2009 Worlds Banners and Camera Policy

Note added 2 March.

In the following policy, some fans have asked what "Banners may not be returned once hung" means.  Does it mean banners will not be returned, or banners might not be returned?  We asked a contact on the organizing committee, who asked the event director.  The reply we received was this:

There is no practical way for their banners to be returned to them.    They lose all rights to them once they bring them in the arena.  The fans will leave the building before operations takes down the banners.  When the banners come down, the crew will be rushing to turn the building around for a game.   They can't be collecting, organizing and planning to ship banners.

So there you have it.  Banners will not be returned.  They will not be taken down until the arena turnaround after the exhibition is over and fans are long gone.  They will not take names and addresses and mail them back to you.  If you turn in a banner to be hung, you will lose it forever.  If you don't want to lose it, leave it home.

A fan asked us to confirm the details of the camera policy that will be in effect for 2009 Worlds at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  In checking this out we were made aware of the following policies that will be in effect at the Staples Center.

Fans attending Worlds may want to check these out to make sure they know the rules before they leave for Worlds.

The following policy statements come from LOC documentation as of 25 Feb 2009.

Camera Policy

The organizing committee has established a policy that no commercial or flash photography of any kind will be allowed. Camcorders or any other audio/visual equipment is also prohibited. Specifically, the use of the following equipment is not permitted:

The above policies will be strictly enforced, and violation may result in the loss of equipment, or your removal from the competition, or both.

Security Screening

All guests entering either arena during the event are subject to a metal detector screening, visual inspection, and a bag inspection conducted by arena personnel. The purpose of the inspection is to detect prohibited items such as weapons, audio/video equipment, restricted photography equipment, glass bottles, metal cans, food and beverage, etc.

All large bags such as backpacks, suitcases, beach bags and luggage of any kind will be prohibited from entry into the arenas.

Flowers, plush toys and other throwable items will also be prohibited from entry into the arena. Such items must be properly wrapped or inspected so as not to be a hazard to the skaters when thrown on the ice.

Secure, pre-approved items may be purchased inside the arena.

Food and Beverage Policy

Guests may not bring food or beverages into the arenas during practice sessions or events.

Guest Service Centers will not check-in or store any food or beverage items.

Guests with specific/special dietary needs due to medical conditions or religious requirements should contact STAPLES Center Guest Services Manager at 213-742-7326 in advance of the Event.

Flags and Banners

STAPLES Center welcomes guests bringing small signs, flags, banners, and posters inside the building to show fan support during events. The following guidelines have been established with regard to these items:

Guest may bring any oversized banners (greater than 22Ē x 28Ē) to a Guest Services center and request that they be hung in the arena on their behalf. The organizing committee will make every effort to hang these banners in a dedicated area within the arena. Banners may not be returned once hung.

Guests are not allowed to hand out pamphlets, advertisement brochures, etc. to other guests while inside the building, without prior approval from the organizing committee and STAPLES Center management.

Re-Entry Policy During Events

STAPLES Center will maintain its standard policy of no re-entry during all ticketed events except for the Menís Short Program on Wednesday March 25 and the Ladies Short Program on Friday, March 27.

Because of their 8-hour length, re-entry will be allowed solely during both of these events. Guests may exit and re-enter through the designated door at any of STAPLES Centerís public entrances and exits. Please note that all tickets must be scanned on both exit and re-entry.

During all other ticketed events, guests who wish to return a prohibited item to their vehicle, or need to exit and re-enter due to personal emergencies (i.e. retrieve medicine from their vehicle), must first make contact with a Guest Services supervisor or manager via the Guest Link service centers on the main concourse to make necessary arrangements.

Re-Entry Policy for All-Event Ticket Holders

All-event ticket holders attending practice sessions at STAPLES Center should enter the arena at the 11th Street Entrance (on 11th Street/Chick Hearn Court).  The entrance for the LA Convention Center is the main entrance for West Hall A at the corner of Figueroa and 12th Street. Practice pass holders may enjoy re-entry privileges at any time during the week of the Championships as long as they show their practice pass when re-entering.  This policy is good during all practice sessions and all ticketed events. For a ticketed event that is not Menís Short Program or Ladies Short Program, guests much show both their practice pass and ticket for the scheduled event. Please note that all tickets must be scanned on both exit and re-entry.

Exit and Re-Entry Policy Between Events

All-event ticket holders will be required to leave their seats and take all personal belongings with them between ticketed events, and between a practice session and a ticketed event.  Guests will be asked to remain on the concourse areas while abbreviated arena cleaning is conducted before the next scheduled event. This is for the convenience and enjoyment of all ticket holders.  Guests with tickets for the next scheduled event may leave the building, or remain on the concourse until admission for the next event is open.  All guests will need to show their ticket to re-enter the arena seating areas for the next event. Any guest found without a ticket for the next event will be required to exit the building.

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