A Comparison of the
Modern Era 6.0 and Code of Points Scoring Systems

The following table is a side by side comparison of two scoring systems on the agenda for the ISU Congress in June.  Superior aspects are color coded green, inferior aspects are color coded red.  Equivalent or neutral aspects are color coded blue.


Modern Era 6.0

Code of Points

Number of Marks

Five sub-marks combined into two major marks.
A practical balance between detail, and ease of understanding and use.
Allows ease of use in a manual system.

15 to 33.
Extremely cumbersome in a manual system.

Point Scale

6.0 to nearest 0.05 for each major mark.  Eliminates need to "save" marks

10.0 to nearest 0.25 for program component marks.
Base values and quality factors to nearest 0.10 for element marks.

Repeatable Point Scale from one Competition to Next Yes Yes

Placements Based on

Point totals

Point totals

Judges’ Marks Combined Using Trimmed Means



Number of Judges’ Marks Averaged



Absolute Evaluation

Yes.  Reflective judging in each mark, subject to relative evaluation of skater placements.

Yes, but with no relative evaluation to serve as a reality check.

Relative Evaluation

Yes.  Provides a "reality check" on reflective marks assigned, and increases reliability of results by about a factor of 10 over CoP.

None.  Severely limits reliability of results.

Every Aspect of Skating Evaluated and Rewarded



Margin of Victory

Apparent in point values.

Apparent in point values.

Skater Needs Help to Win




Equivalent to CoP

Equivalent to ME6

(punitive aspects)

Deductions limited to certain specific errors in short programs, and violations of the rules.

Every element in every event segment now subject to deductions for errors, and violations of the rules.


Provided for all aspects of skating.

Provided for all aspects of skating.

Balance of Skills

All aspects of skating balanced.

Ice jumping competition in singles.

Lift, throw and jump competition in pairs.

Innovative Elements

Complete flexibility, with reward commensurate with difficulty.

Inflexible, with limited reward available.

Event Segments

Points combined with weighting factors, with strict weighting of 1:2 for SP and FS maintained.

Points combined with weighting factors, but strict weighting of 1:2 for SP and FS is not maintained.

Immunity to Bias

Superior to CoP.

Inferior to ME6.

Block Judging

Limited to 2 judges per block.
Influence of one block limited to no more than about 1/4 in the calculations.

No limitations.
One block can make up a majority in the calculations.

Statistical Accuracy of Placements

Superior to CoP.
95% of placements are statistically reliable.

Inferior to ME6.
75% of placements are statistically reliable.
Skaters within 1-1.5 points of each other are statistically tied.

Random Selection of Judges

No.  Results determined by the full panel of judges for maximum reliability.

Yes.  Results frequently determined by a flip of the coin.

Secret Judging



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