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Glossary of Skating Terminology

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Judges: The competition officials who award the marks that determine the placements of the competitors in a competitive event.

Judges Panel: The group of officials consisting of the event referee and the judges.  Typically five judges or more are used with IJS scoring, though fewer are permitted.  With 6.0 scoring an odd number of judges must be used.  The event referee is the head of the judges panel and at the end of the competition certifies the correct marks have been entered into the scoring program and the results are correct.  The judges panel may sometimes include an assistant referee.  A time keeper sometime assists the event referee, who would otherwise carry out that function.

Jump: An maneuver in which a skater leaps vertically into the air, with both blades leaving the ice, and rotates one half turn or more while in the air.

Jump combination: A series of jumps in which each jump following the first jump takes off from the landing edge of the preceding jump without intervening turns or steps (changes of foot).

Jump sequence: A series of jumps in which some or all of the jumps are separated by a small number of intervening turns or steps (changes of foot).

Jumped spin: See flying spin.

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