David Jenkins

1960 Olympic Gold Medallist
Squaw Valley, CA

Event/Season 1953/54 1954/55 1955/56 1956/57 1957/58 1958/59 1959/60
Winter Olympics     3rd       1st
World Championships   3rd 3rd 1st 1st 1st  
North American Championships   2nd   1st      
U.S. Championships 2nd 2nd 3rd 1st 1st 1st 1st


Born: June 29, 1936 in Akron, Ohio

Skating Club: Broadmoor SC

1957-1960: U.S. National Champion

1957: North American Championships - Gold Medallist

1957-1959: World Champion

1960 Olympics, Squaw Valley, CA: Gold Medallist

Retired 1960


Graduate of Colorado College. Later became a physician.

Brother of 1956 Gold Medallist Hayes Jenkins.

Shared podium with brother Hayes at 1954 and 1955 U.S. Championships.  Only brothers to do so at U.S. National Championships .

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