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Glossary of Skating Terminology

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Under-rotated jump:  A jump which is missing more than 1/4 rotation when the free foot contacts the ice, but less than 1/2.

Jumps missing rotation of any amount in the air were once all referred to as under-rotated jumps, or cheated jumps.  With the introduction of IJS, under-rotated was defined to specifically mean a jump missing more than 1/4 rotation but less than 1/2, and the term missing rotation introduced for when a jump lacks full rotation by any amount.

Unison: 1. The act or instance of skating the same movements simultaneously, in shadow or mirror image, by two or more skaters. 2. The simultaneously timing of steps, body motions, and body positions in a dance couple.

Unlisted Elements:  Elements (movements) that are not included in the Scale of Values and do not count as one of the allowed element in a program.  Unlisted elements (including unlisted jumps) may be included in a program as connecting moves.

Upright spin:  One of the three basic spin types, the others being sit and camel.  Traditionally, any spin position in which the skating leg(s) is straight, or only slightly bent, at the knee and hip is an upright spin.  Under the International Judging System, certain other positions have been designated upright positions even they do not meet the biomechanical requirements for an upright spin, among these being the Biellmann position and the "butt" spin position.

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