 7 8 8
9. Kati Winkler / Rene Lohse GER 8 9 9 9
10. Tatjana Navka / Nikolai Morozov BLR 11 12 10 10
11. Sylwia Nowak / Sebastian Kowlasinski POL 10 10 11 11
12. Katerina Mrazova / Martin Simecek CZE 12 11 12 12
13. Elena Grushina / Ruslan Goncharov UKR 13 13 13 13
14. Galit Chait / Sergey Sakhnovsky ISR 16 15 15 14
15. Anna Semenovich / Vladimir Fedorov RUS 15 14 14 15
16. Diane Gerencser / Pasquale Camerlengo ITA 14 16 16 16
17. Albena Denkova / Maxim Stayviski BUL 17 17 17 17
18. Isabelle Delobel / Olivier Shoenfelder FRA 19 19 18 18
19. Chantal Lefebvre / Michel Brunet CAN 18 18 19 19
20. Zuzana Merzova / Tomas Morbacher SVK 21 20 21 20
21. Angelika Fuehring / Bruno Ellinger AUT 22 23 22 21
22. Elizaveta Stekolnikova / Dmitry Kazarlyga KZK 20 21 20 24
23. Charlotte Clements / Gary Shortland GBR 24 25 23 22
24. Dominique Deniaud / Martial Jaffredo FRA 23 22 24 23
25. Jessica Joseph / Charles Butler USA 26 24 25
26. Eliane Hugentobler / Daniel Hugentobler SWI 28 28 26
27. Xenia Smetanenko / Samuel Gezalian ARM 27 26 27
28. Aya Kawai / Hiroshi Tanaka JPN 25 27 28
29. Kornelia Barany / Andre Rosnik HUN 29 29 29
30. Margarita Fourer / Timothy Heinecke AUS 30 30 30


Notes after the Free Dance

Krylova & Ovsiannikov won the free dance on a 7-2 split of the panel, with the minority of the panel favoring Bourne & Kraatz.  Anissina & Peizerat skated a passionate "Romeo and Juliet" for the silver medal.

Bourne & Kraatz performed "Riverdance" with energy and enthusiasm to the ecstatic cheering of the audience which included a large contingent of their countrymen.   After their performance Bourne said "That's the best we have ever skated the free dance.  That's a great way to end the season, skating in Minneapolis in front of such a great crowd .  ... I am happy with our skate, that was the main thing, I don't even really care if we have a medal or not for this performance because it was one of the best we've done."

Before the start of the free dancing there was some speculation that the judges might drop Bourne & Kraatz into fourth place behind Lobacheva & Averbukh as "punishment" for the comments they and their coach, Natalia Dubova, made during the Olympics regarding the judging of that event.  But their wasn't any hint of that in the marks with all nine judges placing the Canadians above Lobacheva & Averbukh, and three of the judges having them in first or second.

Lobacheva & Averbukh skated a capable but tame free dance to "Jesus Christ Superstar" for a fourth place finish, while the Italian team of Fusar-Poli & Margaglio held fifth place over Punsalan & Swallow.  With a 6th place result and a dnq from Joseph & Butler, the U.S. qualified two couples for next year's Championships.


Notes after the Original Dance

The original dance broke the ties from the compulsory dances and set the stage for the final showdown in the free dance tomorrow.

Krylova & Ovsiannikov continue to sail easily towards the gold medal, while Anissina & Peizerat claimed sole possession of second place and seem destined for the silver here.  They received all nine second place ordinals while Bourne & Kraatz had five thirds, three fourths and a fifth.

On a 6-3 split of the panel, Fusar-Poli & Margaglio moved ahead of Punsalan & Swallow, who dropped to sixth place after the OD.  The second U.S. team of Joseph & Butler failed to move up one place, remained in 25th place, and were eliminated from the competition.  Butler has been competing this week with injured right ankle and while recovering from bronchitis.  Butler first injured the ankle just before U.S. Nationals, and reinjured it the day after returning from the Olympic Games in Nagano.

Notes after the Compulsory Dances

After the controversy at the Olympic Games, curiosity was high going onto the compulsory dances to see if any movement would show up in the placements here.  Would Krylova & Ovsiannikov be handed first place, how would Bourne & Kraatz fare against Anissina & Peizerat,  would Punsalan & Swallow remain mired behind Fusar-Poli & Margaglio, were some of the questions on peoples minds at the start of the dance event.

Krylova & Ovisiannikov won the first dance, the Golden Waltz easily, and held on to also win the second, the Silver Samba despite an obvious stumble by Ovsiannikov in the first pattern.  The error cost them only one first place ordinal, and a noticeable buzz went through the audience, which appeared to be expecting a harsher penalty.

Canadian fans were elated after the first dance in which Bourne & Kraatz were placed second, but were quickly deflated in the second dance in which Anissina and Peizerat were placed ahead of them.  The French and Canadian teams ended the day tied, and despite what happens tomorrow, the silver and bronze medals will no doubt be decided in the free dance.

Punsalan & Swallow had two good skates, with the Silver Samba particularly well done.  They placed ahead of the Italian team that beat than in Nagano, and it looks hopeful that they can hold fifth here.

Joseph & Butler started off today with a Golden Waltz skated in slow motion, and with a 26th place result it looked like they might be destined to be eliminated after the Original Dance. (Only the top 24 teams after the OD skate the free dance.)  They perked up in the Silver Samba, however, where they placed 24th, for a 25th place finish after the CDs.  Their OD is considered strong enough to at least hold 24th place, so they have a good shot to move up the one spot needed to dodge the elimination bullet.

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