WSF Founders Lose ISU Eligibility

Following the ISU Council meeting held in Moscow after the close of the World Championships, the ISU Council has announced that the following six founding members of the WSF have lost their ISU eligibility:  Ron Pfenning, Jon Jackson, Sally Anne Stapleford, Britta Lindgren, Judith Furst-Tombor and Jane Garden.  The ISU states that these individuals have lost their eligibility "due to their activates on behalf of the World Skating Federation (the 'WSF') in breach of Rule 102 of the ISU General Regulations.

Rule 102 states in part

"the condition of eligibility is made for the adequate protection of the economic and other interests of the ISU, which uses its financial revenues for the administration and development of the ISU sport disciplines and for the support and benefit of the Members and their skaters."


"A person becomes ineligible to participate in ISU activities and competitions by:
(i) skating or officiating without the prior express authorization of the respective Member, in any capacity in a Skating competition, exhibition or tour in any of the sport disciplines of the ISU;
(ii) skating or officiating in a competition conducted by Officials (Referees, Judges, Starters, Competitors Stewards, etc.) not on the approved list of the respective Member or on the ISU approved list;
(iii) skating or officiating in an event not sanctioned by a Member and/or the ISU; or
(iv) otherwise violating this Rule 102."

Donald McKnight, president of the ISA (the Australian skating federation) had originally been targeted for loss of his eligibility, but due to his resigning from the WSF early in 2004 and return to the ISU fold, did not lose his eligibility.

As a result of this decision, Pfenning, Jackson and the others cannot participate in ISU events and activities, those mainly being ISU sanctioned competitions and ISU Congresses.  This decision does not affect Pfenning and Jackson's eligibility within U.S. Figure Skating.  Should Pfenning be elected USFSA president in May, he would not be able to represent the U.S. at ISU Congresses, but would otherwise be unaffected by this decision in domestic matters.  At some point, these individuals could apply for reinstatement under Rule 103 of the General Regulations.  Requests for reinstatement can be made by ISU Members (skating federations) and are decided by the ISU Council.

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