A Conversation with Richard Dornbush:  Part 2, Ricky on Ricky

After talking about his skating and goals for 2012 Nationals.  Ricky spoke to us briefly about some of his interests outside the skating rink.

ISIO You are still in school at Norco City College?

RD Yes. All of my classes this year, Im doing at the Riverside campus.

ISIO Do you have a major yet?

RD Yeah, its physics.

ISIO So then what do you want to be when you grow up?

RD Well a physicist, I suppose. A physicist and a figure skater. Its really been difficult for me to choose a particular major, but Im definitely going to stay in the field that the classes Im taking apply to. Ive narrowed it down. I like mathematics and Ive also considered engineering, but right now Im tilted more towards physics.

ISIO Physics in terms of a professional scientist? In terms of research?

RD Possibly. Possibly. I wouldnt mind having a position at a university somewhere, but I think research is definitely a prospect.

ISIO We understand you are a reader.

RD [He laughs] This is another question they asked [in another interview].

ISIO So what are you reading now?

RD Oh, you know, Ive really been trying to get into some highbrow stuff. The hardy boys, and no, Im just kidding.

ISIO Well, Marai [Nagasu] tells us she reads series of fantasy novels.

RD Series of fantasy novels!


RD You know when I was younger I read a lot of fantasy and a lot of these series go on to have thirteen, fourteen books. I started this one series when I was younger that the author is planning on writing over twenty of them. So, you know, my interest have shifted, but at the same time Im OCD enough to HAVE to finish the series. So, Im still sort of treading those when they come out, but Im not really branching out into new ones. Mostly what Im interested in now is a lot of literature. I like reading Virginia Woolf, and Joseph Conrad and stuff like that.

ISIO And you are also into video games, we hear. What kind of video games do you like to play?

RD Well, this is sort of a new hobby, and its very - very limited. I dont do a whole lot of it.

ISIO Shooter games or strategy games?

RD Both. Both. I like the shooter games. Playing with my friends is always fun. And sometimes that has a lot to do with strategy, as long as youve practiced enough that your not just fiddling around with the stick trying to make it look straight. I recently got this game called "L.A. Noire," and its a [1940s] detective game, and you have to be pretty strategic the way you play that one.

ISIO Are you into any movies?

RD Not so much. Ill see a movie once or twice but it really doesnt hold my attention as it does a lot of other people.

ISIO Thank you for time after practice today to talk with us, and good luck at Nationals.

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