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Glossary of Skating Terminology

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Marks: (1) The point values assigned by the judges following a performance, awarded on a scale of 0.1 through 6.0 for the 6.0 judging system.  (2) The grades of execution for elements and program component marks from 0.0.25 through 10.00 assigned by the judges following a performance. Marks of 0.0 cannot be given by the judges

Mazurka: A split half jump in which the legs are crossed in the air in the opposite direction of a normal split.

Measure: A group of beats, the first of which is usually accented or is the major beat.

Median mark: The middle mark of the judges marks. Determined by placing the judges mark in numeric order and selecting the mark in the middle; e.g. the fifth of the the nine marks for a nine judge panel.

Melody: A pleasing succession of rhythmically organized sounds.

Meter: The number of major and minor beats in a measure of music.

Mirror skating: The act of two or more skaters moving in such a way that the motions of the skaters are mirror images of each other.

Missing rotation: The amount by which a jump has less than the expected number of rotations.

Fully rotated jumps nominally have either an integer number or an integer number and one-half rotations in the air.  In reality, fully rotated jumps typically have about one-eight less rotation than the nominal value.  Missing rotations are then the number of rotations less than that expected reduced number.

Mohawk: A turn from forward to backward, or backward to forward, from one foot to the other in which the curve of the exit edge continues the curve of the entry edge. The change of edge is from outside edge to outside edge or from inside edge to inside edge.

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