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2022 Olympic Winter Games

Beijing, China
February 4 - 20, 2022

Photos Copyright 2022 by George S. Rossano


Minimalist Flame Lights the Games

Figure Skating Event Schedule

ISU Color Time Schedule for Figure Skating

Schedule dates and times are in local Beijing time.

Beijing is 16 hours ahead of the Pacific Coast of the U.S. and 13 hours ahead of the East Coast.  Consequently morning figure skating events will be seen live in North America on the prior calendar date.  Evening activities, such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, are live in the morning in North America on the same calendar date as they take place Beijing.

For example, the Team event in the morning and Opening Ceremony on Feb 4, are live on the evening of Feb. 3 and morning of Feb 4.

Team Entries.pdf

Women's Entries.pdf

Men's Entries.pdf

Pairs Entries.pdf

Dance Entries.pdf

Medal Count

  Gold Silver Bronze Total
ROC 2 3 1 6
JPN   1 3 4
USA 1 1 1 3
FRA 1     1
CHN 1     1

Medals for Team Event subject to change pending disposition of Kamila Valieva drug doping case.

IJS Basics


Previous U.S. Olympic Gold Medalists


Kamila Valieva Triple Lutz + Triple Toe Loop Slideshow on YouTube

Kamila Valieva Triple Axel Slideshow on YouTube

Nathan Chen Triple Axel Slideshow on YouTube

Yuzuru Hanyu Quad Salchow Pop Slideshow on YouTube

Kamila Valieva Quad Salchow Slideshow on YouTube

Kamila Valieva Quad Toe Loop + Triple Toe Loop Slideshow on YouTube

Kaori Sakamoto Double Axel Slideshow on YouTube

Peng & Jin Throw Triple Loop Slideshow on YouTube

Knierim & Frazier Tripe Twist, Level 4 Slideshow on YouTube

Yuzuru Hanyu Free Skate Slideshow on YouTube

Alexandra Trusova Cantilever Slideshow on YouTube

Kamila Valieva Change Foot Combination Spin Slideshow on YouTube

Individual Events

Chinese Favorites Sui and Han Win Gold in Pairs Event

ROC and China in Virtual Tie in Pairs Short Program

Anna Shcherbakova Wins Olympic Gold

Valieva Crashes and Burns in Women Free Skate, Places Fourth
Shcherbakova Takes Gold in ROC 1-2 Finish, Sakamoto Third

(18 Feb. 2022) In the most thorough collapse in our memory of Olympic or World Championships, Kamila Valieva buckled under the immense pressure heaped upon her in recent days, and fell out of the medals (literally).  Five of her jump elements were scored negative by the judges, with two falls as well as jumps at the quarter, and with unders and downgrades for missing rotations.  A triple Salchow that was downgraded, received no credit as it was executed in a sequence and not in combination.

Kamila Valieva ends her Olympic competition a sobbing mass of despair.

Aleksandra Trusova gave the stellar performance of the night, getting credit for five quads. One Lutz had a "q" call and one flip an edge alert (!).  She moved up from fourth in the short, to finish the competition with the silver medal.  After leaving event she vented her frustration about not winning the gold after executing five quads, saying she hated the sports and would never skate again. But had she not made a serious error in the short program she indeed would have been Olympic champion.  It is also interesting ot note, that under the former method of combing the results of the short program and free skate, she would have been Olympic champion. But under IJS the free skate no longer has twice the importance of the short program, only twice the potential number of points, which is a differnt thing entirely.

Anna Shcherbakova gave an excellent performance and held on to win the gold.  The 2021 World Champion is now the 2022 Olympic Champion.  Her consistency in the short and long carried the day for her with two solid, well skated performances.

Kaori Sakamoto gave a strong performance with only an edge attention on triple Lutz.  The quality of her elements was outstanding.  As she remarked in the post-even press conference, she does not have a triple Axel or quads, and must get her points elsewhere by executing the highest quality elements she can.  Something she accomplished here for the bronze medal.  Sakamoto's medal brought the Japanese total to four for figure skating, a record for that county in one Olympics.

Valieva Scores First in Short Program While Under Cloud of Suspicion

(16 Feb. 2022) Despite a near fall on her opening triple Axel, Kamila Valieva scored first in the Women's Short Program.  Despite the remainder of the program being skated clean, Valieva left the ice in tears at the end of her performance.

Anna Shcherbakova skated a clean program and sits 1.94 point behind the leader.  Kaori Sakamoto also skated a clean program and is 0.36 points behind Shcherbakova.

Alexandra Trusova fell on an under-rotated triple Axel, and sits in fourth place.  She trails Sakamoto by 5.24 points.  An ROC sweep remains a possibility in the Women's event.

When Valieva was announced, and later at the end of her performance, the ROC skaters and team officials in the audience cheered wildly as the U.S. skaters and team officials sat nearby in stony silence, many with arms crossed, or looking at their devices.  You could sense the venom and the stink eye from 200 feet away.  The other ROC skaters received a similar reception.

After her performance Valieva walked through the mixed-zone and did not stop for the usual post-performance questions.  She also did not appear at the post-segment press conference at the instructions of the Russian federation.  A statement from the IOC communications department was read at the press conference which said, in part, that attendance at press conferences was mandatory but not required.  No explanation was available for how something can be both mandatory and not required.  At ISU events attendance is mandatory and skaters who fail to appear are fined.

U.S. Skaters did not have a good night, with Karen Chen placing 13th, Mariah Bell placing 11th and "skating is my hobby" Alysa Liu placing 8th.  (Yes, she actually said that at U.S. Nationals.)  None of the three had a clean skate.

One Skater Cheats, Everybody Loses

Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron Take Home Gold Medal

CAS Clears Valieva to Compete in Women's Event

(14 Feb. 2022)  In a ruling released today, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled that a provisional suspension will not be imposed on Kamila Valieva, and she is cleared to compete in the Women's event, which begins Tuesday at 6:00 PM Beijing time.

CAS did not rule on the merits of whether Valieva should be disciplined for a drug doping violation, only on whether she should currently serve a provisional suspension. That being the case, the IOC decided after the ruling there would be no flower ceremony at the arena after the Women's event and no medal ceremony at the medal plaza during the Games if Valieva places in the top three of the event.  In addition, medals will not be awarded for the Team event during the Games.  Thus, the IOC is signaling that it believes disqualification of Valieva and Team ROC is still possible and medals will not be finalized until after Valieva's case is fully resolved.

Since a potentially disqualifiable Valieva may be taking up an entry in the free skate, the IOC requested, and the ISU agreed, that if Valieva places in the top 24 in the short program, 25 skaters will advance to the free skate.

Clean Programs and Landed Jumps

Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron Take Lead in Rhythm Dance

How is it the Russian Women are so Good?

(12 Feb. 2022)  Now we know.  Drugs.

When your day is not going well, sometimes you just need a hug.

Hanyu Quad Axel - Oh So Close

Nathan Chen Achieves Olympic Destiny

New World Record for Nathan Chen in Olympic Short Program

Nathan Chen Takes Lead in Men's SP, Yuzuru Hanyu's Olympic Career to End with a Whimper


(8 Feb. 2022)  Nathan Chen placed first in the Short Program Tuesday morning at the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

Chen broke his international-best score for the second time in Beijing with a score of 113.97. His “La Boheme” program broke the world record score by over two points.

“It means a lot to have the opportunity to come back to an Olympics and have the opportunity to do short programs and have both go as well as I could have hoped,” Chen said. “It means a lot to me and I’m very happy.”

Brown made his Beijing Olympics debut on Tuesday with a solid performance to “Sinnerman.” His personal best 97.24-point Short Program featured a triple flip and triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination. He earned Level 4 on all his spins and his step sequence.  He ended the day in sixth place.

“It has been an eight-year buildup of getting back to this point, and just every single day trying to find that belief in myself and believe that I can do it,” Brown said. “It was such an incredible moment.”

Vincent Zhou, who earned a silver medal in the team event, withdrew from the individual men’s event after testing positive for COVID-19.

Japan’s Yuma Kagiyama is currently second with 108.12 points. Shoma Uno, also representing Japan, is in third with 105.90 points.

Yuzuru Hanyu's Olympic career may end with a whimper, after he popped his opening quad Salchow to a single and scored only 95.15 points.  He sits in eighth place, nearly 19 points behind Chen, and nearly 11 points behind third place.  He potentially can move up several places in the free skate, but a medal finish now seems challenging.

Vincent Zhou Tests Positive for Covid, Out of Men's Event

(7 Feb. 2022)  Vincent Zhou's daily PCR test for Sunday came back positive, putting his appearance in the Men's event in doubt.  Zhou did his daily PCR test after the Sunday competition and the result came back Monday morning.  A confirming test was then done.  If the confirming test is negative he will be cleared to compete.

Athletes who have a confirming positive test are taken to a Covid prison (isolation hotel) somewhere in the Beijing Covid gulag (BOCOG Covid health care system).  Athletes must remain in isolation until they test negative on two tests 24 hours apart, with a Ct value > 40.  Athletes who test with Ct values between 35 and 40 can be released from isolation after ten days of tests, is all are in the 35-40 range.

In China a PCR test is considered negative if the Ct value is greater than 40.  In the rest of the world the negative limit is greater that 35.

(8 Feb. 2022) Confirming test is positive and Zhou is out of the Men's event.

Team Event

(12 Feb. 2022)  Five days after the conclusion of the Team event, the awarding of medals remains on hold while the doping case of ROC Team member Kamila Valieva remains unresolved.  Results of the Team Event are subject to change should Valieva ultimately be suspended for doping.  If Team ROC is disqualified, Team USA would earn gold, Team Japan Silver and Team Canada bronze.

Team Event After Day 3 - Final

ROC Team Jumps for Joy, Winning Team Gold

Team USA held on for the silver, its best result in Olympic Team competition.  Team Japan won bronze.

Japan entered the day three points behind the U.S.  In the Pairs free skate Japan made up some ground on the U.S. as well as in the Women's free skate.  But a stellar performance by Chock and Bates in the free dance secured the silver medal for the U.S. by one point.

Kamila Valieva made history, getting credit for two quads landed in Olympic competition.  She fell attempting a third.

Team Event After Day 2

ROC on track for Team Gold medal after Day 2,  USA likely to hold on for Silver

ROC took the lead in the Team event on the second day of the Team event, following a disastrous performance by Kren Chen and a stellar performance by Kamila Valieva.  The lead was cemented in the Men's Free Skate after a mediocre performance by Vincent Zhou.  The U.S. holds second place, three points back, followed by Japan a further three points back.

The ROC and USA teams appear to have different mindsets here in Beijing.  ROC has put out their best skaters in each segment thus far.  They are competing for the Gold like it matters to them.  The USA is not.  The choice of Chen and Zhou today look more like it was based on politics and prioritization of the individual events.  Little insight into the team thinking, however, can be gained from the team here as U.S. entries are chosen by the skating bureaucrats back home who selected the Olympic Team in Nashville in January, and not the team captains, Madison Chock and Evan Bates.  The team captains are no more than the face of the team and its head cheerleaders.

Team Event After Day 1

Team Event Leads Off Figure Skating Schedule 


Dinigeer Yilamujiang (cross-country skiing) and Zhao Jiawen (Nordic combined)

Mascots soar in Main Press Center

Nathan Crumpton, American Samoa


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