Glacier Falls Out of Running For Senior B, Site Still to be Determined

(23 March 2012) During the review of the proposals to host an ISU Senior B competition next season, Glacier Falls was informed by U.S. Figure Skating that the dates of the Summer Classic did not line up with USFSA's target dates for the senior B.  Following  discussions about changing dates, Glacier decided it was more important to protect the dates of its competition, and not to throw the local competition schedule into turmoil, knocking the club out of the bidding.  Offering to host the senior B as a stand alone competition on the target dates was also considered, but it was felt that option was not economically viable in the absence of a grant to host the competition.

According to a reliable source, Skating Club of New York also bid for the senior B as a part of Mid-Atlantics, with the target dates set by U.S. Figure Skating lining up with the existing dates for that competition.  Also under consideration, we have been told, is a bid to hold the senior B as a stand alone competition in Salt Lake City in mid-September.

The Senior B is currently not on the ISU calendar, which is normally set by March 1, each year.  The location of 2012 Skate America is also not on the ISU calendar as of this date, though rumor has it Detroit is under consideration and the likely site.

Note added 28 March:

Word from information passed to the judges at Worlds is that the Senior B in the U.S. will be held in Salt Lake City.

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