Glacier Falls FSC Ice'Kateers Compete in Mozart Cup


As a very exciting weekend draws to a close, team U.S.A. stands proud of many accomplishments made over the past few days in Saluzburg, Austria. ICE'Kateers senior team placed 6th with two strong skates against many world level teams. Miami University junior team; also with two very solid programs, placed 7th. The weekend, in conclusion, was a great success for team U.S.A..
Saturday morning the ICE'Kateers woke up early and headed down to the rink for official practice for short program. We focused a great deal on making sure the technical panel could see all of our elements clearly and correctly during the session. We had two solid run-throughs; leaving rink feeling very confident for that evening. Back at the hotel we rested for a short time, but began our hair and make-up preparations early enough so we would be able to get back to the rink in order to watch Miami junior team. The junior team performed wonderfully, and we were so glad we got the chance to watch and cheer them on. Following the junior division, we went to warm up, and then took the ice.
We were pleased with our short program that night; overall it was a fairly strong skate. Although we did have some small mishaps in the routine, the ending product was something we were very much proud of. We left the rink that night looking forward to coming back and competing in the free skate. I think it's also important to mention the support of our fans here in Austria, as well as from the ones back in the U.S.. Their enthusiasm was truly spectacular; we really could not ask for better friends and family to be there for us.
Today the schedule was pretty similar; we woke up, had breakfast, went to official practice, rested, cheered on Miami, and then competed. The free skate was another solid performance for us; we did have a collision on one of our intersections, but we recovered well and completed the program without letting it affect us. Following the senior division, every junior and senior team entered the ice for the awards ceremonies. This was a really great experience for all of the teams. I believe that is one of the best parts about international competitions; the chance to meet and interact with skaters from different countries. We were able to talk to a lot of the girls from team Australia, among other teams, we took pictures with them and got to meet their mascot "Kevin the Kangaroo"; which was a lot of fun.
Tomorrow we're looking forward to a free day of touring and shopping around Salzburg! We had a really wonderful time here so far, and are definitely sad to leave such a beautiful place, but are excited to get back home and start working hard for nationals!
GO U.S.A.!


Arrival in Austria

After a twelve hour plane ride from California to Munich and a two hour bus ride to Salzburg; the ICE’Kateers have finally arrived at the Mozart Cup! We had a successful practice Wednesday morning, followed by a long day of traveling until arriving in Austria on Thursday night. Upon our arrival we settled in and enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by the hotel employees, then headed off to bed. We also ran into several of our fellow U.S.A. teammates from Miami University of Ohio on our way in as well; it was nice to see some familiar faces. The next day we woke up to another great meal at the hotel and then headed off to unofficial practice at the Eisarena Salzburg; not far from where we’re staying.

We arrived at the arena, first having a quick off-ice practice outside, and then preceding inside to our locker room to put on our skates. The arena was a lot of fun to skate in for us; just looking out small windows of the rink gave us a gorgeous view of the snow-covered Austrian mountains right outside. It was truly a beautiful sight. Our practice started off a little shaky; not at our full potential, but we were soon able to get back into synch with one another and ended the session on a good note. After practice we had a quick lunch at the arena, and then headed back to our hotel for a short time before our Sound of Music tour later that day.

The Sound of Music tour was really a great experience; we got to learn about all of the different places where the movie was filmed, right in the city where we’re staying, and all the while seeing the beautiful sights of Austria! The city of Salzburg is truly such a stunning city, especially during this time of year when everything is covered in fresh snow. From the old churches to the quaint country homes, it’s all just so beautiful. The people are all very nice as well; everyone has been extremely friendly and kind to us no matter where we go.

Tomorrow morning we have official practice for short program, and then we compete later in the day. We’re hoping to skate our best and really represent the U.S. well. We’re also very excited to get the chance to cheer on and support our other team U.S.A. members, Miami University, as well.



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