2009 Worlds Banners

Many fans were distressed to learn that if they gave up their banners for Staples Center to hang during Worlds they would not be getting them back.

One fan took this issue to the organizing committee and tells us:

Hello, I thought you might be interested in knowing about this since you initially wrote about banners not being returned!

I wrote an email to the Organizing Committee literally begging them to change the "no return" policy on banners, and suggesting a practical method to return the banners to the fans. I don't know how that happened, but it seems like it worked!

This is the reply I got:

When you bring your banner to STAPLES Center, you will be required to check it into Guest Services for hanging by arena staff. They will give you a ticket receipt.

At the end of competition Saturday night, STAPLES Center will take down the banners and return to Guest Services. Fans may pick up their banners with exchange of their ticket receipt only on Sunday, March 29th. Please also know that velcro will be affixed to the back of the banners.

Good luck and have fun!

So fans, if you will be able to get Staple Center on Sunday the 29th, you now WILL be able to get your banners back.

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