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Injury Ends Lysacek’s Goal of Defending Olympic Title in Sochi

(10 Dec. 2013)  Evan Lysacek, the reigning Olympic champion, announced today that a hip injury will prevent him from defending his title at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

Lysacek, 28, tore the labrum in his left hip in August. Despite aggressive treatment and physical therapy, the injury became more painful in the past month. Heeding his physician’s advice that he is at risk of permanent damage, Lysacek will refrain from skating until the injury is completely healed, which could be several months.

“Words cannot describe how disappointed I am to not be able to compete in Sochi,” Lysacek said. “The proudest moments of my life have been representing the United States in the last two Winter Olympics. I have suffered numerous injuries over the course of my skating career and they are some of the hardest things an athlete has to overcome. While none of my past injuries have sidelined me quite like this one, I remain determined to regain my health and skate again.”

Given the seriousness of this type injury and the six to nine months it has typically taken other elite athletes to recover from a torn labrum this outcome was not unexpected.  Lysacek's comeback was also hampered by the fact various injuries have kept him from earning the qualifying points needed to compete in ISU competition both this season and last.

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