The following are some of the abbreviations and terms used in quick notes on programs from the arena.  We will add to them as we go along, no doubt.

ave average
cof change of foot
cop change of position
cops changes of position
coe change of edge
cod change of direction
dv difficult variation
fly flying
inerp interpretation
^ flying or a hop (as in a hop during a change of foot)
1aa one arm air (pair lifts)
1asd one arm set down (pair lifts)
1ato one arm take off (pair lifts)

Various spin positions

upright Basic upright position, or upright position that I haven't made up a name for.
forward Free leg forward, 90 degrees to the ice or higher
side Free leg split to side 90 degrees to the ice or higher, usually a la Kwan
vertical Free leg in complete vertical split, a la Cohen
Urmanov Free leg held at knee level or above
Norbert Any down in the knee twisty pretzel position that is not low enough to be a sit spin.
sideways Sideways layback position
layback Traditional layback position
fth foot to head
sit Basic sit position or a sit position I haven't made up a name for.
cannonball Down on the heel, free leg straight forward
side sit The sideways twisty position used for a dv by Butte and many others
broken leg Free leg out to the side instead of forward.
loth Free leg over thigh of skating leg.
luth Free leg tucked under thigh of skating leg
a-up for arms held backwards and above back
a-dn for arms vertically downward towards the ice
camel Basic camel position or a camel position I haven't made up a name for.
doughnut Free leg looped around touching the head
inverted Torso twisted upwards towards ceiling.  Shoulders rotated at least 45 degrees past vertical.

Pair Spin Positions

bumps both skaters down in the knee, free leg tucked, facing each other
kc kilian camel
natalia lady in upside down vertical split, man upright
pair sit traditional pair sit, skaters facing each other, man's free leg forward, lady's free leg back 
rtc reverse tango camel
tc tango camel