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2010 Olympic Winter Games

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Feb 12- 28, 2010

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Dance Original Dance  21 Feb 2010

Some random thoughts from Dr. George on the Domnina & Shabalin OD.

Having read all the reports, heard all the comments, and now having seen their dance in practice and competition, the primary thought that comes to my mind, is 'boy, what a stupid dance this is.'  The choreography is just absurd.  Stupid.  So stupid it pins the stupid meter.  The couple seems to have a lot of fun performing this dance, and they seem genuinely perplexed that others do not find it as much fun as they do.

I can seen why native Australians are offended by this dance.  For me, the problem with this dance is not only that is is not true to their dance heritage or culture, though that is the main complaint; but also because the two characters are simpletons. Without knowledge of what this routine is supposed to be about, I would have guessed it was too not very bright dancing cavemen -- doing a bit, perhaps, from the juvenile 1992 caveman comedy "Encino Man."

I myself don't care if any dance is perfectly true to any culture or not.  This is a sporting competition, not an anthropological exhibition.  But as a representation on ice of a folk or country themed routine, which the rules ask for, this program just totally misses the mark.  

And yet I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and photographing it.  I guess that qualifies it as a guilty pleasure of sorts.

Dance Compulsory Dance -- Tango Romantica  19 Feb 2010

Men's Free Skate  18 Feb 2010

Men's Short Program  16 Feb 2010

Pairs Event

Soviet/Russian Stranglehold on Pairs Ends -- Fail to Reach Podium 19 Feb 2010

Vice President Biden and Peggy Fleming Attend Pairs Short Program after Motorcade Fender Bender

by Alexandra Stevenson

Peggy Fleming and former Olympic gold medalist, bobsledder Vonetta Flowers, were slightly injured while riding with hockey Olympian Mike Eruzione in Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade in Vancouver when their van was rear-ended on Sunday. They missed the hockey game they were to attend. Peggy played the incident down. "It was just a really jarring twist of the neck, but I think we're going to be OK. I think I'll have a stiff neck tomorrow. We were in a huge van and we were thrown really hard. Vonetta hit her head on the seat cushion in front of her." The impact caused the van to hit the vehicle in front of it. The accident is under investigation but is believe to be a genuine accident.

Both Fleming and Flowers were able to attend Monday's pairs Short Program, where they sat in a row in front of Biden.

Some Speed Skating, just because we are here!

Women's 1000 M Short Track Men's 1000 M Short Track Apolo Ohno

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