Glacier Falls FSC Bids for ISU Senior B

The Glacier Falls FSC has responded to U.S. Figure Skating's request for bids to hold ISU Senior events as part of an established non-qualifying competition.  The goal is to have a less elite ISU competition than Skate America held in the U.S. annually.  These types of competitions are known as Senior Bs and in Europe include competitions such as Nebelhorn, Ondrej Nepela, and Finlandia Trophy.  The U.S. competitions will take place in the August-September timeframe of this year.

Glacier Falls has bid to include ISU Senior events in Singles, Pairs and Dance as part of their annual Summer Classic competition that is held in Anaheim, CA in early August.  This year's dates for the Summer Classic are August 2-5, 2012.  The ISU Senior events will be open to U.S. Figure Skating competitors and Senior competitors from ISU member federations. 

As described by U.S. Figure Skating, the purpose of holding these events in the U.S. is to increase opportunities for U.S. athletes, coaches and officials to participate in an international event without the expense of international travel, and increase the opportunity for more U.S. athletes to earn ISU World standing points and or seasons best scores.  In order compete at ISU championships (Europeans, Four Continents and Worlds) skaters must meet minimum requirements for points scored in an ISU International competition.  The Senior B will be an opportunity for U.S. skaters to earn these points without having to travel overseas.  The 2012 Senior B will be the first such competition held in North America.  Skate Canada has not held such a competition, though one was planned for last year, but then cancelled.

The list of clubs that submitted bids has not been released, but it is our understanding from "asking around" that Glacier Falls was the only club in the Pacific Section to bid, and that Skating Club of New York bid from the Eastern Section.

U.S. Figure Skating will be reviewing the bids the first two seeks of February.  The location of the competition must forwarded to the ISU by March 1, 2012 to get on the schedule for the 2012-13 season.

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