ISU to Retain Secret Judging in Competition

by George S. Rossano

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The U.S. Figure Skating effort at the ISU Congress  to eliminate secret judging has failed in a vote of 30 in favor of eliminating secret judging, 24 against elimination and 2 abstentions. To be accepted, the proposal  needed a 2/3 majority (38 votes).  The proposal was opposed by ISU president Cinquanta.

Against elimination of secret judging were some western European countries (AUT, SWE, FIN, GER), both Koreas, all south-east Asia members, and some eastern European countries (LAT, EST, LTU, BLR, GEO, POL, SVK).

It is hard to understand how countries like Austria, Finland, and Sweden could vote against this proposal, not to speak of South Korea.  In Sochi, the South Korean's seemed on a mission to determine how each judge scored the ladies event, and filed a protest over the results (that has since been dismissed).  Now just four months later they fall in line with President Cinquanta and oppose a rule change that would have helped them make their case had it been in effect in Sochi. 

Copyright 2014 by George S. Rossano