Correction to "Chuck Foster in the Hot Seat"

In her article "Chuck Foster in the Hot Seat" Sandra Stevenson wrote,

"However members on the ISU Council often see themselves above any national issues. I well remember the disappointment faced by Carol Fox and Richard Dalley, a US ice dance couple, because of a ruling voted for by the archdeacon of skating officials, Ben Wright, who is American."

Ben Wright has provided us with the following correction.

The above statement is inaccurate as follows: The apparent misconception [is] that Ben Wright was a member of the ISU Council at the time (1982). The Council member then was Charles DeMore. Ben Wright was at the time a member of the ISU's Figure Skating Technical Committee. He was also at the time the Representative of the USFSA to the ISU and therefore held its vote at the 1982 Congress. With respect to the "ruling" cited, which reduced the number of entries in ISU Championships, especially of the leading skating countries, Ben Wright voted against it at the 1982 Congress, as directed by the USFSA Board of Directors, since the ruling directly and adversely affected the opportunities for American skaters to participate in the Worlds and Olympics.

We thank Mr. Wright for providing this correction and for setting the record straight.   In addition to having served in several capacities within the ISU, Mr. Wright is also a Past President of the USFSA, and is internationally recognized as one of the great historians of the sport of figure skating.