Ice Dancing Free Dance

The free dance is a dance routine consisting of rhythms skated to music of the couple's choice.  Vocal music is permitted.  Similar to the well balanced program requirements for singles and pairs, free dance programs must include a balanced combinations of dance elements.  For the 2001/02 season, free dance programs must include the following:


Element Description
Lifts Not less than five and not more than seven, two of which are specified.
Dance Spins Not less than two and not more than three.
Synchronized Twizzles Two series.
Step Sequence Two.



Of the five to seven lifts required, the natures of two are specified in the rules.   One of the lifts must be a rotational lift with at least three rotations of the lifting partner.  The second specified lift is a non-rotational lift on two different curves which are similar in duration and curvature.  The pattern must be "S" shaped and the duration of the lift may be up to ten seconds.  The gender of the lifting partner is not specified, so it is permissible for the woman to lift the man.

Dance Spins

Of the two or three dance spins required, the nature of one is specified.  The required spin must be executed in a side-by-side dance hold such as the killian or foxtrot hold.  The spin must rotate for a minimum of three rotations on one foot for both partners.  A change of foot, position and/or additional rotations are permitted after the required rotations.

Synchronized Twizzles

Two series are required.  To constitute a series the swizzles must meet the following requirements:

The twizzles can be executed by the partners in shadow or mirror positions or following one another.  If more than three small steps are included in the movement then the element is considered omitted and a deduction will be taken.

Step Sequences

Two different step sequences are required.  One must be a circular step sequence and the other must be either a diagonal (corner to corner) or straight line (end to end) step sequence.  The circular step sequence must be skated in the clockwise direction.

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