Peggy Fleming

1968 Olympic Gold Medalist
Grenoble, France

Event/Season 1963/64 1964/65 1965/66 1966/67 196768
Winter Olympics 6th       1st
World Championships 7th 3rd 1st 1st 1st
North American Championships   2nd   1st  
U.S. Championships 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st


Born: July 27, 1948 in San Jose, California

Coaches: Carlo Fassi, William Kipp (died in Sabena plane crash, 1961)

1964-1968: U.S. National Champion

1964 Olympics, Innsbruck, Austria: 6th place.

1964 World Championships: 7th place

1965 World Championships: Bronze Medalist

1966-1968: World Champion

1967: North American Championships - Gold Medalist

1968 Olympics, Grenoble, France: Gold Medalist


Starred in five television specials.

Toured with Ice Follies.

Skating commentator on ABC Sports for 20 years.

Married Dr. Greg Jenkins in 1970. Two sons, Andy and Todd, and three grandsons.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998, which was successfully treated.

With her husband, owns and operates Fleming Jenkins Winery.

Appeared in the film Blades of Glory in 2007.


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