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2022 Skate America

Norwood, MA

Photos Copyright 2022 by George S. Rossano

Women's Event

Men's Event

Pairs Event

Dance Event

Results Detail


Estimated Attendance:

Pairs SP: 1600
Men's SP: 1600
Dance RD: 1700
Women's SP: 1700
Pairs FS: 1600
Men's FS: 1700
Dance FD: 1500
Women's FS: 1700
Exhibition: 1400

Skate America 2022 was held in the new rinks of the Boston Skating Club in Norwood, about 20 miles south of Boston downtown. The 2,500 seats in the main rink were almost all taken. There are no longer five components, but one for composition, one for presentation and one for skating skills. Each of these three is worth more than before in order to keep a point balance between elements and program components.

Knierim and Frazier Take Gold in Pairs Event

Ilia Malinin Makes Dramatic Comeback in Free Skate, Lands Quad Axel

Chock and Bates Hold on in Dance Final

Kaori Sakamoto Shines in Women's Free Skate

Sakamoto Squeaks by in Women's Short Program, Leads by 0.42 Points

Chock and Bates Dominate Rhythm Dance

Knierim and Frazier Lead in Pairs Short

Kao Miura of Japan Takes Top Spot in Men's Short Program

Rising Star Ilia Malinin Debuts in Senor Grand Prix at Skate America

Madison Chock and Evan Bates Begin the Next Olympic Quad at Skate America